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2 weeks ago

When being super blonde gets tiring, and your hair is starting to look like 🍝 noodles. • • Have to thank my favorite stylist @trangmac_hairstylist ( ) for toning and conditioning my hair! It looks so shiny and feels so soft now! 😍 She’s been the only one I trust with my hair for the past 10+ years and has been with me through all of my notorious hair adventures! ❤️ • • #trangmac #trangmachairstylist #hairrepublic #hairrepublicmn #behindthechair #hair #haircolor #balayage #ombre #balayageombre #newdo #ashy #ashybrown #ashyblonde #ashybronde

1 month ago

A combination of micro foils and freehand were creatively placed for this ashy Bronde. The count down to Mia’s wedding is on with only 10 weeks till her departure. If you have specific times you can come in we would recommend securing your spot now. 🤵🏼👰🏼

1 month ago

Color correction for my sweet friend...we lifted previous box dye out of her mids and then went back through to lighten her ends and closer to her roots to get her to a solid color (orange lol!) Next was a full head of baby lights and a dark ashy blonde/ light brown to get us to the desired look! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ #redkenshadeseq #redkenflashlift #pravanachromasilk #colorcorrection #darkblonde #bronde #babylights #hair #yucaipa #yucaipahairstylist #redlands #redlandshairstylist #highlights #ashybronde #americansalon #modernsalon #salonpick #dimensionalblonde #dimensionalbrunette #dimensionalhaircolor #hairoftheday #hairgoals #hairbyelectricblonde

1 month ago

Ashy brunette baby lights ✨

2 months ago

Titanium Bronde🌪 . Who out there likes their hair really Smokey⁉️ To obtain a look like this, especially having such a dark natural color it takes time and patience. Multiple sessions of lightening, good at home care, and some @fanola violet shampoo to help maintain the tone between visits. Even though her hair is pretty toned down in the picture her ends underneath the toner are a lighter blonde. This time we went for a little bit of a deeper ash/silver blonde to give her as much longevity out of her color as possible since she goes a few months in between sessions❄️ • •

2 months ago

Freshly painted ashy #bronde for this beauty. We have a cut + colour appointment available this Saturday at 12pm. Call us on 31827995 to secure. 💕

3 months ago

Time for a change in hue for this babe!

5 months ago

**TRANSFORMATION** SWIPE ➡️➡️➡️ FOR THE BEFORE . . . This transformation was so much fun! It took a lot of time, effort, and patience from both me and my amazing client.. We used my favorite color melting technique which includes a full weave/HL plus OLAPLEX treatment, grey coverage, and blending of 3 different toners to get a smooth, even color melt! . . #palazzocapelli #colormelt #greycoverage #highlights #ashybronde #transformation #hairstyling #haircoloring #regencysalonstudios #westlakevillage #venturacounty #lacounty #olaplex

5 months ago

Swipe <---------- to see this color transformation from faded blue to a rooted ashy dark bronde

5 months ago

Lighting against me, but still beautiful✨ #AshyBronde •Swipe to see the transformation 👈🏼

6 months ago

I hadn’t seen my friend in A YEAR!!! She’s been busy traveling and working and just like that it had been a year. She wanted to stay lighter so I did a foilayage and color melted her and voila! So happy with how it came out ❤️

8 months ago

I’m really digging this ashy blonde with a hint of grey tones. Achieved this by lightening to a level 8 and finishing with rusk 9.11 Aa #latenightsesh #ashybronde #rusk thanks Araceli for trusting the process! Her hair is still so freaking healthy as well 💓

10 months ago

Did a major transformation on this one! Chopped off her long locks and brought up her foilayage so she’s ready for summer ❤️.

1 year ago

✨Trust the Process ✨ Taking this beauty from Red hair to Ash Bronde 🙌🏼👌🏼 I think one more session and we will get to our goal. Color corrections can be very tidious and damaging, especially with my curly girls. I take my time and use @brazilianbondbuilder to help prevent damage and breakage. Once you commit to a color transformation the end result will be worth the process! 👌🏼💕✨ #colortransformation #redtoashblonde #colorcorrection #colorspecialist #ashybronde #blondeshavemorefun #curls #naturalcurls #urbanbloomhair #b3 #joicotitanium #bouncecurl

1 year ago

Man. This transformation is going to be amazing. New color for this beauty to prepare her for her #naturalbeadedrows extensions she’s getting in two weeks. I’m so stoked 🤗

1 year ago

Melted Ash ? Only in hair color 🌪 we melted 5.11 ➡️5.11+8.11➡️8.11 adding a dash of Argento to all 3 formulas by @fanola_usa ➡️shampooed & pretone with #noyellowshampoo for 10 mins. After hair is prelightened to level 8 🌪 swipe to see the process... #hairbyjeannesandiego