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Our cucurbits are beginning to sprout now and these will be the last of the warm season crops that we start indoors.  Crops in this family include cucumbers, melons, and winter and summer squash. . It’s fun to start seeds of plants in this family because they burst out of their blocks with so much vigour.  It’s also especially rewarding because they germinate so much better indoors on the consistent warmth of a heat mat.  These cucumbers were up in just 3 days and their squash cousins weren’t far behind.  This crop family also needs lots of light so we keep the grow lights close while indoors and transition them to natural outdoor light as soon as possible.  We’ll aim to transplant them in the field at no more than 3 weeks of age when they have 1-2 true leaves. . For a list of the soil block sizes we use for these and other crops, check out the Seed Starting Table posted in our online Classroom. . Join our growing community by following . . Credit: @vegetableacademy. @vegetableacademy ___________________ #saladejantar #spinach #lettuce

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