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Duck yoga 🧘‍♂️

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"Featherballs", The common moorhen (Gallinula chloropus) is a European water bird. They live around well-vegetated marshes, ponds, canals and other wetlands where they consume all kinds of plants and small aquatic creatures. This photo was taken exactly one year ago and these baby chicks are of course fully grown and hopefully have their own family now. This picture reminded me how fast time flies by as I vividly remember watching these little feather balls like it was yesterday. -------------- #moorhen #swampchicken #waterhen #waterfowl #waterbird #almightybirds #birdstagram #nuts_about_birds #birdexperience #yourbestbirds #babybird #babybirds #chicks #babychicks #ducklings

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When you (think you) see your buddy eyeing your lunch. #stepback

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While @a_pig_named_penny is keeping cool inside the house (because she’s potty trained now 😏) we were out at the barn giving the animals some extra water to get through this heat wave! Found a mama and some brand new baby chicks that were too cute not to share! 🐔🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥

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Got to hang with this sweet gal for a bit yesterday. I love knowing where my food comes from. My friend @mommabeeto3 started raising chickens and I now get eggs from her. This one is still young so no eggs from her yet but she’ll be joining the others soon. I know they are treated well and loved. That shows up in the beautiful, delicious eggs we get. This year we’ll be getting our thanksgiving turkey from her as well for all the same reason. Get to know some local farmers. Learn where your food comes from. Eat well, live healthy. #localfood #localfarmers #shoplocal #babychicks #fresheggs #eatwell #eatwellbewell #eatdirt #chickens #freshfood

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Please welcome our new family member 🐣🐣🐣one of our hens become broody and we tried oat everything but didn’t work, so we decided to make her a real mom ❤️❤️ I put chicks under her at night and take eggs out and I woken up early if they are adjusting well! This morning Mama hen are stilling on them and warming them up. Welcome to new family ! #broodyhens #babychicks #backyardchickens

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Chick cuteness overload! Their feed is special organic formula blend with fermentation and soy free! We don't medicate or vaccinate and have high survival rate. We also don't not do Cornish cross cuz they grow too fast for their body. We do freedom rangers which take 10-12 weeks and we don't need to do feed restrictions. We ran out of chicken so I bought Cornish cross from local farmer and what a difference! When I cut them up, their legs were shorter and popped out of joint easily. After raising our other birds for years, we kinda look at those others as freak of They look weird...short legs and bodies for the amount meat on them. But over the years they have been bred that way and bones just can't keep up. Anyways, we have been happy with our birds that take a little longer. Personally I think they taste better too! #babychicks #organic #raisingchickens #homestead #chickenfarmers #chicken #raisingourmeat

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Farmer Mary appreciates when happy farm visitors send her a few photos from their fun farm visit at Winterpast Farm Petting Zoo in Wake Forest NC!! These two bunnies, who were born on June 1, are getting cuter every day! If YOU like animals and want to help Farmer Mary care for and feed all the animals please view our Amazon Wishlist and/or read the Volunteer pages at then text Farmer Mary to get started! Winterpast Farm Schedule: CLOSED Mon July 16 OPEN Tues July 17 from 10-5 CLOSED Wed July 18 CLOSED Thurs July 19 for field trips OPEN Fri July 20 from 12-6 after private group OPEN Sat July 21 from 10-5 OPEN Sun July 22 from 12-5 CLOSED Mon July 23 for school visit Please read “your visit” at for information about how to schedule a visit, how NOT to turn down the private road behind Farmer Mary’s barn just because your GPS says to, admission (cash only-too many bad checks lately!), and list of animal feed to bring. If you would like to help Farmer Mary continue to care for and feed all the animals, Winterpast Farm Petting Zoo has an Amazon Wish List. Thank you for supporting a small local farm family animal rescue. #winterpastfarm #wakeforest #pettingzoo #farmermary #farmher #ncfarm #ncag #hands #newlife #babybunnies #bunniesofinstagram #babychicks #chickens #babyfarmanimals #supportsmallfarms #supportlocalsmallbusinesses #opentomorrow #wakeforestnc #loveanimals

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Got pecked by the two-headed momster this morning and it was totally worth it. 🐣 I've been pretty nervous about these Maran ladies being first time broodies, sitting on 20 eggs together. For a month they would not leave the nesting box so I gave in and settled them in their own coop with my top choice of egg colors. At least a dozen chirping fluff balls this morning and more eggs hatching. 💕 This NEVER. Gets. Old. Evvveerrrr. . . . #mytwomoms #chicksman #broodyhen #mamahen #babychicks #farmbabies #natureraised #homesteading #selfsufficiency #raiseyourown #backyardchickens #farmher #chickensofinstagram #nature #dirtykneesfarm

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Upon entering any shed, animals scatter at the sight of humans and broiler babies are no different. The baby birds scatter instantly leaving only the sick and dying birds remaining. The birds that can barely breathe or move let alone run away from us. . Sadly, none of these birds will ever know that if we had it our way we would take each and every one of them out of those sheds. This is why rescue nights are often the hardest, knowing that despite our best efforts we can never rescue them all. We are sorry little ones, very sorry. #animalliberation #Broiler #broilerchickens #babychicks #broilerchicks #animalagriculture #chickens #chicks #babyanimals #photography #stopeatinganimals #nightphotography #chickn #vegan #govegan #vegans #vegainz #vegansofinstagram #bearwitness #bearingwitness #chickensave #mcs #petersinger #veganfortheanimals #chickenfarm #broilers

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Terkena Virus Dampak yang bisa terjadi akibat kandang ayam layer yang kurang ideal adalah mudah terkena virus.  Virus ini mudah menyebar melalui angin sehingga jika kandangnya tidak ideal ayam layer yang berada di dalam kandang mudah tertular virus tersebut. Virus ini ada yang mudah diobati, namun akan membuat Anda mengeluarkan biaya untuk pengobatan ayam yang terkena virus. Mudah Masuk Angin Ayam layer akan menghabiskan sebagian waktunya di dalam kandang, sehingga keamanan dan kenyamanannya harus terjaga dengan baik. Jika kandangnya tidak ideal maka ayam tersebut akan mudah sekali masuk angin. Salah satu ciri ayam yang masuk angin adalah perutnya menggembung dengan besar. Penyebabnya bisa dikarenakan suhu di dalam kandang yang tidak hangat. Seperti yang sudah diketahui sebelumnya jika suhu yang tepat menjadi salah satu faktor yang membuat kandang ideal, sehingga jika suhunya tidak tepat maka disebut sebagai kandang yang tidak ideal. Diserang Tikus dan Kucing Dampak negatif yang bisa terjadi akibat kandang yang tidak ideal adalah mudah diserang tikus dan kucing. Kedua hewan tersebut suka sekali mengusik ketenangan dan keamanan ayam baik yang masih DOC sampai periode layer. Jika keamanan kandang tidak terjaga dengan baik bisa menyebabkan keselamatan ayam tidak terjaga. Kandang yang ideal adalah yang terjaga keamanan dan kenyamanannya. Telur Tidak Aman Manajemen ayam petelur akan menjelaskan bagaimana cara membuat kandang yang aman dan tepat untuk keamanan telur ayam. Jika peternak tidak tahu ilmunya, maka telur yang dihasilkan oleh ayam tersebut justru menjadi tidak aman. Telur tersebut rentan terinjak kaki ayam. Tidak hanya di situ saja, kandang yang tidak ideal akan membuat Anda kesusahan dalam mengambil telur yang diproduksi oleh ayam. Agar memudahkan Anda dalam mengambil telur ayam tersebut bisa dengan membuat  kandang bagian depan lebih tinggi dibandingkan belakang sehingga telur tersebut akan menggelinding ke bagian depan kandang. Mau tau lbh jelasnya? Cek website kami melalui @alatternakayam #alatternakayam #ternakayam #ayambroiler #ayamlayer #alatpakanotomatis #ayam #intimustika #poultry #psmark #temptron304d #babychicks #babychick

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We zitten niet vrijwillig bij de baasjes! #babychicks

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Broody’s eggs are hatching!! 🐣 Yay!!!! 🤸‍♀️ 💃 🐓 🐥 If you’ve been following the saga of my chickens (and I truly don’t blame you if you haven’t) A few weeks ago a coyote took out half of my flock. These eggs were laid before the attack. The first the hatch looks like a little Barred Rock. I have no more Barred Rocks after the attack, so it’s extra special to see her hatch eggs that her fallen sisters laid. This is just the coolest ever and I’m super happy and grateful and blessed. 💕 #chickenlove #farmlife #urbanhomestead #babychicks #circleoflife #minifarm #permaculture #chicken #farmher #organiclife #naturalliving #fresheggs #vegan #veganlife

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Had so much fun reading the jokes in the funniest chicken joke contest! Here are the winners. Congratulations! DM me to claim your prize.

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Yeah yeah Ivy’s a rooster 🙄