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Al mejor estilo de #Baywatch 😂😂😂😂🤟 Ya tengo la actitud, ahora solo me falta el resto ... 💋 Linda noche !!! ⚘ @chicastdmas @tdmas_cr

1 hour ago

NEW || Zac Always being a ninja! 😂😂 I will post the video in the next few hours! I’m not home atm :))❤️❤️

2 hours ago

Goth lifeguard is here. Please don’t make me get in the sun.

2 hours ago

As a 90s kid I’m immediately thinking of Baywatch 😂 can’t help myself...

3 hours ago

According to, former actress and playboy model Pamela Anderson is doing PETA proud. The 51-year-old former Playboy model discussed how her relationship to veganism has shifted over the years, and how her animal rights activism has trickled up to some other famous folks, like Kim Kardashian and Melania Trump. While she admitted to wearing plenty of skintight leather in the past without a second thought, Anderson clarified that “today I wouldn’t wear fur, and I don’t want to glamorize it by wearing faux, but it’s still better than wearing someone’s else’s skin. I sent faux fur coats to Melania Trump and Kim Kardashian, and both have sworn off fur since.” 💕💕💕

4 hours ago

It may be a good place to drown... #baywatch

5 hours ago

Here is an edit I made for an edit contest (and it didn’t make it so🤷🏼‍♀️) I tried to put in their whole love story in all one edit!😍 so I hope you guys like it!☺️ • I am so tired rn that I just want to chill and watch Tv! I’ve had a busy day today so I can’t wait to watch movies all day tomorrow and do NOTHING! ——————————————————— #zacefron #baywatch #mattbrody #greatestshowman #tgs #zacdavidalexanderefron #hottie #crush

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too cute

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Did someone call for a lifeguard #baywatch

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NEW!!! Via Zac’s story. I feel like Friday are our days for content 💪🏼 I love this video!! Happy Friday 🖤 @zacefron also this french music LOL

5 hours ago

I don’t think I can get anymore cliché than this! Frolicking in the sand on Santa Monica beach, wearing a Baywatch inspired one piece, featuring music that belongs to a 90’s surf/skate home video. CALI LYF! 🌴✌️(Note how I almost run straight into the volleyball net).

6 hours ago

||NEW|| Zac posted on his Instagram story today 😍

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Los Angeles County Lifeguards is a division of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The lifeguard operations safeguard 31 miles (50 km) of beach and 72 miles (116 km) of coastline, from San Pedro in the south, to Malibu in the north. . . . . . 📌Follow us @unique._moments for more 📸All credits to you @unique._moments #nature_perfection #allnature #nature #earthisunique #bestnature #greatpics #adventure #travelforlife #traveling #vacationfun #vacation #beautifulplace #unbelievableworld #wildlife #worldsgreatest #blueplanet #santamonica #santamonicaplace #california #lifeguard #baywatch

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the ocean is calling 🌊 #baywatch

6 hours ago

||NEW|| Zac posted on Instagram earlier 😍