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2 minutes ago

Now that I'm clean, can I go back to the mud hole?!

5 minutes ago

#MotivationMonday is to remember to keep going!!! I had not worked in over a year before being offered Dumbo. I was getting desperate & had no idea what to do. But I couldn’t give up. I love acting with all of my heart and soul and the pleasure it brings me is unfathomable. I’ve handled dry spells before. Some much longer. So I’ll weather this one. One random morning I get a call telling me that Tim Burton needs an improvised self tape from me of this character, and he needs it within a couple of hours! What?! How?! Damn?! What Tim wants he’ll get...somehow!! I was away from home and had to find a way to make this happen by the seat of my pants. But with clever thinking, some quick YouTube accent learning, a couple of handy props & help from a good friend, I got it done and sent it in. The very next day I received Ehren Kruger’s gorgeous draft with a note saying, “Tim would like to know what you think about the script.” 🤷🏽‍♂️ Suffice to say, four weeks later I was at Pinewood studios shooting my first scene with #evagreen , #colinfarrell , @michaelkeatondouglas , #dannydevito & #Tim Burton having the best time ever!! . . Never give up doing the thing you love. Commit to the journey & NEVER let anyone tell you that you can’t succeed. Put a wall up against the negative and embrace the positive. Magic does happen, with commitment, diligence, patience, passion & simple hard work... and sometimes a little help from friends 😉 . . #actor #actorslife #disney #dumbo #bigears #skellig #disneyvillains #ncis #ncisnola #znation . #Repost @disneystudios with @get_repost ・・・ On March 29, the Disney legend soars to new heights. #Dumbo @dumbo

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I *bork bork* hate *bork* the POLICE *bork bork BORK!*

2 hours ago

Excuse me, hooman.... there is fluffy water on my head. Did it come from the sky? It’s sunny, though? #confused #newtothis

2 hours ago

It's a bit windy in Shetland today, Milo's ears are doing there own thing today! Not sure if Laddie is just happy or if he is laughing at Milo big ears!! 😆 . . #windyweather 🍃 #bigears #milogoesnorth

3 hours ago

Post-Op Day 3: The infamous stank face makes its glorious return 🤨

7 hours ago

Our beautiful Agnes bird watching this morning, turning a year old very soon and such a beautiful soul. We really can't thank her breeders #covehithecoonhounds enough for entrusting us with this amazing girl