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BLUE SKIES • taken on a sunny day in June , oh how we all long for summer days after the dark winter. Mind you with my current cold I’m pleased I can vegetate on the sofa, fire on, hot lemon drink in hand and a mountain of balsam tissues to keep my company. Any one else reminiscing and missing summer? #waltononthenaze #beachhut #essex #england #beachscape #beachhuts #winter #cold #ill #sendhelp #lemsip #blueskies #summer #takemeback #reflect #reminiscing #memory #photo #iphone #photography

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This little black cloud floating below the deep red sky yesterday got me thinking 💭 . Yes black clouds exist, however try not to see the little black clouds in your life as bad, those clouds will not be there forever. Where there are clouds, there are blue skies elsewhere . Constant change is always happening. Go with the natural ebbs and flows of life and your journey will go more smoothly . We witness the wonders of nature daily, nature teaches us that nothing is permanent . ✵From seeds to plants 🌱 ✵From caterpillars to butterflies 🦋 ✵From tadpoles to frogs 🐸 ✵From cubs to lions 🦁 ✵Lava to rock ⛰ ✵Water droplets to ice ❄️ . All life cycles start with life and end with death. Find your courage, embrace change and know that nothing is permanent 🙏🏻

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Alright so lets go! Starting a new adventure to Thailand! Make sure to follow me on my Journey 🏝🏖✈️🏄🏽‍♂️🍜🍤🍍☀️🌈🐘🐠🇹🇭🤤🙏🏽🤘🏽♥️

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Last year was hectic and I got burnt out way too many times. I overworked myself thinking that I had to keep going going going in order to keep my life together and keep things from falling apart. This year instead I’ve started expecting myself to only get ONE decent thing done each day. Work counts as one thing 🤙🏼 So far, my mind is a lot clearer and in general I’m so much less stressed/rushed/hating-on-myself/frustrated! The pressure of feeling like I have to constantly be working and achieving throughout the day is gone, and what used to be resultant guilt and anxiety and restlessness if I wasn’t doing that is also gone too! (It also means I give myself time throughout the day to unwind and have fun 😎) Gonna try and keep this up for good now 🤙🏼💪🏼 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #flora #flowers #blueskies #sunshine #nature #pretty #pink #outdoors #selfimprovement #healingjourney #selfcare #selflove #iloveme #progress #recovery #stress #relax #chill #goals

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W I N T E R S U N Don't we look great when we catch a little sunshine? Come grab a quick brunch & brew as we soak up some pre-Spring rays. #norain #winterisntover

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I was found Before I was lost I was Yours Before I was not Grace to spare For all my mistakes And that part just wrecks me And I know I don't deserve this kind of love Somehow this kind of love is who You are It's a grace I could never add up To be somebody You still want But somehow You love me as You find me @hillsongunited • _ • _ • _ • _ • _ • #iphonephotography #nature #waterfront #lochloganwaterfront #vscoedit #snapseed #wallpaper #phonewallpaper #apple #iphone7 #lifestyleblogger #creation #blueskies #phonephotography #GodisLord #magazine

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Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you all you need to know about your final destination✈️

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This picture is deceiving— it is actually cold and windy here but the skies are bright and beautiful. Let’s do a ☀️ dance and pray for beach days soon 🏖

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One of Australia's most well known icons. In all my travels and many years on earth, I've only seen it this once in real life up close and personal. Plenty of times from an airplane window, but only this once from the ground 😂

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I’ve learnt over the last few years just how powerful and healing nature is 🌿🌾☀️ . . I am generally a very positive person but like everyone, times can get a little tough and you don’t feel so great. I could almost feel my stresses, worries and negativity melting away in this picture. . . Us girls needed this time away together more than ever and it certainly helped us to heal a little bit more ☀️🦋💕 . . My message to you today is to not underestimate the power of nature and what’s around you!! . . If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, suffocated, negative, moody....then take a walk somewhere in nature, ignore your phone, take some deep breaths and some time for you and I can almost promise you that you will feel like a different person.

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⁣⁣ Voiliers sur mer verte - Sailboats on green sea⁣⁣ Huile - Oil (36 x 45,5)

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The Prom