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1 hour ago

@_katchaos_ came back for some 1” pins! We love our loyal customers ❤️

1 hour ago

New recovery support badges are coming. Making these up today ✌️

1 hour ago

Smuk og fredfyldt aften 😍🙏🏼 En aften hvor tankerne kun bliver afbrudt i ny og næ af en bippen fra detektoren og deraf følgende spænding 😃 For hvad er det næste der dukker op af muldens mørke og igen ser dagens lys efter årtier, århundreder eller måske årtusinder 😍 Marken her er netop blevet pløjet og er lige til at gå til 👌🏼 nåede lige at gå ned i den anden ende og tilbage igen, inden mørkets frembrud. 5 #mønter og flere fine knapper - det ser lovende ud når jeg samtidig også har fundet #middelalder tidligere 👏🏼👏🏼 . . Beautiful and serene evening 😍🙏 An evening where the thoughts are only interrupted occasionally by a beeping from the detector and the resulting tension 😃 what is the next that emerges from the darkness of the mud and again sees the light of day after decades, centuries or maybe millennials? 😍 The field here has just been plowed and is just about to go 👌 I only reached to go down at the other end and back again before dark. 5 coins and several nice #buttons - it looks promising when I also found #medieval past 👏🏼👏🏼 #metaldetecting #metaldetect #metaldetectingfinds #metaldetectinguk #treasurehunt #historylover #coinhunt #coinhunting #coin #coins #oldcoins #history #archeology #xporx #xpdetectors

1 hour ago

So in between moving my studio back into my house I’ve been taking advantage of @stickermule button deal week. First illustration I did didn’t turn out as nice as this second one did and as a matter of fact this was the first one delivered. . Keep an eye out on my shop (link in the bio) for when I put these up for sale. . . #stickermule #button #buttons #robot #droid #marchofrobots #baltimorecomiccon #baltimore #maryland #comic #comiccon #procreate #michaelparla #artistsoninstagram #pingamestrong

2 hours ago

❤️I am buying the buttons for some designs of the Andean Origin collection and I think I have come to this store for almost 10 years, where they have treated me with such affection. Today Mr. Francisco showed me his ID card and I realize that he is 84 years old and continues to attend with the joy and energy of always. Doing something you like can fill you with so much vitality and passion that it may always seem like it's the first day. I think it would be like Dori's syndrome from the Nemo movie hahaha

2 hours ago

I have some questions for you tonight. These are the little tutorials I've posted since the beginning of my Instragram days. Some of them have been very popular. Which ones have made a difference in your sewing? Which ones did you most appreciate? I'm thinking hard about what things you as my followers would like to see more of. Maybe I should have some sort of theme days? Show my stash. Tiny tutorials. Sewing plans. WIP:s. And newly made, of course, but maybe also old sews from way back? I have lots of ideas, but would love to hear what you prefer! . . Tutorials from top left to the right: 1️⃣ What elastic thread to use for shirring 2️⃣ How to do #shirring / false smock 3️⃣ How to redraft your #willowoveralls to have insert pockets 4️⃣ Lots and lots of tutorials on #binderattachments 5️⃣ Great tools for #buttonholes and #buttons 6️⃣ #Bustdarts in delicate fabrics 7️⃣ #Seamguides 8️⃣ Binder attachment for #FOE 9️⃣ How to #washlinen. How to loose bad smell in fabric. Pic 2 from top left to right: 1️⃣ How to finish off #jerseybinding nicely 2️⃣ #Ruffleattachment for #janome overlocker 3️⃣ The #burritotrick 4️⃣ How to press with #clappers 5️⃣ Find the right side of #ribbing 6️⃣ Cut corners when you assemble #pdfpatterns 7️⃣ Mark your sewing machine needles 8️⃣ Seam guide and #hemming 9️⃣ This #fabricpen is my best sewing friend . . #sewingtips #sewingtechniques #sewingtipsandtricks #sewingtipsandtechniques #sewingtutorial #sewingtutor #dressmaking #sewingismysuperpower #sewover50 #sewersofinstagram

2 hours ago

Buttons 💓 This sweet boys is black, with a gorgeous variations of brown and beige all over his body. Buttons is sooo soft and fluffy, and loves all the snuggles he can get. I suggest an older couple, who spend their days lounging around and don't live a very busy lifestyle would be perfect. He loves sleeping & cuddling!! Perfect little lap dog! . . . . . #Buttons #Puppyforsale #pomskyforsale #pomskypuppy #Pomskylove #Pomskylife #doglife #doglove #dogsarelife #dogoftheday #Pupoftheday #picoftheday #pomsky #Cute #sweet #adorable #Bowtiepomsky

3 hours ago

Another button frame order completed this week 🦋

3 hours ago

Octo magnets, wolf and Trippy buttons came today! I'll be putting them up on the site over the weekend, and they'll be available in person at next month's events. I'll be making a separate post soon for the dates next month and where I will be so you can come see me and buy some awesome stuff! Super excited!! 💙🐉 💙 #thetattooeddragon #tattooedgirls #art #artist #design #designer #alt #alternative #altfashion #buttons #magnets #apparel #shop #simplycooldesign #octopus #wolf #creative #color #passion #rave #artlovers #artlove #mentalhealthawareness #borderlinepersonalitydisorderawareness #soberissexy #sober #rochesterny

3 hours ago

Part 2 the wedding dress details ❤ probably my favorite part of the whole dress is the back, I used buttons I got from my grandmother and great grandmother's button collection, as well as some from a great aunt as well. Each one was special and unique. And a close up of my belt which was not me made but was so sparkly and beautiful it really tied 😉 up the whole look! . . . . . . #diywedding #diyweddingdress #dressmaking #makersgonnamake #sewhappy #sewersofinstagram #sewist #sewingismysuperpower #diy #thriftedfabric #buttons #closeup

3 hours ago

#Anzeige "Bildung ist Alles!" Und das soll für Jeden so sein! Damit auch in #Tansania die Kinder und Jugendlichen, welche in schwierigen familiären Situationen leben, ihren schulischen Weg meistern können, wird finanziell geholfen. Genau das ist das Ziel des Entwicklungsprojekt der @ejaugsburg_ mit "Elimu haina mwish - Man lernt nicht aus" --- Mit diesem Design "Bildung ist ALLES" möchte ich dieses #Projekt unterstützen!💪 Ich habe es in meinem neu erstellten spreadshirt-Shop hochgeladen und #Buttons , #Taschen , #Beutel und mehr erstellt! Diese könnt ihr über den Link in meiner Biografie bestellen😊 sie werden euch dann direkt von spreadshirt nach Hause gesendet! Ich werde für das Design eine Provision von ca. 20% des Verkaufspreises erhalten! Von dieser Provision werde ich 80% an das Projekt der @ejaugsburg_ spenden, da ich finde, dass es dort am Besten aufgehoben ist und ich aus Erfahrung auch weiß, dass es eingesetzt wird! 😉🤘 Kleiner #Bonus : In den nächsten 14 Tagen erhaltet ihr 15% Rabatt auf eure Bestellung 😉 --- Also leistet auch euren #Beitrag indem ihr euch dort etwas zulegt! Es kommen wirklich keine höheren Kosten auf euch zu - und ich profitiere auch nur minimalistisch zwegs für das Gestalten, der größte Teil ist für den guten Zweck 😉💪 --- Teilt auch gerne die Aktion! ✔ #werbung

4 hours ago

Were your top/dress sleeves' too short or too tight? Don't worry theres hope! Alterations can be done. This client requested just a simple extension. A brand new button sleeve can be made or a simple extension can do the charm. #alterations #buttons #whitetop #sleeves #tailor #minitela

23 hours ago

After doing groceries today I stopped by my local thrift store. Here's a little from my haul today 💞 (I'll have to keep a couple things to myself to talk about in an upcoming blog post, stay tuned!) . I've always had a love/ obsession with things of all kind from the past. That bowl in the center, yep its brass 💗 . Should I start sharing a little more of my thrift finds? . #styleblogger #fashioncanadians thrifty #styleblogger #lifestyleblogger #thepetitepress #canadian #thriftshopping #bargainshopper #sewinginspiration #buttons #brass #vintagepottery #vintagepainting #vintageglassware

5 days ago

Lucky number 7️⃣!!! That is 2,556 days of continuous Sobriety. What a gift. When I hear people say, “people don’t change” I always say the fuck they do and I’m living proof that change is possible. So please don’t let that mindset keep you down and in it. I went from a decade long addiction with alcohol, binging with drugs, waking up in jails, hospitals, sleeping with men I had zero clue what their names were, sabotaging opportunities, ruining friendships, relationships, bankruptcy and slowly committing suicide every time I drank. I wanted to die because that is how low I felt and was. Drinking for me is a matter of life or death. So when people ask why can’t you have one, because I can’t. My brain is not wired that way and I’m an alcoholic. I’m now living a thriving sober life. Took me years to get here but I’m here! I had to trust the process and focus on my own journey. This by know means that my life is perfect and that I have it all because I don’t. Some days are still a little bit trying for me and recovery is not an easy road but one that is worth it because I’m and YOU are. What I do have and cherish most in my life is my sobriety. I’m forever grateful for my hundreds of rock bottoms because it brought me to the place to finally say I’m done 7️⃣ years ago. Sobriety/Recovery for me is the gift that keeps on keeping on!! Year 7️⃣ is going to be a TIME. 💜🚫🥃✌🏻