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23 minutes ago

W is for WINTER: Hard to believe it is winter here on the Gold Coast ☀⛱ Getting my dose of vitamin D and vitamin sea 🌊 How's your Monday going?

36 minutes ago

Some minor schedule changes first thing this morning, but I still took a day trip to my happy place...the mountains! I got stung by a bee, I'm burnt to crisp, and it may as well have been leg day the way my legs are protesting but it was worth it. Abraham Lake. I think I camping trip is in my near future. More pictures to come! This girl needs some supper and some R&R first! #abrahamlakealberta #mountains #blueskies #bluewaters #landscapes #dreamscapesandmusings

38 minutes ago

#WestTexas ❤️❤️❤️ #RealWest #BlueSkies “Just turn me loose Let me straddle my old saddle Underneath the western sky Let me wander over yonder 'Til I see the mountains rise” — Cole Porter, Don’t Fence Me In

43 minutes ago

Just doing some photo album housekeeping on this lazy Sunday. Thought I’d share a few shots from my trip to the southwest in May. I have outliers in my history interests and this is one of them. I have had a love affair with Chaco Canyon since I was introduced to the site in art history class in college. From there it was a 10 year mission to visit this site and it did not disappoint. The Anasazi, or ancient Pueblo tribes, settled and built their great houses in this spot overwhelmingly for the placement of the sun during the winter solstice. They had vibrant communities and ornate road systems to get them from village to village over 1000 years ago. The most fascinating part is that we are not entirely sure what happened to them. They left Chaco Canyon without a trace of struggle. The only things that remains are the great house ruins and some petroglyphs. Go see this place if you can; you will not be disappointed. . . . #unhingedhistory #southwest #newmexico #chacoculture #ancientpueblo #anasazi #desert #chacocanyon #pueblobonito #chetroketl #nationalparkservice #preservation #gooutside #alwaysexplore #travel #history #learning #blueskies

47 minutes ago

A car’s perspective