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2 hours ago

Lets see how many people will unfollow me because of a picture of my bodyhair this time.

4 hours ago

Do I shave ? Do I not shave ? It's been 3 years that I change my mind. This is one of my hardiest fight. Having hairy legs being a woman. People laught, judge, say it’s creepy or disgusting. But like I always say, men have same body hair and choose if they keep it or not. Did you see the problem ? Women can choose the same way, and keep her body hair. That would be as simple as that. They will be always feminine women . How people cannot understand that ? And if you really don’t understand, just mind your own business. That’s my body. #trying #bodypositive #hairygirls #hairywomen #hairylegsdontcare #bodyhairdontcare #acceptance

13 hours ago

“Little girls dream of becoming princesses. I never dreamed of being a princess but I dreamed of being a movie star or a singer like Diana Ross. That's the feeling I had when I came out of this bathroom: I was a superstar, everything was possible because I was like everyone else. Until then, I thought I could not be in life because of these hairs. “ on the first time my arms were waxed.——Essay on #bodyhair 📝Cécile Schilis-Gallego #linkinbio #googletranslator #bodyhairdontcare

20 hours ago

Prepping for no shave november

23 hours ago

#LifeOfRealMoms #LORM_BINGOwithatwist . Prompt: Blur . . Blur, rare, but I like it. I have become a very minimal person in regards to accessories with time. I still love having my accessories, lot of bangles, loads of small pieces to wear etc. But it is rare that you'd spot me actually donning them. This was a rare occasion. My little sister @the.colore was visiting, and her visits are super rare! She is one chick, always puts in a lot of thought into what to wear, and how to accessorise, and she asked me to wear these. I managed to click a 'blurry' picture while ordering a super yum pizza at @va_sano_ . Also, body hair, don't care! 💁 . @lifeofrealmoms #littlethings #littlejoys #blur #bodyhairdontcare #bodyhair #mommybaby #momblogger #mommyblogger #chandigarh #chandigarhblogger #chandigarhmomblogger #indianmomblogger #indianblogger #chandigarhmom #mommyhood #momjournal #mommyjournal #mommyhoodjourney #momjourney #lifeofrealmoms #momlife #momnbaby #mommybaby #singlemother #singlemotherhood #shukar #mehr #kirpa

1 day ago

I’ve given trolls attention on this account. I’ve responded to their comments and shared them in my stories. Sometimes because I thought they were funny or to highlight the misplaced anger that is often directed at a person with body hair. I’m sharing these comments today because I also get a lot of people telling me to shut up about it because ‘no one cares.’ If no one cared, or if this didn’t need to be talked about and normalised, then comments like these wouldn’t appear. And these are some of the less aggressive comments/DM’s I have been sent. . As of today I won’t to respond to this stuff, because it doesn’t encourage progress and it doesn’t make me happy. The people who write these things don’t come to Instagram comments to have their minds changed. I’ll still share the positive stuff, I get the best messages almost daily from people who embrace their body hair and feel more confident knowing there are other people out there who do the same . I want this account to be a positive place AND I want to keep talking about body hair, and to do that I have to stop reacting to trolls. . I do wonder if people really think it’s going to make the world a better place if I shave my legs or if I feel bad about myself? I like my hair and I really don’t care if it makes me unattractive to you. PEOPLE DON’T EXIST TO BE ATTRACTIVE TO YOU. My worth isn’t dictated by whether or not people think I’m hot. As of today, trolls making comments like these on my profile are wasting their time. I won’t reply and you will be blocked 👋🏻 . I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, because maybe new followers won’t have seen my original post: I think it’s important to acknowledge that I’m white, cisgender and heterosexual and so growing out my body hair as personal experiment is a privilege and not everyone can afford this without consequence. I also know that I’m not a super hairy person, I appreciate the need for visibility for womxn with hairier bodies than mine and I support them as much as I would someone with finer hair. Finally, I don’t mind if you prefer to shave! It’s just a preference. #bodyhair #bodyhairdontcare #bodypositive . My tattoo is by @pollynor 😈

1 day ago

Message to all the haterz (and loverz and ambivalent followers) STILL HERE AND STILL HAIRY ! 💁‍♀️🙌💖✨ Note; I also just finished shaving my legs, something I haven’t done in months. Still sorting that one out, but not to worry because #mybodymychoice !!!!!

1 day ago

Raise your hand if your fed up with society telling you how to exist in this world as a woman! 🙋🏼‍♀️ • I’ve been good going through this process of my very own self discovery. Challenging myself and what I’ve learned along my time here in this body. It’s carried me through some pretty dark and painful phases and I’ve mostly treated it like absolute shit. Starving it, cutting it, picking it apart every chance I got. Always just wanting it to be “better”. But FUCK THAT!!! I’ve come to a place where I can’t help but appreciate and adore my body. It’s survived my dark years, given me a child, blissful orgasms, allowed me to express myself through dance and movement, chase my kids around. It’s been there for me every single day. Today and everyday I am here for my body. For me. To listen to what it’s saying. What it’s calling for. Releasing the ideals that are not my own and reteaching myself what beauty really means and is to me. ✨And also not placing “beauty” as the highest priority.✨ So if body hair, fat, scars, pimples, stretch marks, sagging skin, etc, make you uncomfortable, GOOD! Look into that and see where it’s coming from. Challenge yourself. I promise you you’ll learn something! 💋

2 days ago

Because we’re majorly fangirling Julia Roberts enjoy this iconic picture of her au naturale defying mainstream beauty standards #bodyhairdontcare

2 days ago

Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA the last few days. I’ve been in kind of an up and down place, my anxiety has been really bad, and my mood has been completely manic. Falls arrival always does that to me. But I promise to have some wonderful content soon, but in the meantime, here’s this new masterpiece on my leg. ❤️ #lotustattoos #lotustattoo #witchesofinstagram #yogisofinstagram #bodyhairdontcare #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodyhairisnatural #normalizebodyhair #yoga #pagansofinstagram #girlswithbodyhair #girlswitharmpithair #girlswhokissgirls #girlswithbodyhaircanbebeautiful #motherofboys #mommiesofinstagram #bodypositivemovement #livingwithmentalillness #livingwithanxiety #endthestigma

2 days ago

Just imagining a world where women and femmes have the choice to do whatever they want with their bodies without shame, judgement or patriarchal intervention. What a blessed time it will be. Manifest that shit with us would ya? . . Thanks to @emarrr for dreaming the big dreams with us and being bloody beautiful inside and out. . . . #gethairyfebruary #itsnotforyou #intersectionalfeminism #transinclusive #mybodymychoice #feminist #feminism #letitgrow #bodyhairdontcare #womenandfemmes #selflove #bodypositive #genderequality

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Hey there gram fam! Just a little doodle for #mabsdrawlloweenclub day 17 Werewolf! 🌙🐺🎀 Tsukiko has a hard time fitting into school. She's often teased for being a little hairier around the full moon. It appears she tried to take matters into her own paws! Poor little critter! #bodyhairdontcare #stillcute

3 days ago

Thoroughly enjoyed reading all your messages last night about your relationship with body hair! It’s something I’ve never thought much about but weird to hear how everyone’s relationship with it is so different. I’m quite frankly just excited to put a podcast together about it 💁🏻‍♀️ . . . . . . . . . #bodyhair #bodyhairdontcare #bodyhairloveaffair #loveaffair #love #body #hair #haircut #hairstyles #haircolor #hairextensions #hairstyle #hairs #hairdresser #shave #cleanshaven #cleanshave #stubborn #stubble #feminist #feminism #pink #pinkhair #girl #woman #smile #queen #dahlia #dahlias #garden

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#Repost @hannahwhitlow • • • Hiiiii, I’m making a zine about normalising women’s body hair. I am looking for responses to female body hair in the form of photography, illustration, collage, poetry, monologues, interviews, musings, good/bad comments you have received or anything else you would like to contribute. This is an inclusive zine for all/non genders. If you want to get involved send any submissions or queries to hannahjanewhitlow by Sunday 11th November. #bodyhairdontcare #bodyhair #leghairdontcare #bodyhairisbeautiful #bodyhairpositivity #zine #zines #zinefest #selflove #selfpublished

3 days ago

Hiiiii, I’m making a zine about normalising women’s body hair. I am looking for responses to female body hair in the form of photography, illustration, collage, poetry, monologues, interviews, musings, good/bad comments you have received or anything else you would like to contribute. This is an inclusive zine for all/non genders. If you want to get involved send any submissions or queries to hannahjanewhitlow by Sunday 11th November. #bodyhairdontcare #bodyhair #leghairdontcare #bodyhairisbeautiful #bodyhairpositivity #zine #zines #zinefest #selflove #selfpublished #grlpwr

4 days ago

New habits... trying to create new habits when you have depression. Sucks. — I start off strong. Think I’m going to be able to keep this up. Pumped. Proud of myself. Then the inevitable happens and I miss one time, one day... and I can’t seem to catch back up once I have that first misstep. — Next thing I know, the new habit is a thing of the past and I’m back to struggling to do something that “new habit” was supposed to help. — Lordy knows how many times I’ve “stared” the SAME “new habit” lol — But as I try to start meal prepping for the 1537492626th time... I’m starting to see this a bit differently. — Yes... I have to continually restart healthier habits. But Instead of being pissed that I “couldn’t stick to it” shouldn’t I instead be praising myself for the strength to start again?!! — So today I’m saying. “Fuck yes Ryse! You are meal prepping today, you are feeding yourself and your family. You rock human!” And even if tomorrow or next week I “fall off the wagon” I’m going to try damn hard to remember that I’ve always gotten the fuck back on and I will continue to do so. — What new habit are you trying out? Or want to get into the habit of? What’s stopping you? — ▪️▪️▪️ #nonbinaryfemme #roadtorecovery #presentoverperfect #unapologeticallyme #unapologeticallyblack #leghair #bodyhairdontcare #nonbinary #thismoment

5 days ago

This morning I sent a picture to one of my best friends @vewolff saying "I call it: stretch marks and how I once drank coffee in bed". (When you're sick for two weeks now you don't care how your sheets look and even if Supernatural is pretty awesome as usual, you get stunningly bored.) So for more reality on Instagram: I'm not waking up in the morning with pretty hair, there's no make up (but my pimple on the cheek is sending greetings), there is no sexy black lacy underwear, my mug is broken and yeah, I like Disney.

5 days ago

Yes I do have Hairy pits and I absolutely Love them :). • Body Confident Yo • • My Self esteem Revelation: I remember back in Intermediate/High School I used to be really insecure about my body hair. I was blessed with a lot of hair - with hairy legs, arms, tummy & even toes Haha. & I used to hide it underclothes unless I had shaved or waxed it. I was constantly judging myself, thinking and believing my body was unattractive because of all my hair & other things I got mocked about.. I would get called hairy legs, arms or manly & plenty other names to do with my body so eventually once mum saw how much it affected me she finally allowed me to start shaving/waxing. I find it so sad how badly we can get judged or picked on at High School & Intermediate for our Appearance. I mean Hell Yeah it made me stronger and I have absolutely no Issues with it now. But it was really hard for me back then and I wish I'd had mentors or some kind of support system at School to help me through it. Like classes Teaching Self Love, Body Confidence & Empowerment circles to gain good self esteem & awareness. I think it's so important to teach this because it took me a really long time to finally be in a loving relationship with my body & happy with the way it was. So here I am now showing my truest authentic self. I know theres still a lot of stiffness when it comes to female body hair but I really don't give a flying toss what anyone thinks of it & haven't for sometime now, it's Natural and I love it. It makes me happy :) Whatever imperfections you think you have flaunt it because it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks you are stunning just the way you are. You are beautiful without a doubt. We should be Loving every inch of ourselves And empowering one another, Rising up against Judgements from others and ourselves. Lifes to short to be unhappy with watchu got. Please feel free to get in touch with me, anyone struggling with there body image and needing some support. Kia Kaha Arohanui ❤❤❤❤❤❤ 📸 by @stillmoonmedia Russell.I Makeup by @ketoniques Tinika.H

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• I N K T O B E R• . DAY 13: PELOS- BODY HAIR . Hoy os lo digo con pelos pero sin peros.. Cada persona es libre sobre su propio cuerpo, nada ni nadie tiene que condicionar-nos porqué todos los seres humanos nacen iguales en dignad y derechos y tenemos nuestro propio derecho a decidir sobre él✨. És nuestro cuerpo así que es nuestra decisión. Con o sin pelos, todas las mujeres son perfectas, toda decisión es más que respetable. Pero las que deciden no hacerlo, tienen que aguantar más presión social y calificativos despectivos que faltan el respeto. La cuestión no son los pelos, la cuestión sería trabajar por una sociedad más respetuosa donde todos seamos libres de críticas✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨. •Peludas o no peludas debemos estar felices al vernos desnudas !!•🖤🖤🖤. . ...y recuerda, si alguna vez te sueltan el comentario de ‘’con estos pelos pareces un oso’’ diles que van muy equivocados, que no es por los pelos que te pareces, sino que te caracterizas con ellos por ser MUJER LIBRE, FUERTE Y SALVAJE ✊🏼✊🏼... . Y hablando de pelos, ayer me fue de un pelo de no llegar a tiempo con la ilustración del día. Pero por mis ovarios al final llegué.. ———————— ✨OUR BODY-OUR DECISION✨. With or without body hair all women are beautiful . #inktober #inktoberfeminista #feministinktober #girltober #pelos #bodyhair #bodyhairdontcare #fuckbeautystandards #bodypositive #illustration #art #ilustracion #feminista #feminism #artefeminista #ink #drawing #pebrenegreart #bodypositiveart #mybodymychoice #mybodymyrules #beer #not #bear

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Ewa Wojciechowska -  @ewa_wojciechowska_ w Hello Zdrowie chętnie przedstawia kobiety, które nie boją pokazywać swojego naturalnego ciała. Cellulit, fałdki czy nadprogramowe kilogramy? Te dziewczyny na Instagramie są przykładem, że nie ma się czego wstydzić. Poznajcie je! 📸fot. @bodyhairmovement . . #naturalnie #hellozdrowiepl #bodyhairmovement #bodypositive #cialopozytywne #bodyhair #hairywoman #cielesnaprawda #naturajestpiękna #włosy #pachy #kobieco #kobiecość #bezwstydu #hairyarmpit #bodyhairdontcare #dontshave #armpithair #feminity #owłosienie #weekend #feelawesome