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17 minutes ago

Tittade till i skattlådan idag, där jag hade stoppat i larvningslisten den 18/5. Öppnade väldigt försiktigt och lyfte varsamt upp listen. 14 st av 20 täckta drottnings celler fanns det.😀 Looked in the top box today, where I had put in the larvae list on 18/5. Opened up very slowly and carefully picked upp the list. There were 14 of 20 covered queen cells there.😀 #honung #bikupa #honungsbin #honungsbi #biodling #drottningodling #beekeeping #bee #beekeeper #ågårdensbiodling

18 minutes ago

#didyouknow Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water; and it's the only food that contains "pinocembrin", an antioxidant associated with improved brain functioning !

19 minutes ago

On Wednesday, we had the most awesome hive inspection! We spotted both queens 🙌🏻 and we watched the queen in the yellow hive lay some eggs which was SO cool! . . Side note, I spent every day since our last hive inspection worried about the queen that we manually released into the green hive. As soon as we opened the mesh on the queen cage, all of the attendant bees flew out in a flurry and we lost sight of the queen. Doug swore he saw her go straight to the bottom of the frames, but I thought I saw her fly off. I was convinced that we had let the queen escape, and I spent way too much time worrying about what we would have to do with the green hive moving forward. . . However, as soon as we started our inspection of the green hive on Wednesday, we found cells full of eggs and we spotted her majesty scooting around the frames 🐝. Huge sigh of relief over here!! Both of our hives are doing really well. One hive is ahead in comb production and the other hive is ahead in brood, but both seem to be thriving nonetheless! beekeeping is awesome you guys!! #whereisthebeekeeperemoji . . . Sharing for #farmvideofriday with our friend Mel @unconventionalacres 🎥🐝🍯✨. . . #beekeeping #honeybees #thesecretlifeofbees #queenspotting #beesarecool #beeks #localhoney #homegrownhoney #beehive #langstrothhive #apiary #queenbee #beekeepers #bees #honeycomb #beekeepersofinstagram #beesofinstagram

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We’re bringing bees to Beaver Run! Despite a snowy day yesterday, we successfully installed four hives to kick off our bee farming and honey harvesting program. Bees play an important part in the preservation of our environment and are crucial to our ecosystem. This is one of the first steps we are taking as part of our new sustainability efforts, which we are excited to begin unveiling this summer! Get ready for homegrown honey available in our deli and honeycomb garnishes on our in-house dishes! 🐝🐝🐝 . . . #bees #bee #beekeeping #honey #honeyharvesting #breckenridgehoney #gobreck #unitedbybreck #breckbecause #exploresummit

20 minutes ago

What a beautiful day to be in the bee yard. It’s truly amazing and thrilling to see that our bees survived the winter and managed to endure a long miserable spring. This hive is doing well with a great brood pattern and large population. Fingers crossed Mother Nature will cooperate and we will have a prosperous honey harvest. Mite counts and treatments are a on going must to ensure health happy bees. Grateful for the good weather and that beekeeping season has officially begun. #buzzingaround #beefriendly #beekeepingitreal

25 minutes ago

Oriental poppy with purple pollen bringing all the bees to the yard #poppyular

27 minutes ago

عرض شهر رمضان برطمان كيلو عسل زهره برسيم + برطمان ربع كيلو عسل زهره موالح + برطمان ٥٠٠جرام عسل زهره برسيم كل ده ب ١٤٠ جنيه بدل ٢١٠ جنيه وكمان التوصيل مجانا داخل القاهره والجيزه ❤️ Royal honey عسل كوالتي عاليه جداً مطابق للمواصفات القياسية العالمية مواصفات خاصه بالتصدير 😉 عسل نحل طبيعي ١٠٠ ٪ بدون إضافات ❤️ العرض لفتره محدودة حتي نفاذ الكميه للطلب عن طريق رسائل الصفحة او الاتصال علي ٠١١٤١٥٢٩٣٩٠ 📞 التوصيل مجانا داخل القاهره والجيزه 🚗 🚗 🚗 خلي حياتك احلي مع Royal honey ❤️❤️❤️ #honeybee #honeybees #lovebees #beekeeping #bees 🐝 #bees

32 minutes ago

What started as a lousy hive check knowing both hives had swarmed, turned out to not be so bad after all. — Hive #1 : The queen did us a solid by leaving us with us lots of bees, eggs, larvae, and capped brood. They'll start raising a new queen, and with the number of bees and upcoming bees, this hive and its honey are going to be well protected. — Hive #2 : Even though the numbers in this hive dropped significantly, it should rebound fast. We pulled out a frame saw lots of open cells with no eggs and larvae. But as soon as we saw that barren dessert.... we saw a beautiful virgin queen walking around checking out her new castle. Give her about 10 days and she'll start laying eggs. — We learned many, valuable lessons these past two weeks. Yeah, it sucks seeing your two most active hives swarm but when you think about it, we just added two hives to the wild, and we're rebuilding two. — 🐝🖤💛🍯 #bee901 #loveyourhive . . . . . #honey #bees #honeybee #honeybees #beekeeping #beekeeper #urbanbeekeeping #instagramtennessee #tennessee #tristaradventures #BringYourSoul #WeAreMemphis #901 #memphis #ilovememphis #choose901 #explorememphis #mustbememphis #MemphisTN #igersmemphis #ig_memphis #instamemphis #onlytennisee #findmemphis #urbanbeekeeping #urbanbeekeeper

36 minutes ago

I was fortunate to spend two days at a local elementary school giving educational presentations to over 450 students. Yesterday was a rainy day indoors, but today we were outside in the beautiful - and very sunny! - courtyard. Slathering on the Lavender Body Butter and hoping this sunburn subsides quickly! 😂 #pittsburghhoney #localhoney #pureandlocal #originalpittsburghhoney #education #beekeeping #honeybee #scienceolympiad #kiski #sunburn #bodybutter #sunburnrelief #beeutiful

36 minutes ago

CONGRATS !! ITS A GIRL!!! 😍 It takes around 21 days for 🐝's to develop. From egg to larvae to a savior of the 🌍! Here you can see this princess clearing its way out to the world with help of her jaws ❤ and next to her you can see some larvae.

37 minutes ago

I got to experience a swarm today. When I opened our back door to put the dogs out, I heard a ROAR of buzzing. I looked up above our hive and saw a huge black cloud of bees. They swarmed into a nearby tree in our yard, about 100 feet up or so. My husband was already at work, and I had to leave for work, so I didn’t have time to open our hive to see if it was our bees, however I don’t believe it was. We had our hive open a week ago, added a super, and had ZERO queen cells. They appeared very happy and comfortable, so I see no reason for them to have swarmed. Still keeping my fingers crossed until we can get in and check. Either way, it was a pretty neat thing to witness. #beekeeping #beekeeper #apiary #swarm

1 hour ago

I had one of the best days @geesbeeshoney today. Met an amazing couple, Matt and Marianne, owners of Gees Bees and lots of bee lovers. > I have always been fascinated by bees. But today, I fell in love with them, and I cannot wait to start my own colony of bees. > If you are interested in bee keeping then Gees Bees 101 Bee Keeping Course is a great start. They are so experienced and love sharing their knowledge, and love for the bees that you actually leave the place having fallen in love with bees yourself. > I am writing all of this after being stung today and it hasn’t put me off one bit. > Thank you to everyone @geesbeeshoney for a lovely day, amazing time, and great energy.

1 hour ago

How to keep bees? Beekeeping is a very fun and rewarding hobby. Since we get asked so much about how to start, we have put together a workshop with our very own Bee Man Dan! RSVP today! Space is limited! Admission is $10 per person June 9th @ 2 pm #bee #beekeeping #urbanbeekeeping #farm #honey

1 hour ago

VENDREBEE 🐝 Notre prêt-à-boire est parfait pour ton apéro! 💛Cheers!

1 hour ago

Yaaaaaayyyy!! I got to pick up my FIRST queens today!! I didn't get to pick them out like I had hoped, so I'm just going to have to bond with them as I work with them! 2 of these ladies will be going to the #FifthTownBees and one of these ladies will be coming home with me to the #HarrisonHives #queenbee #queen #nucs #beewitchdiaries #beewitch #bees #womanbeekeeper #womenbeekeepers #womeninbeekeeping #beesofinstagram #beekeeping #beealchemy #beemagic #Redlovesbees #shekeepsbees #savethebees #beekind

1 hour ago

A HOME FOR BUGS 🐜 My parents have just finished re-decking an area of their garden, so had lots of chopped up bits of decking board with no other use. There were also some other odd sized/shaped logs from a tree which had died. 🔥 We usually use any wood we have on our fire pit. I have found this is a good fuel, and better (I think?) than burning coal or gas. 🌲 We already have enough wood for the summer bbq season, so I needed to find another way to re-use this timber. 🐝 Given that we found the bees nest last weekend, we decided to built this bug hotel. It was so easy to make and is surprisingly secure. I haven’t used any nails, screws or glue. It’s just a pile of wood. ♻️ What’s great is that it’s reusing a really precious resource but it will also provide somewhere for all the important insects to live. Win-win.

1 hour ago

Toast + @siggisdairy yogurt + Sue Bee Honey = heaven. Find the recipe at the link in our bio.

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