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It’s another Day 1 in our challenge and accountability group!!! Is it your Day 1 or have you put off your health and fitness again?? . . The number one excuse I have heard lately is “but summer is just so hard to focus on eating right.” I get it but summer is hard, fall has football, winter has the holidays, spring has baseball season and end of school. When is the perfect time??? . . There is no perfect time to take the leap. But this process doesn’t have to be perfect either. This summer has been tough for me to stay on plan 💯 but I’m not letting it stop me from maintaining the focus. I have yet to say “awe, darn, I can’t attend that bbq because I’m eating healthy!?” 🤷🏼‍♀️ Nope, I go to the bbq, I eat the food (or take a healthy option to share) and hop right back on board the next meal. . . Friends, it’s about balance. It’s not about being perfect. . . Let’s find the right balance for you and make TODAY your Day 1. Stop putting it off. Let’s get to work. I promise you won’t regret it 🙌🏻. . . . . . . #noregrets #dayone #stopputtingitoff #dontwait #noexcuses #moveitorloseit #fitnessjourney #healthandfitness #youareworthit #pushpastit #fitmom #boymom #momofboys #busyfamily #myhealthisimportant #youtoo #healthyyou #beachbody #coach #virtualbootcamp #getstarted #fitfam #fitbeforeforty #whywaitanotherweek #taketheleap #joinmetoday #changeyourlife #betheexample #postivemind #biggerthanyourexcuses

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May or may not have overindulged at Disney this weekend....LOL Starting a 3 Day Cleanse to reset my system and get rid of this bloat! Follow along the next three days! #3dayrefresh #beachbody #beachbodycoach

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Blessed Rib Top 🌷 What more do you need when you can look stylish with just one simple top 😉 Short sleeved front twist top in ribbed fabric - designed with love 😘 🎈 30% OFF ANY ORDER 🎈 . . . . . . . . . . #summeressentials #beachoutfit #summerfashion #summerlove #bloggervibes #likeforlikes #followforfollowback #instapic #ootdfashion #losangeles #california #boutiqueshopping #onlineboutique #좋아요 #미국 #맞팔 #미국패션 #outfitinspo #stylish #onlineshopping #ootd #casualstyle #summerlook #beachbody #model #dailygram #mondayvibes

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“It takes you believing in yourself enough to not break the promises you made to your self!” - Rachel Hollis - 2 years ago I was focused on two + volleyball..that was it! I didn’t let myself think about much of anything else because I felt those are the only things I SHOULD be focusing on! Who had time to think about anything else, right? - NO! There was SO much that I wasn’t focusing -my health👉🏻 which is why I was struggling extremely hard and constantly in & out of doctors with no answers and only getting more frustrated. -my family👉🏻 I was living 4 hours away & not making much time to talk with them -my goals👉🏻 what goals? I didn’t even take the time for myself to sit down & dream big goals then😳 -my mental health👉🏻 I didn’t know how to take care of my mental health. I didn’t know what my body needed to cope with stress! Back then I didn’t REALLY truly know how to take care of ME, but now, I’ve learned so many things & have so many tools to help me be successful & take care of my body the way it deserves! & all it took was simply saying YES to a new opportunity, learning to actually believe in my abilities + choosing to learn how to not break the promises I make with myself! ✨

6 minutes ago

I started 80 Day Obsession for the 3rd time this morning. It’s such an amazing program and I always love my results. Today was Total Body Core and it totally kicked my butt. I’m going to do this program though September and then on October 1st I will be starting Morning Meltdown 100! MM100 is the newest Beachbody program with trainer Jericho. They are 20-30 minute workouts with a live DJ setting the pace for the entire workout. If you are interested in 80 Day or Morning Meltdown, let’s chat! #beachbody #stayactive #morningmeltdown100 #80dayobsession #beachbodyondemand #whynot #buildabodyyoulove

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MINI BOOK REVIEW🥰 A New Earth By Eckhart Tolle Yooooo this book gave me such a different perspective on life. Gave such good insight about our thoughts and how we can see them differently to control our focus and emotions. This book tailors to all religions (if that was a concern to you). It doesn’t tell what or how to believe in anything. It’s a very open-minded book about perspectives in regards to life and I would highly recommend to anyone who’s interested in things of that nature. BUT I would recommend reading The Power of Now before this book which is by the same author. I would say they have similar concepts but the first book, The Power Of Now is more about general concepts of why living in the moment is so important, and a New Earth just goes into such detail about that concept and more!

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My next show. I'm offially announcing it! This is a good way to keep me lean and come in on stage with a way better package than three weeks ago and enough time to get mentally ready. With this post, I also want to make it a goal to post EVERYDAY. No matter what it is, physique updates, meals, my clients, exercises. If y'all want anything specific let me know and I'll make it happen! The next 12 weeks get ready! #npc #npcbikini #girlswithmuscles #DASambassador #DASlabsFAM #12weeksout #beachbody #musclebeach #npcjohnshermanclassic #npcmusclebeach #girlsthatlift #MondayMotivation #goals #texasbodybuilding #fitness

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Chest/Triceps Circuit LIIFT4 It’s been a bit and I’m happy to say that lifting never disappoints. I am going to start Morning Meltdown 100 next week with my #Fitsquad but want to keep up with my workout routine so I figured all the Circuit days and am going to do those with the Prep workouts sprinkled in. It is a bit intimidating and scary trying to figure out what is best but what is scarier is never trying and wondering if you could have down something or made change if you had tried. I am always scared of not being successful or failing or not doing a good job, but that same fear drives me to learn more and practice more to be a better Analyst, so again I should use that same “fear” to focus my drive for myself. What scares you? #Beachbody #BehaviorAnalystsgetfit # #healthylifehappylife #walkthetalk #findyourfit

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Finishing touches ✨ $25 new client special still happening on all spray tans! 🙌🏼

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4 Simple Rules : Never miss a Monday Never go more than 3 days without exercise Exercise at least 3 days a week Never give up There was once a time that I was laying in an hospital bed and getting up was out of the question much less exercise. There was also a time when I was too big to workout. High impact was painful and I was a Smoker on top of that.... I have found through time that even the smallest moments every day add up. Plus it’s a win/win , when you show up for yourself you give your body and mind confidence to show up in other places of your life!! #nevermissamonday

13 minutes ago

You cannot get where you want to go in life without taking one step each day in the forward direction. There is a compounding effect with each step. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Consistency is the key to success. Cultivating daily growth habits. #lifecoaching #businesscoaching #healthcoaching #successcoaching #love #habit #excellence #success #grace #peace #life #lifecoach #sucesscoach #life #live #Travel #beachbody #summer #life #lifestyle #joy #peace #summerbody #beach #kindness #personaldevelopment #vacation #money #health #hope #joy #getit #win #mindfulness #hope

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Putting in hard hours in the blazing heat 🥵 It was worth every minute but man it was hot. Stay cool everyone and wear sunscreen. The sun ☀️ is not playing with you and skin is important. Remember the skin is your first line of defense to disease. Stay cool and stay healthy. . . . #skinhealth #summerheat #beachbody

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Barre has exploded onto the fitness scene in the past 10 years, and for good reason. It delivers a low-impact workout that whittles your waist, tightens your glutes, and sculpts toned arms and thighs. 🤩🥰 But with so many barre classes popping up in new places, like Pilates and Yoga-based studios and big box gyms – is it all the same thing? And even within the barre-based studio realm, there are so many different choices. So how do our classes measure up? 💪🏼🙌🏻We’re sharing how we deliver an authentic barre experience over on the blog today @neighborhood_barre

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“Experience is the teacher of all things.” -Julius Caeser

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2nd half of 2019. Time to crush our goals.🏆