burningmanfrance Photos & Videos

9 months ago

Hey Burners ! I'm looking for Burners in Paris who were at the Burning Man 2017 in Black Rock City to collect some testimonies about how they feel this exceptional experience. Testimonies will be included in the movie I'm working on ! (You can still watch some clips on my instagram : @simon.guillemin ) Feel free to share it or tag your friends if they were part of it ! Can't wait to meet you and share together our memories about this Beautiful Life Experience ! Much Love ! With the lovely Torri and Drew on the picture <3 #BurningMan2017 #Burners2017 #FrenchBurners #BurningManFrance @burningmanphotos @burningmanvibes @burningman @burningmanfashion @burningman.europe #dancingburningman