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2 minutes ago

CDC: We do not recommend snuggling or hugging your chickens. Every backyard chicken owner ever: 🤗🐓🤗

14 minutes ago

Ok. I’ve been slacking on my exercises. Mostly because I would rather not be sitting in my gym or any gym for that matter. But,,,,,,, I need to step up my #recovery game. So I’m putting a proper workout plan into motion. Now let’s see how sore I am tomorrow. 🤣😜😂 #ecomama #ecomamawellness #holisticnutrition #holisticnutritionist #hamont #organic #aclrecontruction #backyardgarden #backyardfarm #backyardfarming #urbanfarm #urbanfarming #reiki #reikimaster #reikimasterteacher #reikiteacher #reikitraining

33 minutes ago

Strawberry plant is doing well. This is going to be the second harvest on this plant. I have two, the other one is awesome 3 times the size and way better producer.

1 hour ago

Final tomato harvest of the season last night got turned into a yummy pasta sauce. @gessnjoz grew and harvested the tastiest batch o veggies (and raspberries) this summer - time to get things going for winter now!

1 hour ago

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of #tuesdayonthehomestead . No matter what I do, Baby continues to lay in the corner under the roosts. I literally get my face an inch away from shit on the bottom roost trying to collect her eggs everyday. So, I blocked it off with a piece of wood from an old bookshelf and threw in a box my new coffee maker came in for added blockage. My luck, that bitch will have that shit moved when I go in to collect eggs. In the meantime, I'm adding more mums to the front planters my hubby made for me last summer. . What does your Tuesday look like on your homestead/farm? . HOW TO PLAY ALONG: 1. Post a photo of what your Tuesday looks like and use the hashtag #tuesdayonthehomestead . 2. Tag us in your post AND photo so we don't miss any! . 3. Invite a friend or two to play along! . Our son will select his favorite photos to be featured on our account tomorrow! . . #community #lifeonthehomestead #lifeonthefarm #homestead #homesteading #farm #farming #farmingcommunity #homesteadingcommunity #homesteadlife #farmlife #homesteadher #farmher #everydayfarmher #backyardhomestead #backyardfarm # #homesteadmisfits

2 hours ago

This is me attempting an indoor winter lettuce garden. Lettuce is one of those veggies that I could eat every day so I figured I'd give it a try. < This is also me admitting that I have little to no clue what I'm doing and that I am jumping all in without doing any research. Pure classic Aries trait. < Let's see what these tiny seeds and my grow lights can do for me over a MN fall and winter. 🤞 #growyourownfood #lettuce #backyardfarm #bakercreekheirloomseeds #keepingitreal #garden #veggies #eatlocal #mngrown

3 hours ago

☆100K G.I.V.E.A.W.A Y☆ . . Exciting news! We are partnering with Tractor Supply and celebrating you, our 100k followers by having a give-a-way for a $250.00 gift card from @tractorsupply ! Here's how to enter...... . . 1. FOLLOW @tractorsupply and @happydaysfarm. 2. LIKE this pic, and tag a friend. Each single line tag counts as an entry. Tag as many friends as you like. 3. REPOST this and COMMENT in your description about the giveaway @happydaysfarm , for 5 extra entries. . . Giveaway will be open today, Tuesday through Thursday until 12:00 pm Eastern time. (3 days!) The winner will be announced HERE at the top of this post on Friday. . . This Giveaway is not affiliated with IG. You must be 18 to enter and have a public account. US residents only.

4 hours ago

Does your dog eat wet food, dry food, or both? AD John and I spent A TON of time researching the best food to feed Paco and Pearl since they have the big jobs of being guardians of our hobby farm and putting up with Queen Edith and her minions. I’m sharing all about their jobs as LGD’s and why we chose @MerrickPetCare as the best food for them on the blog today. Check out that post by using the ͞latest blog post͟ link in my bio. #BestFoodEver #merrickpetcare . . #hobbyfarm #goat #backyardgoat #backyardchickens #goatsofinstagram #goatiegirls #nigeriandwarfgoat #goats #backyardfarm #moderatelyhighmaintenance #myunicornlife #abmlifeishappy #petstagram #myhappyplace #minifarm #countryliving #greatpyrenees #greatpyreneespuppy #pacoandpearl #puppy #puppylove 🐶 #livestockguardiandog #lgd #gentlegiant #puppygram #chickens #howyouglow #simplethingsmadebeautiful #backyardchickens

5 hours ago

Big changes are coming!

9 hours ago

Basil leaves thriving in the indoor nursery! Basil is an antioxidant and contains many benefits such as being anti-inflammatory and cancer, it helps reduce pain and fever, can help with diabetes prevention, is a liver and blood vessel protector, also helps with stress and it’s an immune booster too! Follow us for more. 🌱

10 hours ago

Starting to come together. Just need to make a couple of adjustments.

11 hours ago

Around here, you know a chicken is safe from freezer camp or being sold if my husband names it. lol (a regular conversation in our house: Him: "we have too many chickens." me: "okay, we'll get rid of that one. " him: "not so-and-so!" me: "okay, what about that one?" Him: "oooh, no, so-and-so needs to stay." Me: "ummmm, okay, what about HER?" Him: "No. So-and-so stays. Period.") #kiddingnotkidding And that's reason 9638 I love him 😂💕 He named this little bantam mama French Fry because of her light brown coloring with a "burnt end." 🤣 We moved her and the chick she hatched into an enclosed coop, because our Indian Runner drake was trying to kill baby. 😑 So safety it is! And the chick isn't a bantam, so I'm guessing it'll outgrow mama in a couple weeks 😂

14 hours ago

Just waiting for them to ripen. Getting close. Do you prefer lemon or lime? And what's your favorite citrus fruit?

14 hours ago

The *one* flower I've actually had the heart to harvest from the garden this year... I'm going to miss that space when we move 💙

14 hours ago

My First Coop Crate!!! Ok, I'm lame on so many levels (sorry, video is sideways), but I am so excited to open this! As a fairly new #chickenmamma and quickly becoming a #crazychickenlady I just wanted to share my joy. Please give me some ideas of what to do with the Blue Metal Chicken and I'll show the project when it's done. This is not a sponsored post, but please share the love to @coop_crate #fromcoffeetocabernet #chickenlove #chickensofinstagram #chickens #chickencoop #chicken #spoilyourflock #funwithchickens #blog

15 hours ago

Harvest. Slim pickins. The garden is slowing down, for sure! Loofah is still going crazy. Peppers still lookin good too!

16 hours ago

Proof that I actually do remember the baskets sometimes. I’m usually in mummy stealth mode - sneaking out to the garden for 5 minutes peace, without the kids realising, so it’s not worth the risk to go back in & retrieve the harvest baskets once you’ve made it out undetected 😂. #mumninjaskills #gardeningwithoutkids

16 hours ago

Just added some #swisschard to my garden. I've almost checked off everything on the list I have of items I want to grow to minimize my grocery shopping. I'll be doing a tour of my mini urban farm very soon. Follow @davidsurbanfarm

16 hours ago

The teenagers are growing up!! 👐👐 In this picture from left to right, Rumpless Araucana/Brown Leghorn cross, Ayam Cemani, Splash SilverRudd's Blue, Welsummer, Blue with slight splashing SilverRudd's Blue. The SilverRudd's are my top breed right now for the amazing color of their plumage 😍 but also for the excitement that they will some day give me gorgeous mint green eggs!! 🐔 . 💙 . 🐔 . #TeenageChickens #GrowingUp #SilverRuddsBlues #Welsummers #AyamCemani #AraucaunaCross #BeautifulChickens #ChickenFarm #Chickens #ChickensOfIG #ChickensOfInstagram #BackyardPoultry #BackyardChickens #FloridaChickens #BackyardFarm #FarmLife #HobbyFarm #Farmers #FloridaFarm #FloridaFarmers #BeginnerFarm   #BeginnerFarmers #Homestead #Homesteaders   #BeginnerHomestead #BeginnerHomesteaders #FloridaHomesteaders #NorthFloridaChickens

17 hours ago

Do you think she played with her dolls or just sat in her dolls pretty wicker chair so she could pee on her nice white faux fur rug? 🤦🏼‍♀️

17 hours ago

Thanks for the treats @coop_crate. This month's box was so perfect for us... I mean, the gals. :)

18 hours ago

Willie & Waylon wandering the yard trying to find a good spot to nap.

18 hours ago

The #barredrock gals love my fern plant. Something must be delicious and I'm just out of the loop or whatever.

18 hours ago

The solution to keeping the chickens out of my herbs... a lattace. It is working great so far.

18 hours ago

I planted lemon thyme in this planter and it makes me laugh. Talk about a perm!!!! Even if its chipped and I found it on the trash, I can never part with it.

20 hours ago

Today was a herby day! I harvested a load of oregano off my plant because it's time to pluck the tips off to encourage bushiness. Going to dry this batch! Although I don't actually use very much oregano, I just like the smell and how cute the leaves are. The entire section of the garden with herbs in it was completely overgrown so I've been doing small bits of gardening daily since we got home. This morning Pete accepted an invitation from neighbour Nasa to do something (he didn't actually know what it was that she was saying) nearby in the evening. Turned out that something was to go into another neighbour's (the house was uninhabited) garden to rake up the dried grass that our neighbours had grown and cut, to feed the rabbits and sheep during winter. Then we went over to her house for dinner as thanks for the help! After dinner she brought out a load of tarragon that she'd gotten from a friend so we could remove the leaves from the stems and she gave me some to take home. That's gonna go into the freezer. It's probably more tarragon than I know what to do with because it's not a herb I'm familiar with. . . . #homegrown #backyardfarm #organic #herbs #gardening #oregano #tarragon #bulgaria #freshproduce #greenfingers

20 hours ago

So the hubby called me at work this morning. He sounded a little freaked out, I was worried. Apparently, he thought Ella Fitzgerald had flown the coop; he couldn’t find her. Well, he found Ella and eight more eggs hiding between the fence and some wood. That sneaky chicky has been hiding the goods from us!! #eggs #freshfood #chickens #backyardchickens #backyardfarm #farmfresh #farmtotable #sneakychicky #crazychickenlady #myhubbyfreaked #scavengerhunt #goodhidingplace #privateegglayer

20 hours ago

Have you ever seen a sheep posing like this? 😍 Karlotta has grown a lot and is ready for her first shearing! Next Saturday she will meet Kurt and his machine! It will be so strange to see her without her woolly coat!

20 hours ago

12 - 500ml of crush tomatoes and 5 -250ml of tomatoes juice. I have very little one lately so this was a quick and easy way to preserve them and save them for sauces and salsas later. • • • • #wannabefarmer #fraservalley #seedsaving #urbanhomestead #pocketfarm #canning #tomatoes #heirloom #wastenotwantnot #fall #prep #quick #backyardfarm #backyard #veggiegarden #garden #fallgarden #pressurecanner #selfsufficient #growyourown #growyourownfood #agassiz #chilliwack #winteriscoming