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5 days ago

I have loved raising these little guys. I remember the day I found the little egg clutch in my frogs tank, I had no clue what I was doing. Surprisingly, raising tadpoles is not easy. Out of the egg clutch 7 hatched and 3 of those survived. Every time I lost one I would cry and blame myself. I told myself I would never raise froglets again. But, it was so worth it. I have the cutest little frog babies. I love them so much. They’re getting so big and the males are starting to bark. 💚💚💚 hopefully soon they’ll start developing that striking fire belly and green back.

1 week ago

There are so many amphibians in Arizona! This little frog was possibly the cutest among them 😂. We definitely have our share of amphibians up here in the northwest, but the diversity in the desert is incredible!

1 week ago

Agalychnis callidryas

1 week ago

Awesome froggy fun in Liskeard today, I totally loved meeting all the new faces in our new 1pm class too - a really lovely little group! 🌟NEXT WEEK IS MAGIC BOX🌟 See you then everyone! Gem 💚💛

1 week ago

BABY FROG! 🐸🐸🐸 Some limited spaces are still available if you would like to join in the fun! Three week trials are £20- click the link in the bio to Book Now!

1 week ago

Smol 🐸

1 week ago

Little froggy friend on our front steps. 🐸 Despite my clear instructions of “go that way” meaning in to the garden and off the steps he decided he knew where he needed to be better than I did and hopped off very quickly. Be self little guy 💚 #babyfrog #froggyfriend

1 week ago

Introducing our newest Brazillian dart frog! It’s hard to believe how much smaller this baby Ranitomeya vanzolinii is than it’s minuscule parents. This little beauty is available for purchase at @coldbloodedandbizarre , so stop by the shop visit him while he lasts! Follow our page for more rad Ranitomeyas and other happy hoppers! #coldbloodedandbizarre #charlotteNC #charlotte #ranitomeya #ranitomeyavanzolinii #vanzolinii #dartfrogs #dartfrog #dartfrogvivarium #arrowfrogs #poisonarrowfrog #brazil #baby #babyanimal #babyfrog #babyfrogs #animalbaby #cute #teeny #tiny #ittybitty #small #amphibian #amphibians #amphibiansofinstagram #amphibiansofig #amphibianamphibians #oddpets

1 week ago

Found a micro mini frog this morning while getting the dogs outside. . Looks like he just wanted to come inside. . Beans cried after he hopped away into hiding 😂