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Yesterday, I was told that I am a “bold, opinionated woman”. I had to digest this comment for a while... A younger me would have felt bad and forced myself to shrink back for fear of being stigmatized. But today, I am different. I realised that it should not be me who should feel bad. I realised I should be proud of the fact that I have an opinion and am able to voice it clearly. I realised that it’s the other party that should alter their mindset. I realised that I have grown up. I realised that I can be above it all. Be bold. Be fearless. Love yourself for who you are. Alika Canvas Size: 27.5’’ x 22’’ – 70cm x 56cm Frame Size: 34’’ x 40’’ – 86.5cm x 102cm Price: SGD 5,700. #fearlesswomen #beboldbeyou #sensualart #mishellleong #iambornthisway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #artwatchers #artcurator #artbuyers #artconsultant #gallerylife #emergingartist #stellerstories #artquotes #artprocess #livecolorfully #colorinspiration #inspiremyinstagram #empoweryourself #strongwomenrock #sglocallife #interiordesigninspo #colorcrush #islandliving #livingabroad #expatliving #luxeliving #luxelife #luxelifestyle #pampernight #luxurylifestyles

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Life is full of twists and turns, unexpected events that are both awful and joyous and we don’t all end up at millionaire estates but we all must play in this game of life and not be a spectator and let it fly by. I am approaching the big 4-0 and there is so much I want to do yet in this life. I am making a goal for the year to do one new thing a month. I want to volunteer. I want to make people smile. I want to try new foods. I want to travel to new places. I want to do things that scare me a little. What are some things I should add to my list?

8 hours ago

Beef Stroganoff with Cashew Cream ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Absolutely loved it. I kinda sorda followed a recipe but changed it up to make it mine. ( adapted from Against All Grain) 3 1/2 cups water 3/4 cup raw cashews 1 tablespoon Ghee 2 1/2 lbs beef sirloin steak sliced thin Salt/pepper 1/2 white onion 3 yellow squash 1/2 cup white wine 1 cup beef broth 2 1/4 tsp. Lemon juice 1 3/4 tsp. Apple cider vinegar Parsley This is a little hands on but you can prep the night before. 1st step soak cashews in 3 cups boiling water While soaking- melt Ghee and cook the meat, once almost done add the onions While meat is cooking use a vegetable peeler to create long ribbons with the yellow squash ( stop once you see seeds) Once onions are soft add white wine & beef broth ( low sodium) ( let simmer for 5 min) Drain cashews saving 1/4 cup of the water in a small blender mix cashews, water, apple cider vinegar & lemon. Once creamy add to meat and mix well. Cook another 5 min. Meanwhile steam yellow squash ribbons by putting 1/4 cup of water in a pot- add ribbons, cover and cook until soft about 6 minutes. Serve meat on top of squash noodles. ✨ Ta-Da.

9 hours ago

My why... Becoming healthier 🥦 Earning extra money 💵 Following my dreams ✨ Living my best life 🔮 Working my own hours ⏳ Making new best friends 👭 Freedom to be myself 🌈 Opportunities to travel 🌎 Creating my own happiness 🗝 ... just a few of the reason WHY I love what I do and you can too! . Are you ready for a change!? 💌 #healthyyourway #gsdmomma #mylifemyway #healthyisthenewskinny #doitforyourfutureself #coffeeaddiction #getfitstayfitlivefit #friendsforkeeps #bossbabetribe #slaytheday #sweatlife365 #homeworkouts #beboldbeyou #pushplayeveryday #cleaneatingdiet #empoweringothers #doitforthelikes #curlyhairgirl #redheadsdoitbetter

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If you're ready to have a deeply fulfilling, authentic, and intensely powerful soulmate relationship, then you're going to have to be at my live event. My event is for you if: 💞You’re lonely, unsatisfied, and frustrated in your love life. 💞You give and give in some form or another to the people you date yet feel totally frustrated, resentful, and hurt that they aren’t returning the favor. It kind of makes you feel like they don’t REALLY care and you’re not a priority to them. 💞You attract people that get distant, Unavailable, sometimes they full on ghost you!😱 and you’re left feeling lonely, unsatisfied, and questioning... “What did I do wrong?!” 💞If you manage to get into somewhat of a relationship you have all kinds of fears come up like: Are they just going to leave? Cheat? Reject me? 💞Youre craving something deeper, something more, and you’re ready to do your part and know you have to (helloooo law of attraction) clear your shit that is keeping you from feeling aligned in your love life and also keeping you from being a match to the soulmate relationship you deeply desire in your heart of hearts. 💞🙏 It’s time to make a powerful decision. Decide that you’re ready to shift. Interrupt the bullshit patterns that are going on in your mind, your life, and environment. Let me elevate you and your love life at my exclusive event in Asheville North Carolina at a 5 start resort. Meals, spa, and perks are on me during the event! Just grab your ticket, travel, and room! Do it for you. Do it because you are done with your bullshit. Do it because you’re ready for more. Do it because you’re ready to clear patterns that were passed down to you. Do it because deep down in your heart you know you can have more. Do it because you know that your desires are there for a reason and that it’s up to you to make the needed changes in your life. The price increases by $500 in 5 days! The event will be August 5th and 6th! ( Sunday & Monday ) You can learn more here: link in bio!

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It's Friday y'all 🙌🏼 and the weekend is upon us! ⠀ ⠀ Anyone else always feel a little different? Never really fit in? Growing up I was SO unpopular. I learned quickly that small town life wasn't exactly accepting of anyone who looked different or wasn't going to conform. ⠀ ⠀ I was tall, ultra skinny, dorky, had buck teeth and massive hair. I was also not and never will be, someone who conforms - it's not in my DNA. I have this thing that happens when someone tells me I "have to be this way" or "do something that way". I automatically rebel. ⠀ ⠀ So I spent my childhood drawing, reading and mostly sticking to myself. People have always looked at me a little weird when I'd just say what anyone else would keep to themselves. I eventually got used to it and now happily let my freak flag fly. ⠀ ⠀ Today, I'm really happy that I've been true to myself. It really helps me navigate when I'm going down a wrong path or making wrong choices - it just screams wrong to me. Not to mention - I would have missed out on who I am right at this moment and I really like this person for the most part 😉. ⠀ ⠀ So to anyone out there - be you, do you! You're not alone in fighting the good fight! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #eecummings #poetry #fighthard #mystory #mytruth #mywords #youdoyou #mentalhealthawareness #youareimportant #questioneverything #beyourself #inspo #truetomyself #freakflag #nerdforlife #zerofucksgiven #imme #workingonme #beboldbeyou #liveyourbestlife #staytruetoyourself #rebelforlife #againstthegrain

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There's nothing wrong with starting over. It doesn't mean you failed before it just means you aren't finished yet.🔥

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I’ve always been a dig deeper reflective type person but I got so lost for awhile in my “I’m too busy” excuses that my I fell out of journal writing or reading any type of personal development. I know now that I didn’t make time for it because I didn’t feel good about myself. I LOVE waking up to my 5 minute journal and finishing my day off writing in it before bed. I find it helps me reflect on how I spend my time and what intentions I want to set out in the world. There are so many things we don’t take ownership for in our lives and the biggest ones are how we use our time and the mindset that we lead our lives with.

14 hours ago

What's Your Thing? You know, that thing that excites you? That thing that you feel passionate about? Do you get enough of it in your life? All too often, we listen to that voice in our head as she whispers "you can't do that, it'll never work, you don't have what it takes". I've figured mine out. I see it so clearly. I'm making it happen. You can too...take the first step. Then repeat...a thousand times! Happy Friday 🌻 . . #fitliving #holistichealthcoach #openminded #selfawareness #beboldbeyou #goforit #whatsyourpassion #whatsholdingyouback

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I use to look at weekends as a time to sleep my day away, drink my face off, and eat all the junk I could before Monday. That was before I became a coach and got my shit together. 🖤 Now I look at weekends as an adventure to see how many new people I can meet and connect with. I get my workouts in and kill them because I have so much passion for a healthy lifestyle. And I LOVE going to the grocery store and looking at all the foods I can fuel my body with to help it help me. Weekends are now like my mini vaca from life and I love them because of the freedom I have created for myself. #freakinweekend #healthyyourway #onestepatatime #minvacation #createyourownhappiness #daretocreate #gsdmomma #fitnesslifestyle #healthandwellness #helpingothershelpthemselves #coffeeaddict #getfitstayfit #friendsforkeeps #bossbabe #slaytheday #sweatlife #fitnessgirl #homeworkouts #fitnessmotivation #healthyeating #girlswholift #beboldbeyou #strongnotskinny #livingmybestlife #pushplayeveryday #girlpower #empoweringothers #gaintrain

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She blew me away ...

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That’s when I realized what a true friend was. Someone who would always love you- the imperfect you, the confused you, the lost you, the wrong you, the mad you, the sad you, the ugly you and the beautiful you, because that’s what a friend is supposed to do. 💖

16 hours ago

Fashion is what you is what you do with it!💃Take the fashion items you love and make them your own! Fashion is a way we express ourselves without ever saying a word. Have fun with it...take a risk, make it your own! There’s only one you—and you are fabulous!! Now show the world that with YOUR style!🔥✨. . . . #beboldbeyou #befabulous #originalstyle #styleinspirations #styledbyme #yourstyle #boldfashion #boldstyle #originalstyle #beoriginal #staysassy #mygirlyinspo #fashionisfun #stylequotes #styleinspirations #stylebloggers #southernbelle #divastyle #southernblogger #bhambloggers #petitegirl #petiteblogger #blondestyle #boldlystyling

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Did you know that I watched👀 my coach on Instagram for 3 YEARS before I joined her?😳 3 years. I watched her get results💪 I watched her be happy😁 I watched her grow🌻 I watched her build her business🦄 I watched her change her life🙌 I stood by & let my EXCUSES run my life while she was off having the time of her life, becoming the best version of herself😎 “I’m too tired.” “I don’t have time.” “I don’t have the money.” “She’s so much more confident than me.” I said it all. I believed it all too🙄 Here’s the thing about watching though — nothing changes for YOU👊 I often think about where my life would be if I had joined her sooner🤔 What if I didn’t blow her off the first time she reached out to me😆💖!? (love you boo boo😘). What if I had stopped focusing on everyone else & started taking care of ME years before?🤷‍♀️ I truly believe we all get there at the time we’re supposed to, so I’m grateful I took the leap when I did🙏 Nothing in life is an accident. But I saw the change in her & I KNEW I needed whatever she was doing⚡️🔥 Because I was ready, & it started with a decision. The decision not to let my excuses, my fears, & my doubts get in the way anymore👊 You guys, I had NO money when I made that decision🙅‍♀️ I literally had no idea if this would even help me. But I knew nothing was going to change if I didn’t at least try💗 and you know what? It was the BEST DECISION I ever made😍 My life changed for the BETTER when I stopped watching👀 I saw a change in myself☺️ That happiness I saw in my coach, that strength💪, that FIRE🔥, and that love for LIFE✨ I finally saw in ME🤸‍♀️ I felt that confidence😍 I felt that LOVE for myself💗 I felt that desire for the best damn life I could give myself🤗 Because I finally accepted my worth & BELIEVED it💫 So now I ask you: how long are you willing to sit back & watch👀 before you decide you are worth it?💖 How long are you going to sit back & watch while we change our life?✨ The sooner you decide to stop watching & start DOING, the sooner you can become that person you’ve always wanted to be😘💗 Always here to chat & help you too, boo💕 Just reach out💌 #FitBlissTribe 🦄 #LiveYourBestLife

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Don’t mind me, just obsessing over the new Tropical Collection still. 🌴🌸🌺☄️ I’m traveling to Vegas next week, these will be perfect to add that fun pop of color to my looks! 😍 Any Vegas must-dos that you recommend we see? • • • • • • #makeup #beauty #lipstick #lipsense #mua #motd #texasmua #lipboss #makeupmama #momprenuer #boymom #momlife #momsohard #hotmessmom #teacherlife #middleschoolteachers #iteachmiddleschool #teachersofinstagram #workingmoms #girlboss #southernglitterandgloss #lipsenseaddict #senegence #suitesassypants #lasvegasstrip #summervacay #beboldbeyou #boldeyes

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My sisters, it's never too late to reinvent yourself. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Struggling with Doubt? Fear? Struggling with weight? Confidence? Struggling with belief in yourself? Want more for your littles? Your spouse/partner? YOU?!!!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Beautiful. Because that's who I'm looking for. Your warrior is waiting, she's just waiting for you to say "yes" to all the possibilities. Let's find our results together sister. Me and you. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #bodymindsoul ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here’s what I think, YOU ARE WORTH fighting for. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I SEE YOUR POTENTIAL. You don't have to see it yet, but you will.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ PS. I do this for me and to give my kids a healthy Mama. I’m the only one who can give them that gift. They see me work. They see me struggle. They see me taking time for me. They see me dream big. Chances are they'll follow suite. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ S💙 #mamaswithmuscles #momof2girls1boy #athleta #beboldbeyou #breathefirebabygirl #motivationformamas #spartanintraining #mamasgotgoals

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One of the greatest gifts my journey has given me is the confidence to try things that are completely out of my comfort zone. Before you’d never see me post a bathing suit photo on social media or let alone my legs showing without my compression workout pants 🤣 I also never had the guts to try paddle boarding because I thought that this big ol’ body can’t do crazy stuff like that. On a side note: I could not stand up on that board without falling. I definitely need to work on it.

20 hours ago

The more you love your decisions the less you need someone else to love them.💕 …. Expressing yourself is a thing, you know? Whether you have a blog or another creative small business or write books or give talks or just speak our truth and make a stand for love in line at the grocery store. It's a Thing. 💯 … And it's a Thing because this stuff has really deep roots within us. Roots into our childhood and relationships - and all the ways we have learned to fit in, to go under the radar, or to stand out, or to keep peace, or to help others - all the many ways we learn to get love rather than rejection. … Know, sweet friend, that you can deepen into a love of truth within you… and even the smallest inkling of who you authentically are at your core… that becomes more important than what others think of you. And it doesn't mean you won't get your feelings hurt every now and again or you won't get offended. You might still even obsess over that one person who unsubscribed from your email list or stopped following you on social media. But when truth is more important, you will weather those storms and learn those lessons and process them properly so that you bounce back stronger each time. 💪🏻 … Please hear me: That is possible. And it's also totally necessary if you want to live authentic, loving lives. You need to find a way to listen to what your soul has to say and see yourself from that perspective as much as you can so that you can show up authentically and in a real, loving way. ☺️ … If this is hard for you, please dear one, take my hand. Because when we join together, we can stand for love and speak our truth and keep it real. And we are all needed. Only you can say what you want to say in the way you say it. Never mind that others have a larger audience (there will always, always be someone with a larger audience *wink). The important thing is to be authentically you, to show up, and to join in the conversation. ✨ … What really matters is that we all speak our truth as clearly as we can. That’s how we leave our own unique legacy and change the world the way only we individually were created to impact it. 😘💕🎉🌈🦄

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CURRENT STATE ☝🏼✨ Right now my top two priorities are taking care of myself and taking care of my clients and their needs. I take care of myself so I can be a better coach and trainer every day, so I can show up fully for my clients. 〰️ This means lots of self care, saying no to things that don’t align with the vision I have for my life, distancing myself from drama and negativity, and anything else that takes away from making me feel GOOD. It means facing a lifetime struggle with my ED so I can finally find freedom. 〰️ I still have fun, I take breaks, I don’t grind ALL the time. But I’m a driven woman. I have huge goals for myself, my business, my life, and I’m tired of hiding my passion out of fear that people will think I’m crazy. 〰️ Don’t ever stop chasing your dreams 💫 Don’t put your needs on the back burner. Do what makes YOU feel GOOD. 〰️ I want to work with men and women who want to become the BEST version of themselves. Who are tired of half assing it; tired of standing in their own way; want to make a change NOW even if they’re scared, so they need support. 〰️ If this is YOU, message me TODAY. I got something special for ya 😘. . Happy Friday peoples. Go big today 💪🏼✨. . . . #shinebright #happyfridayloves #fiercewomen #dontholdback #dreamchaser #goforit #beboldbeyou #drivenwomen #determinedwoman #createthelifeyouwant #dowhatmakesyouhappy #fitchicks #futurecompetitor #edrecovery #healingmyself #holistichealth #fitnesscoaching #motivator #ladyonhergrind #bossbabe #embracethejourney #riseandshine #morninginspiration #earlyriser

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Even in the face of hard shit, I will ALWAYS choose to find the love, see the magic, do what lights me up, be loud, get crazy, seek the fun, & have a giggle. . Your happiness is a choice, friend. Yes. EVEN in the face of your deepest struggle. It is still a beaming, bright, ball of magic waiting for you to pick it up & choose. . Sure. If you’re in the midst of a struggle now, it may seem like it’s buried below a deep, dark, abyss of sadness, guilt, blame, shame, fear, years of self deprecating thoughts, & resentment, BUT IT IS THERE. . You can choose to find the love you seek in your life, for others, with others, & within yourself. . You can choose to see that the magic existed in you all along. . You can choose to do only what lights you up with freedom, exhilaration & because YOU said so. . You can choose to be loud & be heard. . You can get crazy-kooky, for no reason at all, other than it just feels so damn good! . You can choose to seek out the fun in every possible thing, because fun is SO FUN! . And, if you let it, you can choose to let life, people, & Yourself, show you that when you least expect it, when you never thought it possible, when all seems lost & buried underneath layers of shit, there’s still room to have a genuine giggle. . Happy Friday, loves! Your life is what YOU CHOOSE it to be. It can be ‘all bad’. It can, ‘all good’. Or, it can be whatever you are willing to create. ✌🏼💜😊

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Inhale oxygen, exhale carbon dioxide and your heart pumps blood. You are alive. But are you really living? It a doesn’t require much does it? It is so simple that you may be fooled! You wake up, go to work, eat, sleep and repeat. Sound like you? 👊🏻That is not living‼️ 👉🏻It’s your choices, priorities and your relationships that determine how you are living. There’s a huge line between living and just existing. 👉🏻Living is doing what you love, what makes you happy, not what others tell you to do. 👉🏻Being alive is feeling your heart beating, but hearing it pounding underneath your shirt because you are facing your fears!! 👉🏻It’s falling down 5 times, and standing up 6! 👉🏻It’s standing up for yourself and your beliefs. 👉🏻It’s jumping into the unknown but trusting God has your back! Who wants more???? I know the difference between existing and living and I would love to help you learn and grow! It's my purpose!!!

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Have the courage to stay true to your unique soul song. Each of us is born with a unique vibration and soul purpose, contributing to the symphony of life. It is the essence of our being, our true north leading us in the direction of our dreams. Tune in and listen to the beauty of your unique soul song. What is it telling you? Where is it guiding you? Be bold, have courage, and follow your dreams! . . . . #ariyanakimahmusic #journeysfortheimagination #newagemusic #meditationmusic #ambientmusic #soulsong #soulpurpose #truenorth #inspiration #mindfulness #soulfulness #imaginethepossibilities #embraceyourself #beboldbeyou #havecourage #followyourdreams

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Ladies 📢 after the great response from you all and looking at the very high percentage of high-qualified women quitting the work force (43%) and also by knowing the desire of many women to relaunch 🚀 their professional careers; we decided to put this program together with the only aim to give you the tools 🔧🔨👷‍♀️💡 to resume your career after a break and/or simply approach your next carrier move with confidence 💃💥✊ If you want to know more about this, then check the event home page 👇 and if you want to be part of this then see you in September... We have limited seats available so first come first serve !! ... Ah! Almost forgot, our host this time is a brand new cowork place in Frankfurt. . . . #relaunch #businesswomen #beboldbeyou #pressforprogress #workingmom #myrelaunch #techniquesforrelaunch #yourcareer #frankfurtconference #whattodoinfrankfurt #september2018 #maternityleave #sabaticalyear #hrtools #jobserach

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|| MAGIC ✨||

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He really wanted to climb the stairs. The first time he did it we did it together, hand in hand. We then came down together, hand in hand. A few minutes later he wanted to do it again, I did not. He thought about it, I could see apprehension on his face, even fear but he trusted me, he trusted himself. He got to the top and froze, he couldn’t come down. He couldn’t do it alone he needed a helping hand he needed me. Children are so good at just going for it, giving it a try, not worrying about what may or may not happen. It didn’t even cross his mind that if I get to the top and can’t come down what will I do? He didn’t care because he was so focused on getting to the top. They don’t view the concept of failure as a negative but more as a challenge and they are definitely not worried about asking for a helping hand when needed. As adults we lose this, we lose the trust within ourselves we worry about failing so much it actually stops us from doing anything at all. But how about just taking one step at a time, feeling the water if it feels good carrying on and if not evaluating the situation and asking for help #fridaywisdom . . . . . #muma #mumma #mindset #motherhood #motherhustler #parenthood #parentingunfiltered #parenting #twinmom #twinmama #twinmumlife #beboldbeyou #bedifferentbeyou #believeinyourself #empowered #empowering #empoweringwomen #positivenergy #positiveenergyonly #britishasian #browngirlmagic #browngirlbloggers #browngirlswhoblog #browngirlswhowrite #ig_scot #scotland_insta #scottishbloggers #ownyourstory

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When I was 5 I wanted to be a professional tap dancer. And I practiced. A lot.🙉 . When I was 7 I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast. Ask my sister who spotted my first backhand spring in my Grandmother's antique-filled dining room. I can still hear the dishes clanging. . When I was 9 I wanted to be a teacher and boss people around😂 I'd confidently set up a classroom in my kitchen, holding a 3 ring binder and talk to myself while pointing to things on the wall. . When I was 12 I wanted to be a vet. I'd save a stray dog before most humans. But now I have 3 kids so I feel like I'm living that dream.🤣 . When I was 14 I wanted to be a mom. I used to watch those adopt-a-child infomercials and call to see how much money I could afford to send. . When I was 16 I took a career test and concluded I loved beating to the sound of my own drum, and genuinely helping others. . When I was 18 I decided I wanted to marry Michael James and so I basically just followed him from town to town. Think Wedding Crashers.🤗 . But when I was 25, I realized life was too short. I simply wanted to find my passion and make an impact.🌍 . Now at 31, married to my stalkee with 3 perfect babies, I put all that was comfortable behind me and I'm building a legacy full of purpose, community, fitness, friendship and fun💋 and although I didn't know I wanted this career I can't imagine doing anything else while wishing I was right here.❤

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> M O O D < 🤩💃🏽👸🏾 • Open up Gorgeous. Let your hair down. Reach up high now. Be bold! Take a chance Lovely. Embrace your shine. Share your light. Be bold! Walk your truth Beauty. Make your mark. Carry on, still. Be bold! • That about sums up my mood this evening and for the next couple weeks. When it comes to living this healthy lifestyle, we have to embrace the amazing possibilities and really be bold and intentional about all aspects of life. I am starting to embrace this message more and more everyday. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am in control and choose how to live my life. • Hop in the drivers seat. Today I choose HAPPY / BOLD! • 📸 My little brother and I a while back • #tbt #tbtuesdays #brothersisterbond #brother #brother ♥️ #thursdaynights #torontobloggers #torontofitgirls #fitgirl #blackgirljoy #familyfunday #family #happyfaces #goodtimez #womenempowerment #womenboss #womenbosses #bebold #beboldbeyou #nigerianwomen #wordstoliveby

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Tonight’s dinner brought to you by Emily. #eatingwithemily ( age 8). @emilyreveiz8 4 ingredients Chicken wrapped bacon 🍗🥓 Broccoli 🥦 Zucchini pasta 🥒🍝 . . So easy even an 8 year old can make it. 😉 Wrap chicken and cook on 400 for 30- 40 minutes. Steam broccoli & pasta. #dinneranddone

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2:00 a.m. 🧠💋🧠💋🧠 🍒feminine... I’m so close to myself. Mind your feminine energy, how is your woman inside you growing, im so fond of the woman I am becoming. Blossoming 🥀 so hard core. Let yourself be you so dam fierce, that people think your crazy... I’m okay with it. L O V E & R E S P E C T 🥀 O N E L I F E🤷🏼‍♀️ B E P R O U D O F U 🌸 N E V E R G I V E U P 💪🏼 C R A Z Y B I T C H A N D P R O U D🌈🔥 😂 •BUILT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE 🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿 . . . #beyourself #bebeautiful #authenticity #sorryiamnotsorry #fierce #beboldbeyou #dontcarebehappy #lips #happy #womenlover #confidentinmyownskin #ilovewhoiam #becomealegend #inteligente #present #helpingothers #findyourself #lifestooshort #feeleberything #love #lovehard #heart #beautymark #cindycrawfordlips #mouthfetish #lipsareanart #besame #kiss #kissme

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Bad girls ain't no good, but good girls ain't no fun! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #exquisitewoman #womenempowered #girlboss #bosschicksshit #bossupforacheck #badgal #badgirlsdoitwell #confidencefromwithin #thebaddest #girlsdoitbetter #beboldbeyou #exquisite #sexyladies #womensapparel #dopechicksdaily #2018fashion #summervibesonly #vacayvibes #blkcreatives #allsummer18 #selfcareselfie #celebritystylewatch #celebstyles

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We mature with the damage, not with the years.