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1 day ago

Heading to Liawenee and sketching the plains and distant ranges. Cradle Mountain trip 👋

3 days ago

A short walk and time for this sketch during our brief stop at Bothwell on our Cradle Mountain trip.

4 days ago

Hiding their faces in shame! Performance outcomes not achieved. I think they regret it now though! Exhibition fright I suspect. 😏 Maybe next time? 😉

4 days ago

I like this effect with the Quink 😃 On the way to Cradle Mountain via Bothwell. Lamy pen and water brush.

6 days ago

The first of the Cradle Mountain trip Lamy pen sketches. " Happy dog" or "man's best mate"? Which one?!

1 week ago

Another SALE! 😃 Smith O'Brien's cottage at Port Arthur. A small unframed pen and wash sketch. There is something about this building that I just love 💞

1 week ago

Pencil pines 🌲 While walking around Dove Lake 👣 with non-artists! I stopped to do really fast ⚡⚡ sketches every now and then 😀

1 week ago

This car sketch is another candidate for a simplified painting. I'm going to get to grips with this simplifying thing in paintings somehow! 🙃😉

1 week ago

Car sketch, using dot marks to create tree foliage. I like the way distant tree foliage often looks like this, hovering above the ground. Plus, the further away a subject is, the longer I get to look at it as I draw! 😉

1 week ago

My plein air painting of Kunanyi from Nutgrove Beach at Sandy Bay. Some great work done that day by our POGO plein air group!

1 week ago

I was playing around with the fountain pen, waterbrush and a white watercolour pencil.

2 weeks ago

SOLD this print at Quoll recently. 😃 Swipe to see two similar 1/1 drypoint prints available at @quollgallery in the Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart and also on 😉

2 weeks ago

This is a prep sketch for a little tree painting I did on our trip last year. The painting sold within a couple of days of going to the gallery. 😀

2 weeks ago

Reposted from Curated Art & Design on Instagram: “You can see Cradle Mountain by Wendy Galloway and numerous works from our other fine artists at Follow us on Instagram and all your other favorite social media sites to ensure you are always among the first to see the latest additions to the Gallery. ” Many thanks to @curatedartanddesign

2 weeks ago

I'd like to convert these car sketches to paintings! But it feels like there is a whole world between the two!!?? 🤔

2 weeks ago

Need something to watch and relax to?! Here’s another time lapse with some music as well. Enjoy! I’ve started the dotting process. Gonna take a while but I’ll make a good one for you guys!! Thanks for supporting! Give it a like as always ❤️❤️😌 • • #art #sketch #pencildrawing #tombow #sketching #tokyo #tokyopictures #artistsoninstagram #artsy #paperart #taxi #streetart #filmphotography #film #gallerywall #artstagrams #japan #japanart #taxiart #streetphotography #streets #artwork #timelapse #dotwork #stippling #artofournations #hellodotwork #shibuyacrossing #shibuya

2 weeks ago

Sensing marks and techniques in well known artists' works today ➡TMAG's pARTicipate activities are always informative, relevant, inspiring and fun! 😃

2 weeks ago

I use car sketches like this one to help create pictures like tomorrow's post. Stay tuned folks! 😉

3 weeks ago

Here's how the bookmarks turned out after I did some pen work into the spatter. Plus, a couple of close ups. I like how the spatter tells me where to draw.

3 weeks ago

Chook, chook, chook, chook 🐓🐓🐓🐓

3 weeks ago

Tell me what you think about it!!Getting better at these drawings, but I think stippling is definitely my style.

3 weeks ago

Spatter ➡ tree foliage and stenciled leaves ready for drawing into with pen. Bookmarks for #quollgallery

3 weeks ago

The others swam, I sketched! Priorities!! This is the final sketch from that morning.

3 weeks ago

Tell me what you think about it. Just did another one of these weird abstract drawing, people seem to like these ones a bit more. I might upload a second copy and I plan on putting colour on it

3 weeks ago

Reposting @studiolandslide. These artworks are amazing. They capture the most mesmerising images of Tasmanian rocks I have ever seen. This is their first solo exhibition. Check it out! @wildislandtasmania gallery in Salamanca. Opens Friday evening 1 February and runs through to 26 February.

3 weeks ago

A view of Kunanyi/Mt Wellington from Sandy Bay beach.