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6 hours ago

People often will try to do less of things they dislike and don't really want to do to become happier. People... will often try... to do less of things... they dislike... and don't really want to do... to become happier. Is there an example you can think of for yourself? One of mine was accommodating in ways I didn't want to but went along with. Another.. Accepting invites to events I didn't care to attend. That's a faulty way to go about becoming happier. There's a lot of management in it, and it's something you may sustain for a while or with certain things but not others. And, in itself, doing less of things you dislike and/or don't care to do doesn't give you more joy. To become happier do things you love, care about, and naturally want to do. It draws up the feel of happiness and gratitude and lessens inner conflict. Space and structure in your life then naturally center in things that are happiness for you.

2 weeks ago

Hey girl guess what.... you caught yourself negative self talking to yourself twice today and immediately changed your mindset! Sometimes I find it difficult to be nice to myself, I’m my own worst critic, but lately I’ve been reading a lot and doing A LOT of self discovery and I found I’m really hard on myself and mean to myself and that isn’t fair. So I’m trying to really watch for moments like when I call myself stupid or reprimand myself for doing something the way I wanted to when someone else said it should be done differently. Today I I changed I’m stupid to I’m stupidly, amazingly awesome for choosing to do this my way! And changing I hate my legs to I’m working on making them better and everything takes time. You WILL get to your goal, it’s only 30lbs away and you’ve come too far to turn back now! If you watch your thoughts see how negative or positive you are to yourself and if you catch yourself talking nasty to yourself stop and think about why you are talking to yourself this way and then make a change, put a positive spin on it or just tell yourself one thing about yourself that you like! Change Takes time and there are things about myself like my own personal negativity toward myself that I am working on, some days it is like I’m running a 100 yard dash with all the things I learn about my thoughts and other days it is like I’m 100 years old and running the 100 yard dash with my walker. Sometimes I don’t see myself being mean to myself until I really think about the conversation or situation. So I’m focusing on being more positive and looking forward to feeling more open and secure with myself! #bodypositivity #bodypositivemovement #happy #becominghappy #becominghappyagain #becominghappier #becominghappilyhealthy #thehappinessproject #positivity #positivevibes #postivethoughts #memyselfandi #projectme #myinnerfire

1 month ago

Over the course of therapy we develop incredibly close relationships with our clients. We develop a connection that is essential for the work we do together. But the purpose is always to move on and say goodbye. It just so happened that last week quite a few clients, both adults and young people said goodbye to us in the centre. To see them move on, to have made wonderful changes to their lives and even to their families lives is incredible. #cbt #1 -1therapy #becominghappier

3 months ago

No_filter. /Happiness in modern days/. We all know that happiness is our most important nassesty with eating,drinking,sleeping. Everyone want to be happy and avoid suffering but why this is so hard to be happy in our time esspecially? To this questions and more follow my journey here and you'll get the answers and I hope some joy too. Gabriel.🤠. #gn #instgram #instafriends #instaworld #thorsday #happiness #challenge #becominghappier #motivation #אושר #עמודהאושר #טיפים #מוטיבציה #יוםטוב #haveagreatday #goodnight

4 months ago

Today was the first step towards a change in my life. Today I had my first appointment with the psychologist and it was so relieving to hear from a specialist that she can help me with battling my demons from the past and to become happier. She said that I will start with EMDR from next week on for in total 5 to 6 sessions and after that I will receive groups therapy for people with issues regarding self confidence and low self esteem. #mentalhealthawareness #becominghappier

4 months ago

This picture means everything to me! Let me explain… . . For the past 6 weeks, I have been working on myself every day. I have been making myself a priority. . . Yesterday I finished a 6 week program that has changed my life. I came home every day after work and pushed play on a 20 minute workout…YES only 20 minutes. Don’t be fooled by it’s length of time. It wasn’t easy. For 6 days a week I pushed play. . . I had to modify a lot, especially at the beginning. And yesterday when I ended, I still had to modify. But it is ok! I pushed, I sweat, I ate well, I was focused, I cried…hard! . . Yesterday while I was leaving Target, carrying a container of litter to the car, (by hand, not in the cart) I put it in the trunk, got in my car and cried. That cat litter is 20 pounds, that cat litter represents the almost 20 pounds I have lost from my body. That cat litter was heavy, but I carried it all the way to my car. I can’t imagine always carrying that cat litter around with me…not any more. . . Yes, I lost almost 20 pounds…but I GAINED so much more I am more confident I am more positive I smile more I have a better attitude about everything I am happier I crave working out . . I finished the 6 week program yesterday, but it is not the end. It is just a beginning of a whole new life for me. I loved it so much, I am doing it again! . . Starting tomorrow, I am hitting play on Day 1 again. I would love to have you join me! . . This program includes: Nutrition guides Meal plan and recipes Accountability group with some pretty amazing people 1 month free of superfood shakes or pre/post workout supplements 1-1 coaching 800+ workouts on any device! A Step Dry erase calendar Journal . . It’s 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 6 weeks. We ALL have 20 minutes to give ourselves. Ask yourself, “If not now…then when?” You are worth at least 20 minutes! . . The sale ends 2/28! Send me a message if you are interested! Love, Tonya . . #puttingmefirst #transform20 #becominghappier #lovethyself #losingweight #wannajoinme #positiveattitude #positivemindset

5 months ago

I think I’ve broken through the first of many barriers on my way to recovery and becoming happier I’m starting to accept the fact the fact that I am not a terrible person and I deserve to get better, I hope I soon break the next barrier #becominghappier

5 months ago

10 Small Ways to be Happier This Year 1.Go to sleep when you’re tired, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed 2.Make someone else happy, good energy is contagious 3.Be your own cheerleader and celebrate small victories 4.Count your blessings, you’ll realize that life is full of things to be grateful for 5.Put down your electronics for an hour a day 6.Workout, exercise releases endorphins which make you feel better 7.Start journaling, it helps you put things into perspective 8.Learn something new and it will make you feel accomplished 9.Spend more time with yourself and learn how to make the most of it 10.Cry if you need to but don’t dwell for too long

6 months ago

This is not the picture of dreams guys but one i wanted to share (Regarding colour) no edit/filter... Today im going to be naughty.. and finally dye my hair... i havent dyed it for well over 2 months and as it used to be heavily bleached holding colour proves difficult. OFOCURSE dye isnt healthy for your hair but its looking like a multi tonal hot mess and doesn't do the actual progress and health justice it look great either... it looks damaged espically after a few days (like this) without any product or styling. i intend on showing some pictures aswell as what im using after and you can see the difference... its going to be great!! also will be smothered and babied in a hair mask after so were all good!!! #dyingherhair #hairdye #hotmess #frizzy #becominghappier #hairgrowthjourney

6 months ago

First time attempting to photograph animals with a zoom lens. The first struggle was to find anything to photograph, secondly was to actually be quick enough to capture anything. . . I am pretty proud of my first attempt, my fingers were cold but I had a few shots. I never realized how colorfoul birds actually are, it is pretty mesmerizing to look at them a bit closer through the zoom lens. . . . . . . . . . . #bird #birb #littlebird #animal #animalphotography #birdphotography #birdphotos #birdpicture #littlething #photography #amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #hobbyphotographer #projecthappy #projecthappify #happyproject #learningnewthings #becominghappier #becomingbetter #color #amazingnature #zoomlens #newskills #throughthelens #smallbird #tinybird

7 months ago

End of work for the year!! Oh yeah... Making the change was the best thing I did.. More time, more energy when at home and not buggered and drained... Feeling better mind and body but also still speaking my mind like the bitch I am.. #love #loveyourself #behonest #cutthefat #keepthegood #friends #timeismoreimportant #befree #bewild #dontwastetime #laugh #play #please #newlife #livinglife #doingme #smiling #laughing #becominghappier #dontbescared #growsomeballs #makechanges #beautiful #behonest #bebold #beontop #besomebody #notafake #dontlie

8 months ago

I have always wanted to help people, that is why I became a nurse 😊 BUT then I came across another opportunity to help others! . ❗️COACHING❗️ . . It has helped to keep me accountable in my own nutrition + fitness by showing up on social media and sharing my journey with others! . . I have also connected with a triple of amazing ladies that I would have never connected with if it weren’t for this Buisness ❤️ . . I have become a happier person because I am seeing progress both mentally and physically, my mindset has went from mostly negative to mostly positive, which has totally changed my life! . . I am so excited to see where this Buisness is going to take me! I am hoping to make enough extra income to help pay off my student loans, I am excited to help other ladies achieve their goals whether it be nutrition + fitness or an extra income through coaching❤️ . . Want more info on this amazing opportunity, send me a message!

8 months ago

🌟GETTING OLDER AND GETTING HEALTHIER🌟 ✨Just because I’m getting older doesn’t mean I can’t get in better shape! ✨Just because my body aches and pops constantly doesn’t mean I don’t keep pushing it ✨Just because getting older stresses me out doesn’t mean I just sit in my bed all day and do nothing ✨My goal is to make myself healthier each year as I age. So the older I get the better I’m going to look and feel. ✨I refuse to let myself use my injuries, pain or life be something they holds me back 🥂Here’s to the best year yet!

9 months ago

I’ve had a really hard 2 weeks #mentally. When I look into the detail there’s no real reason other than over thinking and being lead by FEAR. I was taught FEAR is the mind trying to take control and it’s a battle we all go against. I let my fear win this time, but next time I’m one step closer the winning. #meditationmonday #walking #freshair #getactive #feelingmyself #mentalhealth #ivegotit #depressionbattle #youvegotthis #mindfulmonday #takecontrol #mind #becominghappier #mentalbattle #fighting

9 months ago

Let my roof be built by leaves, my walls by tree trunks and my music by the sounds of the forest. . . Roaming in nature makes me feel free. Freedom makes me happy. Like I could escape the reality of have to's and got to's for a tiny moment. . . Freedom to me equals ultimate happiness. . . . . . . . . #kamzikforest #kamzik #nationalpark #bratislava #slovakia #visitslovakia #forestnextdoor #myforest #myescape #freedom #amazingnature #trees #leaves #green #treetrunk #forest #livingclosetonature #naturephotography #photography #naturelover #closetonature #naturetime #naturetherapy #projecthappify #happytrekking #happyinnature #happymoment #happyday #becominghappier

9 months ago

While I was on vacation I was able to finish up this book. Very interesting read about how the author decided to break down her goal of being happier over the course of the year. Each month she would choose a few areas and specific topics to work on. She helped to hold herself accountable and decided to share her journey with readers all over the world; not only with the book but with a blog as well. This book is a great read into the authors journey over the course of a year, including what worked and what didn't. I recommend this book, especially if you like to learn about the author of the book you're reading. . . . . . . #growthroughwhatyougothrough #heartonmysleeve #overcomingobstacles #liveintentional #livefearlessly #studytheword #prayerlife #liveyourfaith #justgivemejesus #wordbeforeworld #selfloveisthebestlove #bekindtoyourself #faithoverfear #youarecapable #gretchenrubin #thehappinessproject #yearlongjourney #becominghappier #holdingyourselfaccountable

9 months ago

Whenever you’re going through a tough time, try to remind yourself that one day you’ll be able to help others BECAUSE of your struggles. I’ve always been a pretty happy person, but I’ve definitely had to learn how to smile through the chaos because of challenging times throughout my life, and I’m better for it. And I am HONORED to be able to help you 🙏✌🏻😊. . . . #quote from @prince_ea 🙏 #becominghappier #smilingthroughchaos #lifechallenges #gainingstrengthfromchallenges #learnaswego #learningtosmileagain #perspectivequotes #youarethegood #youreamazing #hereforeachother #bringingniceback #lookingatthingsdifferently #weddingplannerthoughts #healthcounselor #healthymindset

9 months ago

Challenge!! Après le repas joker d’hier soir aujourd’hui c’était ultra motivation pour la salle de sport 😅💪 Il faut en profiter les jours où ça arrive pour toutes les autres fois où je n’ai pas la motive!! #gymprogram : 1h30 de renforcement musculaire abdos, abdos fessiers et taille puis vélo elliptique et circuit fitness! #gymmotivation #dimanche #instadimanche #chronoteuse #sport #weightwatchersfrance #weightwatchers #weightloss #motivation #healthyfood #healthylife #iamlovingthepersoniambecoming #becominghappier #objectifmieuxdansmoncorps