ccldc2019 Photos & Videos

4 months ago

Over the past 3 days, 1500 @citizensclimate volunteers have gathered in Washington DC to lobby for The Energy Innovation Act (HR763). So far we’ve been training and studying to prepare for tomorrow which is our official lobby day. We will be having over 520 meetings, covering 86% of all districts in the United States!!! . I have teared up so many times already hearing inspiring stories of how ordinary citizens are accomplishing extraordinary things to help steer us toward a livable future. There are over 400 students here, some who are incredibly young and already so articulate on how #climatechange affects them. We met people from some of the 80+ other countries that are spearheading CCL chapters to get a carbon price in their own countries. Matt even met a single mother of 4 who dedicates all her free time to saving her children’s futures. (HOW?!) So many heroes here. . Pictured above are just some of the Californian heroes here (including two teens). CCL California volunteers cover 91% of all our state’s districts! So proud of us 🙂 . Going to post more tomorrow after my three meetings. I am incredibly nervous because politics has never been my thing and I’m so introverted, but as a panelist said today: “Who cares if we fail? We at least tried. The only other option is just letting the apocalypse happen and I’m not going to stand here saying I did nothing.” #grassrootsclimate #ccldc2019 #actonclimate #saveourplanet