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Powerful post by @skullturefactory showing a gruesome practice done in China. This is an extreme example of something we’re still doing today - deforming our feet with the footwear we use 👣 Foot binding (also known as Lotus foot) was the custom of applying tight binding to the feet of young girls to modify the shape and size of their feet . It was practised in China from the Song dynasty until the early 20th century, and bound feet were considered a status symbol as well as a mark of beauty . Foot binding limited the mobility of women, and resulted in lifelong disabilities for most of its subjects, although some women with bound feet working outdoors have also been reported . The practice possibly originated among upper class court dancers during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period in 10th century China, then became popular among the elite during the Song dynasty, eventually spreading to all social classes by the Qing dynasty . Foot binding was practiced in different forms, and the more severe form of binding may have been developed in the 16th century. It has been estimated that by the 19th century, 40–50% of all Chinese women may have had bound feet, and up to almost 100% among upper class Chinese women 👣 #thefootcollective #barefoot #deformed #footbinding #footwear #culture #china #custom #tribe #ritual #selfinflicted #oddity #anthropology #rituals #tradition #naturalhistory #painful #education #health #truth #ottawa

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Day: 35 Yesterday I walked barefoot around a lake. (I would have done some photos if I didn't forget my smartphone...😕😅) Now I know how "dangerous" reeds can be. I have some small cuts in my feet from this shit. Nevertheless I walked around today and now I will wash my feet😂 I'm so happy that it becomes warmer outside. Also if there are new dangers like bees or other insects. . . . __________________________ #dirtyfeet #barefootaroundalake #dirtyfoot #barefootlake #barefootinwinter #enjoythesun #sunnyday #nofilter #unbearbeitet #barefootshoes #barefoot #barefootexperience #barefootaroundtheworld #barefootworld #healthy #nevenshoesagain #minimalism #barfuß #keineschuhe #barfußerfahrung #barfußblog #barfeetblog #firstblog #barefootday #barefootlife #barefootlifestyle #barfußwandern #backtonature #lifestyle #barefootfriend

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Great post by @gayana.tierrapia 👣 Balance in the body begins with feet, for the basic work of foot and ankle is to offer a reliable base by which the upper body can relate to the horizontal plane of the earth . Only by bringing peace “from the ground up” can problems higher in the body be “under-stood” . It is literally true that problems in the upper body vanish as the feet “understand” them . - Ida Rolf from the book Reestablishing the Natural Alignment and Structural Integration of the Human Body for Vitality and Well-Being 👣 #thefootcollective #health #feet #barefoot #strongfeet #injuryprevention #education #physicaltherapy #prehab #simple #painfree #idarolf #ottawa #movement #human

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Arabito es un pequeño caballo antibombas 😎 Y aunque no son los ejercicios más complejos del mundo da gusto poder ponerle de todo y que a él no le importe o incluso se vaya suelto a ver las cosas y pasarlas🐎❤ Tengo ganas de hacer cositas nuevas ¡ya muchas pasan por mi cabeza! Sin duda este pequeñajo siempre está dispuesto a ir por cualquier sitio,y últimamente suelto por el monte se pega unas galopadas o se va a explorar y luego vuelve que lo ves disfrutar tanto que😍😍 ¡enamora muchísimo! Ver a tu caballo tan confiado de si mismo, dispuesto a hacer cosas, colaborativo, despierto, que toma sus propias decisiones ¡es increíble! Es sin un caballo único en muchos aspectos, mi pequeño cabra loca ❤🐴 #Arabito #horse #lovemyhorse #equestrianism #equestrian #horselover #equestrianlife #barefoot #nature #equestrianlifestyle #agility #horseagility #bitless

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Just goes to show what you can do when you dont give up! Three years ago I couldn't trot my horse in the school in a civilised fashion. This year she competed on her 2nd season of indoor TREC and this was the result! Unfortunately she went lame at the last event and we are still investigating the cause and looks like at best it will be a long lay off. But like before we will keep trying! #dontgiveup #horse #TREC #baymare #horsemanship #horsesofinstagram #barefoot

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a week living out of a van, dirty & calloused feet, collecting freckles & dreadlocks, skinny dipping under the full moon, camping under the stars, howling, hiking for hours, sisterhood, being the goofiest, just the right amount of acai bowls, and maybe a few too many almond butter & jelly sandwiches… no where to go, nobody to be, nothing to do. & always at the right place at exactly the right time. the world of responsibilities and four doors feels a little foreign to me now. i can’t remember the last time I truly let go of all obligations for more than a day. kauai showed me the gems found in pure presence, the magic that happens when you let go of any agenda, open up your heart to strangers, and surrender to your inner childlike awe and playfulness. life can get hectic, and I feel so inspired to set aside time amongst all the work, chores, & schedule to just be & play & set myself free from the weight of all of my to do lists for a good bit each week. ๏ p.s. happy spring & aries season ๏

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Die Sonnenstrahlen locken uns raus. Wald tanken. Das ist wildes Glück! . . The sun takes us outside. The forest - that’s pure and wild joy! . . @thedukes_babywearingphotograph Modell: Tanuki Umi

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Wim Hof Method Ice plunge and workshop with @_kiki.bosch_ yesterday was inspirational and truly an energetically charged group experience. Huge thanks soul sista for including me with open arms and an open heart. Your healing gifts are perfect for this time in the world. Keep sharing beautiful soul. 👣❄️💦🙏🏼 It was incredible to get cool with you again @ma_muktiroopa and thanks for your hospitality. ❄️💦🤗 #wimhofmethod #whm #barefootpilgrim #barefoot #iceimmersion #3pillars #kikibosch #whminstructor #michigan #innerfire

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”Useimmat modernit kengät ovat jäykät, melko painavat eivätkä ne ole jalkojesi muotoiset.”👣 ⁣⁣ Jalkojen heikentyessä ja vääntyessä luonnottomiksi maksamme hinnan kroonisina jalkakipuina, huonona liikkuvuutena ja syy on suurelta osin meidän kengissämme. ⁣⁣⁣⁣ #Shoespiracy #Vivobarefoot

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Lovely view last night 🌅 had a chilled weekend catching up on stable duties and tidying finishing with a nice bareback ride around the yard tonight with @_emcatchpolex 👌🏻 I know I always say it but I just love Dodge. I wish I had footage of ridden work before bitless for comparison so I could see the transformation but Dodger’s attitude now is a big enough reward for me. Wishing it wasn’t Monday tomorrow 😓 #horse #bitless #barefoot #bitlessandbarefoot #skewbald #colouredhorse #painthorse #painthorsesofinstagram #thejammydodge #sunset #dusk

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Last week @vivobarefoot released this short documentary about the negative impacts of the modern shoe industry. • It is very eye opening and revelatory about how modern footwear is causing our health potentially great harm. • It’s only 8 minutes long but there is some fantastic information about how you can reclaim your health by going barefoot more often. Search for #Shoespiracy on YouTube and you should have no trouble finding it👌 —————————————————————————— #fitness #footness #barefoot #barefoottraining #health #functionalfitness #crossfit #strengthtraining #strength #personaltrainer #running #barefootrunning #wellness

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Increasing my sensory input with my new favorite pair of barefoot shoes form @vivobarefoot 😁😁 RANT: Wellbeing for me is to a large extent connected with being active and challenging myself both physically and mentally. Be it in the office working on my PhD, in the gym or outdoor parks grinding to reach new heights in my movement, or in nature talking in what mother earth has given us. Challenges and impressions, whatever they may be is what makes me happy. . . . #vivobarefoot #MadeToFeel #livebarefoot #barefoot #barefootlife

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Podologia equina, barehoof.