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Introducing this little cutie to Aunty Becky’s world of books 📚 Here you will escape reality and live many different lives 📚 Whether it be fantasy, horror, romance, or historical, may your adventures be amazing 💕 📚 📚 🌙 🌙 #writerslife #writersofig #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #bookworm #bibliophile #bookstagram #yogaeverydamnday #gypsy #gypsysoul #wanderlust #blessed #namaste #nomad #anxietywarrior #mentalhealthawareness #barefoot #boholife #moonchild #flowerchild #austenite #shabbychic #bookcommunity #bookclub #readingnook #tbrcart #newtsreadathon2019 #littlebookworm

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กิโลแรกไม่เป็นไร กิโลต่อไปพื้นรองเท้ากระเด็น 😅🤣 พื้นข้างซ้ายหลุดตั้งแต่กิโลที่2 หลุดข้างเดียววิ่งไม่ถนัด งั้นดึงข้างขวาออกแม่งด้วยเลย สภาพยับเยินจัด 😆😅 คนอื่นปีๆนึงเปลี่ยนหลายคู่ ส่วนกูหลายๆปีเปลี่ยนคู่นึง😅✌🏾 วันนี้เหมือนกูมาวิ่งBarefootเลย ปวดเมื่อยขาชิปหายกว่าจะวิ่งเสร็จ #Barefoot #Barefootrun 🏃🏽‍♂️💨☝🏾 #ใช ้ชีวิตให้สนุก #ร ัก #อ ๊อฟ😘

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Spot the vivos!

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It may seem counterintuitive, but MOST people in pain don’t really care so much about the things in the red circle. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone, and some people will absolutely love to know and will benefit from knowing more about neuroscience and such. However, people in pain are much more often interested in the information in the green circle . . . . Repost: @drjarodhalldpt . . #healthybody #biomechanics #running #education #exercise #movement #streaching #walk #injury #anatomy #training #health #cardio #osteopathy #massage #chiropractic #spine #barefoot #painfree #physiotherapy #rehabilitation #ACL #knee #ankle

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On stage. ❤️🎹

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I realized that... I don’t feel wearing shoes, I don’t want wearing shoes, I so wanna live somewhere to be able walk around barefoot, like I used once before...

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Just thought I'd share these while I'm soaking up. 😘

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Pileh Lagoon, Phi Phi Leh August 2019

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Wild Man! . I have to say when Rich invited me on to the podcast I was blown away. . Rich Roll planted many seeds on my path of growth from; becoming sober, to eating plant based. I’d say this man has either been planting the seeds of change or, with the help of his guests, watering them. And now through this invitation I’d discovered he’d been watching them grow too. . I was honoured to say the least. The podcast would have of course been enough, but I thought with my 30/30 barefoot sustainability challenge looming, it would be great to get out onto the trails with the legend himself. So put it out into the universe and boom - we were out running trails in the bloom. . These trails really are quite the rewilding symbolism. Mother nature showing us how profoundly resilient she really is. This guru is incredible; the master of the ever changing, from devastation to gestation. With her rewilding prowess wild fires had been transformed into wild flowers in a matter of weeks. And I felt blissed and blessed out to be making a connection to the ash and dirt through my butt naked feet. . Great 🎥 and drone skills in the hills from the talented @pranalens 👌❤️. . Rich drops the @richroll podcast on the 26/8. . #rewild #rewilding #richroll #podcast #running #sustainability #plantbased #barefoot #run #trailrunning #love #thenaturallifestylist

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Dopo un periodo di riposo dal lavoro, quando inizia un nuovo anno, dopo le festività, si buttano giù i buoni propositi. Mediamente dopo l’estate oppure dopo il periodo natalizio o quello pasquale si va incontro alla voglia di cambiare, di rimettersi in forma. Vuoi su consiglio medico per esigenze funzionali, metaboliche oppure per desiderio di migliorare la propria forma fisica in generale, si sceglie di intraprendere un percorso fitness. Molti utenti, il più delle volte, scelgono la strada più semplice, economica e pratica. Ascoltano il consiglio dell’amico o prendono alcuni spunti da internet. I più audaci leggono qualche libro del settore non troppo tecnico oppure seguono video tutorial. Tuttavia, per quanto il più delle volte siano consigli e indicazioni giuste e scientificamente corrette, non tengono conto dell’individualità della persona. Danno per scontato che ci siano tutti i presupposti per rispettare fedelmente il programma consigliato quando, purtroppo, il più delle volte non è affatto così. I risultati, quasi sempre, sono deludenti e dopo qualche settimana tardano ad arrivare o non arrivano affatto. Molte volte addirittura si peggiora. Escono fuori dolorini, che prima non c’erano. Fa male un po’ il ginocchio, la spalla da fastidio o la bassa schiena è appesantita. Si avvertono disagi per diete fai da te fino a creare scompensi metabolici nei casi più gravi. Questo succede molto più spesso di quanto si pensi. Cosa bisognerebbe fare, allora, per programmare un percorso Fitness di qualità in piena sicurezza e funzionalità? Vediamo alcuni punti che l’utente dovrebbe avere bene chiari, continua a leggere sulla pagina Facebook DocPosture #postura #osteopatia #docposture #fitness #bodybuilding #femalefitness #functionaltraining #power #mobility #sport #maldischiena #stress #backpain #neckpain #fitgirl #yoga #glutes #stretching #fitnessmotivation #femalemuscle #muscle #healthfood #woman #cardio #booty #fat #barefoot #motivation

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Foot care. David Benaroch French qualified podiatrist available for treatment of corns, calluses, nails including ingrown toe nails and fungus. Treatment in diabetic foot care . Specialist in Orthotics handmade. Clinic or house-calls in Raanana AHUZA CLINIC Ahuza 133 . For caring and professional foot care. 054-5532818 David BENAROCH has the knowledge and experience to diagnose all foot pain and conditions of the posture #israel #davidbenaroch #podologue #running #barefoot #physiotherapy #orthotics #raanana

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Barefoot Step One: ☘️Alert: Long Post☘️ . Scott recommends having 4 accounts with one bank and an emergency fund with another bank so that it won’t be easily transferable into your every day account.. . I found that only having 4 accounts meant that I used to dip into my Daily Expenses (DE) to fund other accounts even though I knew full well that this account was for my bills/groceries/fuel and there was only a certain amount in there. I constantly found myself having to top up my DE account with money from my Fire Extinguish (FE).. . To break this habit I decided that I would create more accounts and be specific with what goes in each account so ^^ this is my break down.. . Daily Expenses - Should total to no more than 60% of your wage. Mine is currently sitting at 73% (it actually totals 90% including my Annual payments, Medical, Gas/water/electric & Food and fuel accounts).. . Splurge - This is my guilt free, ‘spend on whatever I want’ money. This should only be about 10% of your take home pay.. . Smile - You should still be able to cash flow a holiday while you’re saving & paying down debt. If you don’t have something to look forward to, you’re more likely to give up on your goals. Another 10% account.. . Fire Extinguisher - All the money in this account should go towards dominoing you’re debt. Once you’re debt free, this should be aimed at topping up your MOJO/emergency fund money. The total percentage in this account should be 20%.. . MOJO - AKA Emergency fund. Scott recommends having $2000 in this account as the bare minimum. I only have $650. I’ve had a look around my house, and I don’t have anything currently that I’m willing to part with. I did a huge clear out prior to moving regional and wasn’t following the #barefootinvestor so blew all the money that I made.. . Swipe for more ➡️ . #barefootinvestor #barefoot #debtfree #debtfreedom #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourneyaustralia #debtfreejourney #financialindependence #debt #free