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9 months ago

#burningman - Opus III A few days left before my 3rd return and a new immersive personal experience I will try to express through my photography. Moments of freedom, #happiness and #self expression. Moments of #beauty and happiness! Moments of #Magic ! Thanks to all of you who contributed to my project of "Feu de Liberté". This year I will continue this project and keep adding snapshots of happiness and freedom. If you are going there, let's reconnect and experience it again together! Huge thanks to @BurningMan organization for letting me join the documentation team this year. A true honor to be part of a team of so many talented photographers and videographers I always used as a reference. And also thanks for the accreditation that will let me continue my personal project "Liberty Fire" and to @collectionpriveegalerie in Paris and Les papillons à carpentras part of les @rencontresarles that promoted my work. Special thanks also to #Frenchburners - #BurningManFrance , #dustyfrogz and all the numerous people (too many to quote !! if you read this message you should feel targeted <3) who supported me within the last years. Love all of you and looking forward to seeing you again on the Playa. Dusty hugs )°(

1 year ago

Hey Burners ! I'm looking for Burners in Paris who were at the Burning Man 2017 in Black Rock City to collect some testimonies about how they feel this exceptional experience. Testimonies will be included in the movie I'm working on ! (You can still watch some clips on my instagram : @simon.guillemin ) Feel free to share it or tag your friends if they were part of it ! Can't wait to meet you and share together our memories about this Beautiful Life Experience ! Much Love ! With the lovely Torri and Drew on the picture <3 #BurningMan2017 #Burners2017 #FrenchBurners #BurningManFrance @burningmanphotos @burningmanvibes @burningman @burningmanfashion @burningman.europe #dancingburningman