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4 minutes ago

Midnight light trails ✨ . Whether it’s shooting from the ground or from above, I think late night city shots are growing on me. And what a better place for late night exploration than the city streets of Hong Kong. #discoverhongkong @discoverhongkong

24 minutes ago

Well heading back to cradle this weekend for a few nights , the forecast is for snow too! Keen too be greeted with snowy scenes like this 🤤

28 minutes ago

Low energy. Wait for the glow ..

29 minutes ago

Swipeable - Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, of Game of Thrones fame (no spoilers or opinions here, I promise), was really something to behold. The sights and sounds worked in combination to create a truly unique experience. . Here’s a science lesson: the black sand is formed from heavily eroded extrusive igneous rock (black in color). This type of rock is also known as volcanic rock because it is formed from cooled lava. . This was a filming location for Season 7 of Game of Thrones. That coupled with the uniqueness of the landscape makes this an extremely popular tourist destination. I’d recommend getting here early, if you want the beach to yourself. Even then it is unlikely you’ll be able to snap pics without company. The healing tool in @adobe Lightroom/Photoshop is your friend. . Oh, and the white dots you see in the picture are seagulls that weren’t amused with my drone sharing their sky. Fun fact: They didn’t mind @djiglobal Phantom 4 Pros but they hated my Mavic 2 Pro.

48 minutes ago

a mountain is just a pile of rocks

56 minutes ago

In the middle of a farmers field is this small woodland of ancient oak trees. Completely covered in moss it feels like it's from another world

1 hour ago

📍Elsinore Theatre

2 hours ago

Who's in city today night now?

2 hours ago

Not really feeling like we’re ever going to have a proper autumn. But I appreciate the trees trying to make us feel like it’s here anyway 🍁

2 hours ago

Orange beauty . . . Whats up yall hope you're doing fine today. Im kind of stressing out because finals are coming up and the one im worried about the most is photography final. It's an adobe certification that can get us a 100 percent no matter what. I' ve made flash cards to study but haven't got all of them finished yet hopefully by the end of today i'll have them done. I just hope for the best and I do well on my test. See yall soon . . . #beautifulsky #outdooradventures #solotravelingisfun #letsgetlost #thisistravel #earthoutdoors #depthsofearth #somewheremagazine #welivetoexplore #folkscenery #visuallife #visualcollective #naturephotographer #naturephotograpy #naturephotography 📷 #acreativevisual #illgramers #aov5k #launchdsigns #tonekillers #strangertonez #travellingthroughtheworld #aov #vibegramz #earthshotz   #natgeowildlife   #natgeopl   #natgeowild_hd #natgeoru #natgeopix

2 hours ago

Slowing down ⏱ I shared on my stories this morning that I had a panic attack on my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bali last night. I don’t often like talking to anyone about my mental health (let alone the entire internet), but I always find it really helpful when others are open on this platform, so I will try to be too. I’ve been pretty fortunate that panic attacks haven’t plagued me for a few years now, so last night really shocked me. Panic attacks leave my body in absolute shreds and now I’ve come down with what feels like a virus. So, for the next few days we’ll be hanging in our guesthouse while I recuperate. My bedroom opens out onto the banana tree filled garden of our guesthouse, and with the sliding doors open I can nap to the sound of running water. I can think of much worse places to get ill! For now though, here’s our view from our @airbnb in Siargao. I’ll be posting more of our Siargao adventures for a while (at least until I’m up and running again) - I hope you don’t mind! 🌴🥥

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4 hours ago

How I feel knowing it's only Tuesday.

5 hours ago

“Shhhh! I apologize, but do shhh when I’m thinking.” Who else watched The Favorite? Haha Emma Stone is just the best. • More prettiness from Musée Rodin. The Thinker. There’s a lovely little bench where you can sit and think. So I did. 😍 . . . . . #aov5k #welltraveled #tlpicks #girlswhotravel #thediscoverer #seemyparis #instaparis #thisisparis #topparisphoto #parisjetaime #myparisstory #ig_paris #gltlove #theprettycities #igersparis #expatriatesmagazine #wonderlustparis #parisweloveyou #shotoniphone #suitcasetravels #postcardplaces #thefrancophiles #TellOn #artofvisual #livetheadventure #museerodin #frenchgardens #rodinmuseum #secretgardens #thethinker

5 hours ago

The sun setting at black butte lake.

5 hours ago

Southern Saskatchewan or Utah? It’s so crazy that gems like this are just hidden away in this province!

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5 hours ago

I lost my head in San Francisco.

6 hours ago

Beacon | An orange sunrise in honour of #WOWday , which recognises the sacrifice of volunteers across the country during natural disasters and emergencies. #thankyouSES

6 hours ago

wildly inspired first by whales, second by @anuarpatjane I guess it’s much easier to be wowed by animals when they’re actually alive in front of you, really cool that some places take preservation and sustainable tourism seriously. Even cooler that it’s locally run and benefits the first inhabitants. Lets me dream you really can have it all if you do it carefully. have seen a lot of wildlife here, but very hard to capture from a respectful distance with only a 35mm lens. That bird at the end is an albatross with a 10’ wingspan sheeeeeeesh

6 hours ago

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6 hours ago

times change but people never do • side note: swipe for a picture of me ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ • side note 2: also why the fuck does @canonusa charge $380 to replace a MODE DIAL....hi @sonyalpha :)

6 hours ago

Quick edit of a few LA shots. While at #articanaheim met @strvtmvmnt.joshua and he was kind (and patient) enough to hold some poses for me 😅💪🏽.

6 hours ago

Someone forgot to iron the sheets

6 hours ago

I’m on a boat! 🚢 🚁💥 @dronejumper . . . . . Support the tagged artist—visit, like & follow their page. This is an appreciation page. • Shoot us a DM, if you don’t want to be featured. We’ll remove upon request. All rights to original artist. • The Top 10 SkyBangerz tagged posts will be selected weekly for a story shoutout.

7 hours ago

"All you need in life is a little ignorance and confidence. Then success is sure." - Mark Twain

7 hours ago

Adorable Fox Kit / Ely, MN • • • Sony A7II / Sony 24-240

8 hours ago

Who’s hungry ? | (old photoshoot i did with @zomarts , I MISS YOU SO MUCH LOVE, meet up again soon 💕🧁)

8 hours ago

Trade for a trunk without holes plz 📷: @toetoes_

8 hours ago

back to the badlands

9 hours ago

I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to fuckin' tell.🖤

9 hours ago

• Nah 🏚 • - - / Sony A6000 18-135 Lens /

9 hours ago

aah how time flies ! 😌🎓