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📍Замок Дроттнингхольм еще называют Версалем в миниатюре, и это вполне заслуженно. «Остров королевы» — это бывшая резиденция шведских монархов. Внутри — богатый интерьер, есть собственный театр и даже можно посмотреть гобелен, который соткал Густав V. Снаружи — озеро, ухоженные парки, скульптуры и фонтаны. Замок с 1991 года занесен в Список ЮНЕСКО. ⠀ #sweden #stockholm #sweden 🇸🇪 #traveling #beautifulview

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"doświadczał tej szczególnej przyjemności obserwowania osób, które kochał, zakochujących się w innych osobach, które kochał." ~ "małe życie" hanya yanagihara . oprócz #małeżycie czytam też #inyourdefense (a dokładniej słucham audiobooka) i bardzo mi się podoba. gdyby ktoś był ciekawy, o czym ta książka opowiada, to zapraszam na story, gdzie wstawiała jej opis. . . . #bookish #booksandsunset #beautifulview #lovelybooks

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Aren't the new pictures of Annika from #shanghai particularly impressive? 🙌😁 Once again she was able to gather many new impressions and is far from finished with her discovery tours. 🇨🇳🚶‍♀️📸 We are very glad that she took the opportunity to support our subsidiary in #china and that she is having such a great time. 👍🥳💪 • • #proleit #proleitacademy #apprenticeship #trainee #apprentice #chinatrip #china 🇨🇳 #sightseeing #exploreeverything #traveladdicted #explorer #adventure #traveldiary #travelgram #travelpic #travelphotography #beautifulview #igtravel #traveling

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A Loano è già quasi Halloween 🦇

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You say Capri... and you think Faraglioni... A wonderful view of this natural monument from the gardens of Augustus. The "Faraglioni", symbol of Capri, are three imposing rocky peaks immersed in the blue waters of the island, and each has a name: Faraglione of Terra (or Saetta) is the only one still connected to the mainland and the highest (109 mt.); Faraglione of Mezzo (or Stella), 81 meters high, in the center has a natural tunnel 60 meters long that can be crossed by boat; Faraglione of Fuori (or Scopolo), is the most external and 104 meters high, on it lives the very rare blue lizard. The name "Faraglione" derives from the Greek "pharos" which means lighthouse, probably because in ancient times on the summit fires were used as signals for sailors. The legend associates the "Faraglioni" with the boulders hurled by Polifemo, narred by Omero, while for Virgilio, in the Aeneid, they are the reign of the sirens that with their song fascinated the sailors.