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Winter blues! 😂☕️

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Lonely 6km no puppy #teddythegolden . To humid to pull him out for this. He got his this morning with @lanahendufit #liveyourlife day 1. @liift4 day 3. #runningismypassion and #runningismyhappyplace and #liift4life lets me have my program and my process both. I know you must be interested in how. Program is going for 8 weeks, ask me how to join . #running #runningdad #fitdad #fitfam #healthyfoodie #halifax #halifaxrunner #crosstraining #fitforlife #fatdadtofitdad #hendufit #one80united #makefithappen #youareworthit #charitymiles #makethemilescount #canadianboy #fitnessisajourney #butfirstcoffee #homefitness #homefit

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This is what we are here for. ☝🏻☝🏽☝🏿 So excited to share the next steps in our ambitious plan with you in due time, but for right now we’re here serving up really good coffee.

13 minutes ago

You say espresso over ice cream, I say Aff-oh-gat-ohhh.... ☕🍦😁

13 minutes ago

Coming home and then it’s midnight cupping (I prefer the pre-breaking surface pic)

14 minutes ago

Afternoon sips

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There's a reason because we love African coffees, if you want to get we love them, visit.our #webshop and try our African #SpecialtyCoffees. . Repost -> @jimmiesgourmetcoffee . . [Original post] Rwanda Mutovu from @gardellicoffees in the cup today ☕️🖤 Brewed in Kalita Tsubame, it’s nicely balanced and sweet with noticeable lemon flavors 😍👍 . . #GardelliSC #Africa #LoveAfrica #ButFirstCoffee #PourOver #PinkSwan #SpecialtyCoffeeRoaster #CoffeeAddict #CoffeePorn #PeopleBrewCoffee #InstaGood #ManualBrewOnly #CoffeePeople #TrendyBarista #FilterCoffee #VscoCoffee #PicOfTheDay #PinkDifferent #GSC

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How do you like your mornings?... 1 lump or 2? ☕️ Good Morning from #pichirichipark

22 minutes ago

Grab your favorite blend and drink it anywhere! ⛺️☀️☕️

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That's a new fav place! 😍😍 Just 5 mins from the office, ideal for a coffee break☕️ 📍Foundation on George ☕️Flat White $4.5 🌱Allpress Coffee Beans 🙌🏼Latte art ⭐⭐⭐ 🖤Coffee ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ✔️Affability ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ . . . . . #allpress #allpresscoffee #coffee #foundationongeorge #parnell #parnellcoffee #aucklandcity #auckland #tasteofauckland #newmarket #flatwhite #latteart #nzlife #coffeetime #sweetas #sweetasgirls #coffeeoftheday #instacoffee #coffeeaddict #coffeegram #coffeeholic #butfirstcoffee #coffeeaddiction #coffeemoments

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Wednesday Blues & Coffee Hues #CafeLatte 💙☕️

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Got the best “tired” complement from husband last night.💕 He said that I had reached Black Belt status of handling sleep deprivation! 🥋🤪 Lol! 🤣 • Happy Hump Day! 😘Always ready for coffee and sweets for an afternoon pick me up! ☕️🍡 • WHAT DO YOU DO TO BEAT THE AFTERNOON SLUMP⁉️ • BTW, sleep is good and I need to get more 💤+ trying to drink less caffeine!🚫😳 • http://liketk.it/2wC65 #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKitbag Shop my daily looks by following me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app

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" Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after. " @skyler.zk

43 minutes ago

Pink. Moccasins. Do you need another reason?!

46 minutes ago

mom·pre·neur /mämprəˈnər/ @wikipedia defines it as a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children 👩‍👧‍👦 @tashjeshani describes it as going from a hot coffee, beautiful oak desk with gorgeous flowers and awesome co-workers, to a cold coffee, a train table with legos and amazing kids! . . How do you define #mompreneur ?

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Caption this! 🖤 Follow @coffee.regram for the best coffee posts! 💕 . . . Cold brew dreaming |✨ Get Featured with coffeefanatics & Tag us 📸| Shop Cold Brew👉 @coffee.fanatics link in bio | 👥 TAG your friends!👇 |📷by @bonnaphapol Follow @coffee.fanatics 👈👈 for more great pics! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * #blackcoffee #butfirstcoffee #coffeesesh #coffeeart #coffeeshop #espresso #coffeequotes #coffeeaddict #coffeeoftheday #coffeetime #coffeelife #coffeebreak #instacoffee #coffeeholic #coffeenow #coffeelover #coffeecup #cafe #coffeeporn #cappuccinofredo #coffeequote #needcoffee #macchiato #coffeeaddicts #coffeemug #coffeeig

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Iced latte please with almond milk 🙋🏽‍♀️

51 minutes ago

Meet Arun, our Web + App Development Intern! Arun has always been fascinated with planes and hopes to get his pilots license someday ✈️ We’re so lucky to have ~landed~ you, Arun! You’re really taking us to new heights around here ☁️

53 minutes ago

☆Werbung/Durch Verlinkung der Marke/selbst gekauft☆ Hallo ihr Lieben 💖 Ich lese wieder...den #Kaffee vertrage ich nur mit viel Milch, aber lesen, das klappt noch ganz gut 🤣 Seit Dezember 2017 sind wir wieder in Deutschelande und was soll ich sagen, mittlerweile prokrastiniere ich, mach aus den to-do-Listen eine Prio-Liste und eigentlich könnte ich ein Buch daraus schreiben. 🙈 Aber keine Angst, damit werde ich euch nicht langweilen 🤣 Ich habe den Titel #EinenScheißMussIch hier auf Insta schon mal gesehen und wollte es irgendwann mal lesen...pff irgendwann ist jetzt vorbei. Ich habe gemerkt, dass es nicht mehr geht. Mein Akku ist leer und bevor ich die Reserve auch noch leer bekomme, mache ich den Schlussstrich. Denn auch wenn ich meine Tagesziele erreicht hatte, waren dennoch Wochen und Monatsziele weit davon entfernt. Mini Aufgaben, aber Kleinvieh macht auch Mist und so sammeln sich viele kleine mini Aufgaben, die erledigt werden wollen. Irgendwann, wenn ich Lust drauf hab, dann werden sie erledigt (die, die nicht wichtig sind)... Ob ich das Buch gut finde, weiß ich noch nicht. Ich hätte bisher schon mehrmals aufgehört, aber ich will ja keine halben Sachen machen. Wenn ich es also durch habe, werde ich davon berichten 😊 Ähm ja, falls es euch interessiert natürlich? Da ich morgen mit dem Auto fahre und am Samstag keinen Dienst habe, wird es vermutlich nächste Woche werden, bis ich durch bin ✌ Vorher melde ich mich aber noch mal 😂 Habt eine schönen Abend bzw gute Nacht ihr Lieben 💖 #misssandy #MissSandysSafari #leseratte #coffaholic #aberzuerstkaffee #butfirstcoffee #ilovecoffee #coffee #instalife #instablogger #blogger #bloggerlife #bloggerin

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Road dogs.//

57 minutes ago

Until every last drop..

1 hour ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger is part of our family (but he doesn't know it). For ten years now, he has held a special place on the shelves of our home and is the first choice for Friday night movies. It's got to the point where most conversations end up talking about Arnold. Living with one of his biggest fans makes it hard to be dragged into the fandom. It's only then that you also realise that he's part of your childhood memories (Kindergarten Cop, Twins, Junior...). It was unthinkable to not include Conan the Barbarian in our collection #nopaintnogain #comewithmeifyouwantcoffee

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Cheese, bread, and crackers... the perfect picnic snack! Make sure to stock up for the weekend ☺️

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The one thing getting us out of bed this morning is a trip to our Warfield cafe for a smooth cup of coffee made by one of our incredible baristas.

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Wood . . . Not my photo credit to owner

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Our next collection is called Sunkissed - you’re gonna need your shades for this one 😎

1 month ago

The first time I felt the Post-Series Depression was when Lost ended. I shared my living room with Jack, Kate and rest of the crew for six seasons. Spoke to them through the TV screen. Felt their problems were my problems. Told them off like a mother when bad decisions were made. No other series could fill the emptiness when Lost ended. For some time, I forgot what it made me feel like. But one day I realised this continuous disloyalty was not going to bring them back. During the process of adaptation, Westworld showed up. Dolores, Bernard and the Man in Black brought back the butterflies in my stomach. Watching a new episode was like having a first date every week. They say you never forget your first love, but there is life after Lost #WeDontFeelLostInWestworld #CoffeeTastesBetterInOurWestworldMugs