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Summer patio meals are the best thing ever ..I don’t care if you know how to cook or not ..always buy line caught fresh salmon and smoke it on cedar planks .. served with spicy carrot purée and roasted Brussels.. load it up with fresh pecorino Romano cheese and finish it with a little balsamic glaze and fresh lemon.... Always always eat outside under the sunset sky or stars... soak summer up ... love the moment... #bbq #smokedsalmon #patio #summer #foodporn #sockeyesalmon #costco #chef #backyard #lifestyle

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#Summer 😍💙💙☀️💦

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When my parents shared the unexpected news on October 31, 2017 that they were selling the house I grew up in with my brother and we had to be out by December 1, it came as a shock. It felt like I was experiencing another loss in its own right and I had no time to process it during the move. BUT, the first time I walked out into this backyard, I knew this wasn’t just a house, this was our home. A place where I could breathe and not feel the heaviness that I experienced every time I walked down the hall past my brothers room. This is my sanctuary where I lay under the Mayberry tree in the hammock with my book and my pup, where I have weekly dinners outside with my family, where I go to just breathe. It’s vastness gives me light, truth and freedom just as “death is the light by which the shadow of all life’s meaning is measured.” 🌳✨

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So. Many. Green. Ones. 🍅

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Банан немного помотало ветром, но особых повреждений нет 🌴🍌🤗. В утренней росе так неотразим 😍, пыталась снять, как переливаются капельки воды на солнце, но глазами все видишь по-другому... Спокойной ночи, всем отличной новой недели! * * #goodnight #america #summer #banana #tree #bananatree #garden #backyard #gamera_garden #cummingga #water #drop #зеленоеназеленом #хорошо #простотак

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Kaidence Georgiana ☀️🏔