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1 month ago

You are the pure essence Divinity You have everything inside You are your innocence You are your divine protector You are the reverberation of love The sound of love The light of love You are all And nothing of what your mind sees You choose when to play with matter And when you stop God calls you Only the one who can leave the matter Can touch the blinding Light Now you can play again With new eyes ~ Thank you Father Your love is endless ~ Mother Sophia Thank you for the halo And golden hair For pouring golden light In my heart Archangel Michael Thank you for the red mantle I am humbled Thank you for the blessings and Love ~ Soft Safe to walk on this Earth To be a woman In my sacred intuition Living my life as a prayer My birthright To share my divine gifts Beyond the veil Creating with energy Love ~ - She doesn’t feel your love and can’t go to the Light ~ I was holding space for an aborted baby who wanted to be called Sophia. It was not about that baby anymore. The energy changed. The guide told me to detach and take my seat. I did it. - I still feel her, I won’t leave her alone. I’m going outside to pray for her. The guide invited me back in the family Constellation field. - Calling the Angels ~ Ganesha look in her eyes ~ Yes ~ she can feel the love ~ I created a rainbow around her. I Love you ~ She is showing me a black cord to the physical world. She has to teach a lesson. Reflecting the truth to all of us, men and women ~ imbalance between divine masculine and divine feminine: disease, lack, money fixations, control, rigidity, lack of trust and emotion, lies, suffering. ~ A moment ~ Truth~Heart ~ Emotion ~ all my energy raised to the heart. My cells are floating I am in the ether Divine wisdom SOPHIA In her purity Glowing baby With a big golden Halo Gracefully floating To the Divine Father Such a bright Light Breathtaking Out of this world and words I am so humbled and blessed I am so happy The man I am holding hands Can feel the Beauty I see ~ My power will grow To hold more on the visions And show them This is my destiny We are so blessed to feel and see the Divinity It is done ~ 20.01.2019 ~ Love you ❀️ #sophia #divinefeminine #soul #selflove