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1 day ago

Pink & white ombré SNS nails 🌸🐚 Book now: (514) 366-5490 #jendonails

2 days ago

Holographic rainbow nail art

3 days ago

At primed + powdered, I advocate a holistic approach to beauty. Sure, all of the products, techniques and tips are fun, but without liking and looking after ourselves, what is the point? Real beauty is a reflection of our inner-self. So I have a little activity for you (and I’ll play along from home too). A lot of the time, women in particular, put the happiness and wellbeing of others before their own (I see you nodding at the back there). I know I’ve done it (and that I still do it - it’s a work in progress), and it’s exhausting and just leaves you feeling drained. So, when you get a chance (make it happen), I want you to write a list of 30 things that make you happy. This could be anything from walking the dog, reading outside, watching your favourite movie or blasting music and dancing around your living room. Whatever it is, add it to the list. The challenge is to make time every day (even if it’s just 5mins), to do one thing from your list. Schedule it into your phone, explain it to those you share your life with and lock yourself in your room if you have to. Take time to nurture yourself. Make it a habit. It’s time to be (a little) selfish xx