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In Wednesday’s #LNP : #LancasterCounty #DistrictAttorney #CraigStedman gets the county #Republican Committee’s nod to run for judge and  Assistant District Attorney #MarkFetterman ends his bid for his boss’ job, all amid controversy at the party’s endorsement convention; #LncasterGeneralHospital announces plans to erect a portable extension to its #emergencyroom to help handle an expected spike in visits after #UPMCPinnacleLancaster closes at the end of the month; though the #SupremeCourt announced it would not take up a #defamation case involving #BillCosby , one justice says the nation’s #libel laws could use a fresh look; forecasters say a #winter storm set to begin early Wednesday may leave as much as 8 inches of #snow , as well as a coating of #ice , before it’s all over. … Interested in subscribing to LNP? Go to

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Classic Cosby: Mr. Cosby was no stranger to the prison system. Decades prior, he directed a television special entitled, "A Day at Graterford" which focuses on inmates in the Philadelphia prison system. We thank one of our Admins Jay for this fantastic find. Mr. Cosby was always about helping others and although Mr. Cosby is in prison today as a political prisoner, we know he's still doing great work to mentor others. Like. Share. Follow. #billcosby #billcosbyisinnocent #freebillcosby #billcosbypoliticalprisoner #justice4billcosby #farfromfinished

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This is an attack on black legacy now yall gon mute mj?bet you they will its already goin on This shit ain't no coincidence The people in power knew all this shit and the allegations for years same with #rkelly #billcosby and whoever else.yall sit back and say how shit was allowed to go on this long.understand this, black people dont control shit the people and power got us down to a science they know when to manipulate us,control us,use us,and make us turn on each other. You don't choose what you like or what's hot,they choose it for may think you control but you just put it on and make it look good actually your marketing and promoting other blacks that see you wearing it and make them want to buy it to generate them money,youre a mule.yall think all these designers ain't on cue with each other this shit ain't no not one to look at something and start condemning mtfs off a documentary or whatever.they got yall hating cosby,rkelly,and many more. But you dont see them boycotting Harvey Weinstein, and the rest of them devils.we don't control shit most black people are robots programmed to change whenever they say

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Hey, hey, hey! It's Fat Albert and his Junkyard Band who put out this timeless classic in 1975 in the episode "Fat Albert meets Dan Cupid" where Fat Albert fell in love with a new girl but felt devastated when she told him that she just wanted to be friends. Good ol' Al had to learn to respect her wants and requests while understanding he could earn the love of someone else down the road. I used to have this stuck in my head all of the time as a kid and I think it's a message everybody needs to remember, even today, but, perhaps, no one needed this lesson more than the man behind it himself, Bill Cosby. Definitely weird to look at some of the positive things he put out there knowing what he had been up to behind closed doors. Nevertheless, this song will always be a banger. #fatalbert #heyheyhey #junkyardband #classic #timeless #banger #jams #tunes #toons #oldies #billcosby #lesson #fish #sea #catch #learn #moveon #grow #respect

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The #SupremeCourt on Tuesday refused to weigh whether an actress who publicly accused actor Bill Cosby of rape can sue him for defamation. The justices denied the appeal from #KatherineMcKee , who alleged Cosby, through his attorney, spread lies about her in 2014 after she told the New York Daily News he had raped her in a Detroit hotel room in 1974. McKee said Cosby’s attorney Martin Singer sent a letter on Cosby’s behalf to the news outlet after she publicly identified herself as a victim. In the letter Singer claimed McKee was an admitted liar, he called her not credible and unchaste, and said she had affairs. But the First Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court ruling granting Cosby’s request to dismiss the case. The court said McKee had voluntarily entered into a public controversy and invited public scrutiny of the credibility of her allegations. As a “limited purpose public figure,” the court said she had to show actual malice based on clear and convincing evidence to succeed. But McKee argues that she merely confirmed she was one of Cosby’s many alleged victims. “She has not become a prominent advocate in any public controversy, and has not publicly called for any change in the laws, or any social reform, and has consistently maintained her privacy other than to say, as many other women have said, 'me too,' ” her attorney argued in a court brief. Cosby’s attorneys argue McKee did far more than just identify herself as an alleged victim. They said she participated in an interview that resulted in both video and print stories, called for Cosby to take a lie detector test, backed the other accusers and spoke about the repercussions he should face. “It makes no difference that Ms. McKee now claims she did not intend to become a public person. That is not the test,” Cosby’s attorneys argued in a court brief. “Instead ‘when an individual undertakes a course of conduct that invites attention, even though such attention is neither sought not desired, he may be deemed a public figure.' Like many of the accusers she also praised #BillCosby (publicly) swipe to read interview from 2010 she calls Cosby a friend, and tried to reach him in 2013

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Thanks to Mr. Bill Cosby for Loving my new Song "COLLEGE LIFE" feat my TLady Koffey!!! This Means So Much to me and my Mom's and Dad! (Link In BIO)