aycs2018 Photos & Videos

1 week ago

hahahah aroura borialsis is stupid #aycs2018

1 week ago

Just hanging out with the otter #AYCS2018

1 week ago

Discussing the problems. Changing the world. #aycs2018

1 week ago

East Aurora, Catskills and Parachutes For The Planet told all about there climate plans in their communities #noaaclimate #aycs2018

1 week ago

I’m so pleased to have met @amanipoet at the @wildcenter ’s #aycs2018 ! Check out her home base, @soulfirefarm. And stay tuned because I’m about to try to bring her to @sunypotsdam to talk to my #equityoutdoors class! She put on a fantastic workshop about environmental racism and food justice yesterday, and made imperative contributions by closing a gap in summit’s climate dialogue in doing so.

1 week ago

Working on our Climate Action Plans! We are working on developing a Keene Community Coalition for a Sustainable School that will involve students and community leaders in a plan for bringing sustainable and long lasting green planning. Thank you #aycs2018 !

1 week ago

Green Team Members are here at the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit!! We are currently learning so much and we are ready to bring back great information and projects! Scroll through for some awesome photos!! #aycs2018 #youthclimate #kcsgreenteam

1 week ago

I hope everyone had a great day 1! See you again tomorrow for day 2! #aycs2018

1 week ago

Bring it on Climate Change! #aycs2018

1 week ago

Possums and climate change meet at #aycs2018

1 week ago

On the look out for climate change #aycs2018

1 week ago

Paul Smiths College Smitty’s representing at the 2018 ADK Youth Climate Summit. Alumni and previous summit participants are now working at the Wild Center or some are presenting summit sessions of their own. #aycs2018 #smittypix

2 weeks ago

Coming next Wednesday and Thursday, the 10th annual Adk @youthclimate Summit. Follow along with Summiteers as they take over our Instagram stories. Also watch live both days at the link in our bio 🌎❤️

3 weeks ago

Our hard-working art crew preparing for the upcoming summit. #aycs2018