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Be the girl who decided to go for it 💃🏼 How are you going to slay this year?! Comment below and tag a friend to join the fun!

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Home is my happy place 💫

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Scrunchies on scrunchies✨

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NATIONAL DRINK WINE DAY & I’M GOING IN FOR THE ROSÉ, WHO’S WITH ME? Time to say good-bye to those wine scaries & say hello to the unknown good! Remember the saying “fresh is best?” Well that applies 100% to our wine as well! Fresh wine is the best wine, so I want you to try something, and this is something I think will help encourage your overall healthy lifestyle on a regular basis! I want you to start questioning all aspects of life in a manner of why or how. Why is this happening? Why do I feel like this? How is this outcome going to affect me? How is this product so cheap? Most importantly, when at the grocery store, ask yourself, how can they consistently sell this wine for only 7.99$ and make a profit? Why is this so cheap? Well, I can answer that...because it’s mass produced and likely filled with a bountiful amount of added sugar, sulfites, chemicals and pesticides, which equates to less grapes needed per bottle aka more bottles produced and more profit for the wine makers! However, don’t worry, because I can assure you that even though Scout and Cellar wine may come with a small price tag, our bottles are organic, some biodynamic and ALL free of any of those wine scaries mentioned above with less than 100 ppm sulfites and most less than 50 ppm! It’s such an amazing and freeing feeling to not have to be scared to drink wine anymore or scared of what I’m putting in my body, and more importantly it’s an amazing feeling to actually enjoy it and share it all with you🍷 I am here to help you, so ask away and feel free to check out our amazing selection of wines & use the link in my bio for free shipping after 99$! So excited to have you along this amazing wellness journey🤗🤗 . . . #antioxidantsupport #lovewine #wellnessblogger #bloggerlifestyle #antioxidant #removetoxins #chemicalfreewine #scoutandcellar #dietitianeats #registereddietitian #lifestyleblogging #nosugaradded #cleancraftedwine #winelove #integrativemedicine #integrativenutrition #functionalfood #wineconsultant #refinedsugarfree #winelove #nourishyourbody #eatpretty #eatclean #drinkclean #rosewhite #whitegirlrose #nationaldrinkwineday #roseallday

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⭐️$800 APPLE Products Giveaway or CASH OPTION⭐️ ⭐️Only 30 seconds to win!!⭐️ . . We have teamed up with some amazing ladies who want to give YOU $800 to Apple! Such an amazing prize to win!⭐️ Who would like $800 to Apple ? (Or Cash). ⭐️ . . ⭐️Super Q U I C K and EASY way to enter!⭐️ . ⭐️How to E N T E R⭐️ . ⭐️F O L L O W all that we follow ⭐️L I K E this photo ⭐️E X T R A entries, tag all your friends who’d love to win this prize! (Tag as many as you want, the more the better chances!) ⭐️FOR 10 EXTRA entries, share this photo on your feed and stories and tag @theloopyfarmhouse or #theloopyfarmhouse . . ⭐️That’s it!! 30 seconds is all it takes! GOOD LUCK!!! . . . This prize is in no way affiliated with Instagram, Apple or Paypal. Open to anyone 18yrs+ and with a PayPal acct! Open WORLDWIDE! Account must be public at the time of choosing and announcing the winner. Winner will be announced randomly on 2/21 approximately. Giveaway runs from 2/18 8:00pm EST to 2/20 8:00pm EST. #apple #applewatch #applewatchseries4 #ipadpro #applestore #applemacbook #farmhouse #blogger #blog #bloggerlifestyle #bloggerstyle #bloggerfashion #farmhousestyle #farmhousekitchen #technology #computerscience #computerengineering #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #entrepreneurquotes #ipad #applecomputer #mommymakeover #mommyblogger #shoppingaddict #workfromhome #fixerupperstyle #momlife

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西方情人節給了小情人😍 中國情人節給大情人好了😍 元宵節快樂💖💖💖

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Alright guys, for those of you who voted for me to share more makeup stuff... I have a blogpost up sharing my 7 must have makeup products! Link is in my bio!!

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Aint gonna lie feeling myself after todays workout. Its the final week of the program Ive been on since the beginning of the year!! Getting ready to gear up an kick the next one out of the water! If you want to join me drop an emoji below or send a dm <3

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It’s NOW o’clock 🤣😂😅 . That’s my attempt at being an IG blogger and influencer . I was laughing so hard having my hubby take this pic “for the gram”💗 . He is most def not an ig hubby. 😱🤣 . The thing I love about social media are the epic humans That are on here pouring their motivation and inspiration into others. . I also have huge admiration for people and their flawless ig squares, their perfect makeup, their perfect beach bodies and exotic trips. . You see, that’s in my control. I’m inspired.... if you are not.... stop following the people who make you feel “less”. You choose. . On my feed you will sometimes see great images. I may go 6-10 squares with a theme, then switch, you may see me have branded quotes and other times it will be an IG Audit fail...BUT, what you will Get is that’s me..... all over the place and focused ❤️✨ A beautiful mess 💗 . Choose to be YOU baby! . . . #findyourfreedom #socialmediahacks #unionstation #torontobloggers #torontostyle #smallbusinesstips #empoweredwomen #bloggerlifestyle #torontoentrepreneur

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Un petit look avec des produits qu’on retrouve en pharmacie, ça vous intéresse? La semaine dernière avec mon amie @carobouvette , on a créé un petit look avec ces produits! ✨ Mes gros coups de ❤️ sont: -L’illuminateur en gelée de @nyxcosmetics_canada : un produit trop cool à essayer et l’effet lumière est trop beau! -Ces gouttes de @annabellecosmetics : Elles donnent tellement un beau teint lumineux! Je les mélanges avec mon fond de teint et elles donnent tout simplement un teint magnifique! - Ce primer de Personnelle de @pjcjeancoutu : Super matifiant et il augmente vraiment beaucoup la durée de mon teint tout au long de la journée! Pour le look: Primer: base Personnelle Fond de teint: @revloncanada & gouttes @annabellecosmetics Concealer: @rimmellondoncan Contour & bronzer: @maybelline Blush: @lorealmakeup Highlighter: @nyxcosmetics_canada Eyes: Eyeshadows: @maybelline Coin interne: Liner @rimmellondoncan Centre de l’œil: @nyxcosmetics_canada Mascara: @elle_r_cosmetiques & @maybelline Crayon: @nyxcosmetics_canada Brows: @nyxcosmetics_canada Lips: Rouge à lèvres: @maybelline & @nyxcosmetics_canada (Pssst! Allez voir l’article de mon amie @carobouvette ✨) • #product #produit #brush #qc #quebecblogger #mtlblogger #bloggerlifestyle #contentcreator #contentcreators #beautycommunity #beautylover #makeupblogger #makeuplove #makeuptime #makeuplover #makeuplife #makeuplooks #makeupideas #follow #followme

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Want to be featured on our page? Send a message to find out how!

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Não deixe que os problemas domine sua alma ✨

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Are you someone who always strives for a future accomplishment or reward hoping that will make you happier? Then once you accomplish it, you wonder why you’re still not happy? We often think that a future accomplishment or reward will make us happier, but we can be just as happy along the journey and in the present moment. Read more in bio link! #blog #blogger #bloggerlife #bloggerlifestyle #lifestyleblogger #bloggerstyle #personalblog #blogs #blogging #bloger #blogg #life #lifestyle #happiness #wellness #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthblog #bloggers #blogpost #bloggerswanted #blogspot #blogsociety #instablog #bloglife #blogged #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #follow #followme #followforfollow

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The RSPCA assist countless animals everyday! The RSPCA work tirelessly to prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate suffering of all animals. They give animals a second chance of a family! That’s why we support the RSPCA! . We support our favourite charities by purchasing tickets in the ultimate not-for-profit raffle @playforpurpose. Not only do you have the chance to win one of 7,500 amazing prizes including a first prize valued at $250K, A minimum of $5 from very $10 ticket going directly to a charity of your choice! . What charity would you choose to support? #playforpurpose #notforprofit #ad

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Collage is kinda my vibe

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“Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive. You will THRIVE in spite of it” ⚡️🖤 #innerstrength

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“Não faz muito tempo, me lembro como se fosse ontem eu pedindo para Deus me dar as coisas que tenho hoje só que não foi da maneira que eu queria sabe, foi ainda melhor, muito além do que eu imaginava... Deus tem uma capacidade incrível de nos surpreender dia após dia e é por isso que continuo fazendo meus simples planos e confiando porque no final sei que vai ser ainda melhor, sempre é! Olha não sei quais são os seus planos, mas afirmo apenas continue, alimente dia após dia a sua fé, porque no final você vai ser surpreendido pode acreditar.” ✍🏼 @escritorpaulo . . . . #blogueiras #blogueira #blogger #follow #moda #blogs #blogpost #lifestyle #bloggerlove #bloggerlifestyle #vloglife #travelblogger #vloggerlife #vlogging #vloggers #bloggersgetsocial #vlog #vlogger #vloger #bloggerslife #vlogs #bloggers #fashion #modafeminina #o #bloggerlife #bloggerfashion #thehappynow #lifestyleblogger

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On a cold winters day, relaxing in a hot bubble bath 🛀 sounds like the perfect way to commemorate this day off! Take the time to relax 🌿 and prepare to grind the rest of the week!

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My best friend, my ride or die, my fiancé, my future hubby, my EVERYTHING. And to think in just a month we hit 10 years....😮😍🍑❤️ P.S...I love you🤟🏻