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26 minutes ago

🌳··<{{ I was cutting logs the other day and this is what was inside of a maple tree, very bizzare and unusual, have you ever seen anything like this before? Maybe it's a sign? 😁 }}>··🌳 #tree #trees #maple #maples #mapletree #log #logs #cutlog #wood #chainsaw #unusual #bizzare #unique #uniquewood #wild #cool #awesome #crazy #sick #outoftheordinary #oneofakind #neverseenbefore #maryland #southernmaryland #eastcoast #godsart #godsartwork #nature #artinnature #natureart 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳

1 hour ago

#hammertime ! Sometimes precision tools are no substitute for a hammer, applied liberally. 🔨🥵🤔 . Rebuilding my grandfather's 1987 Husqvarna Special 50 chainsaw, the case went back together but the crank was way stiff. We spent an hour messing with it and ultimately split the case again when we couldn't figure it out. The next morning, I found a Hungarian YouTube video where the guy solved the problem in 10 seconds! The crank just needed "centering" to free it up. Sure enough, a couple whacks with a brass hammer was all it needed--the right tool was within arm's reach, but the knowledge was not! Aaaaaagh! Next time, start simple. • • • #bfh #hammertime #ifitsstupidanditworks #husqvarna #chainsaw #agogegarage #mechanic #cyclopsadv #fasstfamily #runddc #DDCsprockets

2 hours ago

The Sapporo Snow Festival was a great last evening in Japan - doesn’t hurt that this is the night we got engaged and the last picture taken of us before it happened!

3 hours ago

My phone died at the absolute worst time, sorry. Anyway, I was out there today in the fat falling snow on Mountain Field Farm clearing damaged and fallen trees along the sides of the fields. Rotting wood is eaten by the same insects that eat peony roots. Since the springtime will fill this area in with devil's club, raspberries, and other thorny Alaskan things it is way easier to do this in the winter. I can also look up into the tree to spot potential snags without leaves. The saw I'm using today is the Stihl MS241C, it's a professional chainsaw that runs better than your car, seriously it has something called "M-tronic engine management" that means it has no choke or any adjustments, just an on off switch and it's an absolute animal(thanks Taylor!). I should have a hardhat but I didn't have one up here, it's on the shopping list, but as always I'm wearing safety chaps, so sleep easy. #palmerbarnproject . . . . . . #mountainfieldfarm #palmeralaska #chainsaw #sawyer #stihl #stihlusa #ms241 #husqvarna #mountainhardwear #redwingboots #alaska #alaskalife #modernoutdoorsman @stihl @stihlusa @husqvarnausa @redwingshoes @redwingheritage @mountainhardwear @sarahlphipps @sarahphippsdesigns

3 hours ago

Facing objections and seeing orders go to competitors is part of sales life. Must accept customers opinion and decision. Next time new purchase decision, maybe we can get it if home work is done. Opportunities, of course. #husqvarna #readywhenyouare #chainsaw

3 hours ago

"El Pabst" (2018) and Shredder Skeleton dude . . Working in the skeleton dude, but hey, there's color on it! I'm not putting the shreddy dude on my art page until it's done, to join the rest of my works (cough cough @nohabloalejandro_art ). . . "El Pabst" was my entry into last year's can art contest for PBR. I absolutely love how this baby turned out and I honestly think it's one of my favorite pieces. There were a ton of rad entries and I wasn't lucky this year but can't wait to have another go at it. You can see their awesome picks on their IG ( @pabstblueribbon ). . . I think I'm gonna blow up a black and white version of it, color it in on canvas, and hang it. . . Also, check it out! "Stars" and Skeleton guy are becoming 2 out of the 3 black and whites I've been too scared to touch lol. Next up is skelly, then my "Chainsaw Fight" inspired by Mandy (the movie, you should watch it, there's a *SPOILER* chainsaw fight). . . Thanks for following, sorry if I spoiled a movie you were meaning to watch but it's still totally worth it, and I love you guys! . . #austinartist #artistsoninstagram #art #penart #mixedmedia #sharpie #sharpieart #watercolor #watercolortattoo #salt #skeleton #guitar #shredding #blackandwhite #pabstblueribbon #pbr #pbrart #mandy #film #chainsaw #calavera #sugarskull #beer #beerart #austin #texas #texasartist #mixedmediaart #roses #skull

3 hours ago

【SHS】 800×250mm 4枚 acrylic paint / wood panel 2016年制作の手描作品。 TEAM DECKを想定したシリーズの1作目で、初期から描いている「豚人間」に焦点を当てたもの。 豚人間たちが各々のヅラを被り、各々の道具で頭をカチ割られている様子。赤の残虐性は必要なかったのでサウザンアイランドカラーにまとめています。

4 hours ago

💀 •Evil Dead •2013 •Horror •Directed by Fede Álvarez - I am a huge fan of the Evil Dead franchise. I was excited to watch this remake. It was interesting to see Evil Dead from the point of view of someone other than Sam Raimi but I will say - you can’t beat the originals. - This movie is so gross and gory that my stomach hurt after watching it. There’s no funny deadite scenes like in Sam Raimis versions - this movie is all gore and horror. The images really stick in your head. It’s hard to write a simple review so instead I’ll list main points/my fav moments and I hope it won’t sound too sloppy. - A group of friends travel to a cabin in the woods. In the basement they find a bunch of dead cats hung from the ceiling along with a burnt wooden pole where the last holders of the necronomicon burned a deadite, sending it all back to hell. They find the necronomicon. Eric decides to open it and read OUT LOUD despite it being wrapped in barbed wire and having a bunch of intense writing that says not to. - Kunda Astratta Montosse Canda - Mia gets trapped in a bunch of thorn bushes in the woods where a deadite (in the form of a tree root) possesses her by raping her. The fucking dog gets killed. They find Mia sitting in the shower under boiling water that’s melting her skin off. Olivia gets possessed and tries to cut off her face with broken glass. Eric tries to help her and she throws glass, puncturing him in a bunch of spots. He pulls a needle out of his eye!! Then he smashes her brains out with the bathroom sink. The last girl, Natalie, gets infected through her arm and tries to cut it off to save herself but fails. She becomes a deadite. David burried Mia so she & the deadite in her both die. He brings Mia back to life, goes back in the cabin and blows it up with himself and his possessed friends. Mia (deadite free) gets trapped under a car while the deadite is coming for her. It’s RAINING BLOOD. She has a chainsaw but can’t start it with one arm pinned under the car so she rips her arm off. She grabs the chainsaw and cuts the deadite in half. It dissolves into the ground and Mia gets away. I waited this WHOLE movie for when they’d finally use the damn chainsaw! 😂

5 hours ago

The Mechanical Engineering Massacre. Beep beep! Bleep bloop! Beep-bop-boop! #robot #chainsaw

6 hours ago

Every once in awhile I have bad days with my health. Today was one of them. I didn’t feel good. I could tell my energy levels were bad. I decided to go to work anyway. I also decided to cut up some #firewood without wearing my protective chaps and the rest is history. I very easily could have a bunch of stitches in my leg but thankfully I’m out a pair of wranglers. #whenwillilearn #chainsaw #thickheaded

6 hours ago

I heat my house with approximately 5 full cords of firewood each winter, which weighs 10 tons or more! I’m always looking for ways to make the job easier, so I’ve come across this new firewood carrier called the WoodOX Sling. This is a messenger style firewood carrier that works much better than the traditional wood tote. Check out the video link in my bio to see it put to the test. @bigbluelogox #firewood #logox #woodox #woodoxsling #woodheat

8 hours ago

#mood #thefaceyoumake when you trying to leave #work but a #employee comes to your desk to complain about their #coworker yet #again for taking too many #smoke #breaks * takes #deepbreath grabs #chainsaw and starts #screaming * #omg the #petty levels #icant #smh #running out of work like #leatherface #😆 #letmeoutofhere 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ #LMFO #forreal tho! #😂 #horror fans can relate #texaschainsawmassacre #classic #life in #HR #humanresources #thestruggleisreal #canttheyallgetalong

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