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. . . roser er røde violer er blå mine drømme er døde og knasterne er små til gengæld har jeg fløde men bejlerne er få så jeg må alene gå en trist vinter i møde med en ensom storetå men det skal nok gå åh åh åh . . . #aroseisaroseisarose #rosesarered #narcissism #selfpromotion #wannabe #whodis #americanbeauty #scandinavianbeauty #wannabeontop #loverose #redrose #readytomingle #sunkissed #validateme #winteriscoming #poorbutloving #lonelybutloving #loveme #pls #poetry #poetrypicture #freckles #nosering . . .

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A rose to remember... I ran across this photo that I took when I was with my mom in her back yard. We’d often go outside to her beautiful garden, pick fresh organic veggies for dinner and always stop by the roses and other gorgeous flowers. . The roses were her favorites... I miss you mom. It’s already been more than a year since you left... I hope you can see me... I know you’d be proud of me and in many ways I’m following in your footsteps. Who’d of ever thought that!! :). . I know you now know there is nothing to fear... where you are and here where I am. I’m living fearlessly following my heart and looking forward to the many adventures ahead. Love you mom💕💕💕 miss you every day and whenever I run across a rose it always reminds me of you...Beautiful . #loveyoumom ❤️ #yourlifestylearchitect #darlaclaire #aroseisaroseisarose #lifestylearchitect #ichangedmyminditchangedmylife

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a rose is a rose is a bitch

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🌹 A rosa que se não colhe Nem por isso tem mais vida. Ninguém há que te não olhe Que te não queira colhida. A avó 'Lice ( #vovositting ), sabichona analfabeta, uma vez disse-me esta. Foi só dessa vez que ela a meteu numa conversa, para lhe ilustrar a ideia, quando conversámos as duas sobre eu - na altura - ser solteira há muito tempo. Foi ali ao pé do ribeiro, onde não há paredes nem ouvidos. Foi uma conversa curta, que a avó é mais para cantigas e lérias, ou contemplações mudas, mas fez muito pela minha auto-estima. Um dia a @twiggsubtil levou-me a um festival de arte urbana e por lá havia um sítio com uma parede cheia de desenhos com poesias de Fernando Pessoa, feitos por miúdos da escola, acho eu. De entre várias dezenas deles vi o ditote da avó, rabiscado numa rosa que ocupava a folha do desenho toda, até os cantinhos. Pergunto-me quantos grandes autores ela sabe de cor e morro de orgulho da minha velhotita, analfabeta sabichona. Desculpa Gertrude Stein. Gosto muito das tuas coisas, mas a rose não is só a rose não is só a rose não is só a rose. 🌹 @patriciapbaptista @carolina_a_martins , vocês são rosas selvagens, as mais bonitas. #aroseisaroseisarose #aroseisnotjustaroseisnotjustaroseisnot #rose #rosa #rosas #wildroses #rosasselvagens #gertrudestein #fernandopessoa #pessoa #poesia #poetry #quadraspopulares #amor #love #loved #proud #orgulho #sabedoriapopular #avó #grandma #grandmama #myprecious #beauty #coisassimplesebonitas

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“It is what it is.” One of my favourite quotes (which was sadly ruined by Love Island this year.. 🙄) I live by this quote. I was actually at one point going to have it tattooed on me. My dad always used to say it to me when I used to get upset over lads that messed me about 🤣.. it applies to all areas in life though; What you can’t control in life don’t sweat. At the end of the day it’ll be what it’ll be and it is what it is. 🤷‍♀️ The famous quote by Gertrude Stein is the same, “A rose is a rose is a rose” basically meaning that things are how or what they seem. I always worry that I’m falling behind in life, that I’m miles behind everyone else my age.. but I always remind myself that I’m on my own path- relax, it is what it is and let fate decide the rest. I had a mess around firstly with my photo; (my nice lil flatlay photography on a white piece of card on my patio 😂) a cheeky little edit with photoshop.. then it turned into this. Kinda reminds me of a playing card. Using the power of 3. It was a random late night play... all practise is good... until I got too tired that was... 😂😩💤

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A rose is a rose is a rose. 🌹 - Gertrude Stein. The rest of the bunch are sat with my grandma.. who hopefully would be proud at what I’m attempting to achieve - she also loved pink. 💖🌸

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Storage units say a lot about a person. For 🌹 @nicolenadeau 🌹 it’s packed to the gills, but she runs a tight ship. 🌹Picking up artworks for #aroseisaroseisarose 🌹by @irongateeast 🌹 on view in Watermill through September🌹.