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made this a while ago but i forgot to post it so here 🗿🗿🗿🗿

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Nope, not the London eye. This is the enormous ferris wheel next to the Louvre, in the Jardin Des Tuileries. Up next: a view of the Louvre from this wheel. * * You can buy my photos or book me for a photoshoot through my website. Link in bio. * * #teencreatives #teenswhocreate #pixelandlens #ottawaphotographer #teenphotographer #paris #parisphotography #carnival #jardinsdestuileries #Louvre #boarvessel #carnivalphotography #wanderlust #travelphotographer #travelshotsdaily #ferriswheel #landscapephotography #france #francephotography

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🐗 The Etruscans: The Etruscans were an Iron-Age civilization found in the Italian peninsula, primarily in the north. The Etruscan language was not of Indo-European origin, unlike its neighbor Latin, and instead belonged to an extinct language family known as Tyrsenian, a holdout from before the Indo-European invasions, like Basque. The Tyrsenian languages we know of are Etruscan, Lemnian (Lemnos, Greece), and Raetic (found in the Alps) — all of which are extinct. The Etruscans called themselves the “Rasna” or “Rasenna”, while the Romans called them “Tusci” or “Etrusci”, and the Greeks called them the “Τυρρηνοί” — “Tyrrhenians”. While Rome was a newly-founded Latin kingdom (its founding possibly influenced by Etruscans), the Etruscan civilization thrived and dominated the Italian peninsula, with the Etruscans trading with the Celts, Greeks, Latins, and Phoenicians, and as a result, the Etruscan elite grew rather wealthy. The Greeks had a profound influence on Etruscan architecture, art, and other cultural aspects, including mythology and religion. In their heyday, the Etruscans formed extensive trade networks and held much influence over western Mediterranean trade. They even made the famous Boar Vessel, 600-500 BC, Etruscan, ceramic. The Etruscans greatly influenced the Romans, including having an influence on the Latin language. The Romans owed many cultural practices and aspects of life to the Etruscans, whose civilization and city-states were much older and influential. The Etruscans adopted the Greek alphabet, and from there formed their own, which the Romans would adopt, which evolved into the Latin alphabet we use today. Over time, the Roman Republic would rise to power in the Italian Peninsula, and would conquer and subjugate the Etruscans in the 3rd and 4th centuries BC. The Etruscans would still have a presence in the republic for some time, as some Roman families were of Etruscan origin, but eventually the Etruscans would disappear as a culture as they were assimilated by Italic/Latin Roman culture, and their language would be lost to the ages, as linguists are still unable to fully decipher Etruscan texts. Tuscany, Italy is named after the Etruscans.

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UPDATED: Re-evaluated my pricing and have included a human portrait option :) Whelp summer is here and ya girl needs to pay rent before going off to grad school (museum studies)! I know youve always wanted a beautiful portrait of that pottery sherd you’ve dedicated your life to so I’m here to deliver ;) Swipe for more details! Jokes aside this summer’s gonna be all over the place and i will be relying heavily on my art to stay afloat while i deal with moving countries. If you‘d like to support me in other ways check out my merch or leave a tip in my ko-fi! . . . . . . #archaeology #classics #arthistory #artcommission #ancientrome #boarvessel

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Dzięki młodszemu braciszkowi poznałam muzeum archeomemiczne w Krakowie #boarvessel

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