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🚨Für kurze Zeit reduziert🚨 Die von uns angebotenen Hanf- Tierfutter- Produkte bestehen zu 100% aus zugelassenen und kontrollierten EU-Hanfsorten.☝️ Sie werden schonend verarbeitet und aufgrund dessen können wir euch ein Ergänzungsmittel von höchster Qualität anbieten.🌿 _ Link in unserer Profilbeschreibung 📲 _ #yourgreenmile #yourhealthyhighway 💚

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NEW STOCK ALERT !!🚨 Honey Berry and Russian Cream now in stock! Check the link in our bio!

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i didn’t roll this... it was brought to me. gas monkey 🐒 such a chill high. thank god i ordered take out earlier. i am about to murder this chicken korma 🤤🤩🥰😎😬

19 hours ago

Body aching from a brutal work week? Then you need a cbd patch by @cbdlivingwater ! This powerful patch is filled with 60mg of full spectrum CBD and is hypoallergenic, perfect for the hardworking man or woman. This patch can last up to 96-hours of use and is great for manual labor workers, athletes, office workers with back issues and more. Stop by @daddyspipes818 and get rid of your pain with one of these powerful, long lasting patches!

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20 hours ago

It's been one week since you looked at me Cocked your head to the side and said I'm angry Five days since you laughed at me saying Get that together come back and see me Three days since the living room, I realized it's all my fault, but couldn't tell you Yesterday you'd forgiven me But it'll still be two days till I say I'm sorry #barenakedladies #oneweek #vibes #chickitychinathechinesechicken #90s #vegas #lit #goodvibesonly #vibingonadifferentfrequency 📈 #pocahontas #tatted #getonmylevel #selfiefortheonetime #backwoodsonly #happygirl #posted

20 hours ago

Only warning you get from me is a positive vibe because we don’t talk about the other spectrum... #fightclub

20 hours ago

Cookie filled twix ツ

20 hours ago

Wave filter 🌊

21 hours ago

Get all your needed @rawlife247 smoking accessories for this weekend's festivities. We have everything you need to stay faded and lit including various paper types, cones, rolling trays, filters, tips and more. Get together with the homies and try the 5-stage cone challenge. @rawlife247 produces all natural, organic rolling papers and accessories perfect for the healthy conscious smoker.

6 days ago

I don’t play duo, I ride solo 🖤🔪

1 week ago

Baby I’m the prince of the demons call me Lucifer 🥀🖤

4 weeks ago

Baby I’m a menace to society 🕊✨