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1 month ago

Rockin’ the Carhartt’s. Tomorrow starts the first Awareness School weeklong retreat on our new property on San Juan Island. After that I fly solo in the woods for a while, recalibrating and getting a total nature immersion. 🐝 🐝 🐝 My glamping tent arrived in the mail today just in time and we are building a β€œpermaculture style” outdoor kitchen this week. 🐝 🐝 🐝 Later this summer we consult with the Bullocks and their planning firm. This is actually happening. 🐝 🐝 🐝 Been working toward this moment for many years. 🐝 🐝 🐝 The Awareness School looks forward to hosting you. #meditation #spiritualliving #spiritualretreat #permaculture #sanjuanidlands #presence #bepresent #beepresent #awarenessschool #backtonature #mysticism #shankara #consciousness #answersforthesefuckeduptimes

1 month ago

Have you ever wondered how people seem to receive all the answers to their questions?Β πŸ€” . Or have you tried to figure out how to tap into your intuition, but didn’t know if you were doing things right? 🀨 . This episode cover the simple habits and steps you can take to tap into your own answers from your higher source. πŸ’₯

4 months ago

β€œThe fundamental can be seen as a grounding force from which we splinter off into fractals of higher consciousness, yet we are always always always part of that fundamental tone. All of us are part of the fundamental. When we are separated from the fundamental that unites us all, we are off kilter. We are not resonating as God. We might be higher than a kite on all kinds of things in the etheric realms with no connection to how we act and move in regular life. We might move along without really connecting with others. We may have huge insight and intuition from the spirit realms, but no way to help ourselves. These are some examples of being cut off from the fundamental resonance.” from Be Present: Reflections On The Way Get your copy of my book on Amazon. 🐝 🐝 🐝 #harmony #redonance #fundamentals #spirituslwork #awarenessschool #presence #highernature #intuition #connecting #reallife #answersforthesefuckeduptimes #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram

5 months ago

β€œEverything in my life has been affected by the practice of stilling the mind. I have overcome incredible obstacles that have kept me from loving. I am much more quick to forgive myself and others. I can find myself able to choose not to speak when my greatest urge is to state my opinion about something. I can resist the urge to be right. I can listen much more easily when it has never been my natural tendency.” 🐝 from my latest book, 🐝 Be Present:Reflections On The Way 🐝available at 🐝408 pages 🐝 🐝 🐝 #bepresentreflectionsontheway #bepresent #beepresent #awarenessschool #stillnessofmind #zen #fourthway #mindfulness #spiritual #practicalawareness #forgiveness #listening #answersforthesefuckeduptimes

5 months ago

β€œWhen we feel insecure about ourselves, it is very hard to celebrate the success of another. We criticize how they got there, question their motives, and simply wish that they would stay with us in misery. They force us to look at our own patterns. It may also exacerbate our feeling of inadequacy to the point that the only way to relieve it is to tear them down. Misery does love company.” from Be Present: Reflections On The Way By Molly Knight Forde On sale now at Amazon anywhere on the planet. 🐝 🐝 🐝 #bepresentreflectionsontheway #bepresent #beepresent #awarenessschool #fourthway #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #notselfhelp #answersforthesefuckeduptimes #insecurity #comparisonitis #inadequacy #miserylovescompany #spititualpractices #mindfulness #prosperity

5 months ago

β€œI am asleep to my environment when I am lost in thought though I can continue walking down the street or drive the car to work. I am asleep and captured by association, inner considering, and analysis instead of objectively taking in impressions. My awareness of environment keeps me alive and safe, but I have learned to manage in sleep. As my attention strengthens, so does the subtle nuance of seeing what I could not beyond the visible and hear what was once inaudible.” from Be Present: Reflections On The Way by me Available on Amazon 🐝 🐝 🐝 #bepresent #presence #listening #beepresent #awareness #bepresentreflections #mindfulness #consciousness #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #answersforthesefuckeduptimes #essays #seeingbeyond

10 months ago

We have choice when we wake up to the illusion that is us. Otherwise it is the mind fooling itself. We work in subtle ways through paths and passages that look inviting or promising, but it all boils down to our ability to question what is real, learn to observe ourselves in a present moment, gain courage to continue into our own darkness and consequently watch the results through relationship to our planet and the people all around us. Link to the course in profile. Or here: We close registration on Friday. 🐝 🐝 🐝 #awarenessschool #practicalawarenessecourse #meditation #attention #beherenow #bepresent #beepresent #exponentialtransformation #answersforthesefuckeduptimes

10 months ago

Sean and I have been on the journey of self discovery for so long that we don't know what it's like to not work in this way. β€’ We have had severe bumps in the road where we thought it was not possible to go on together. We blamed each other for our unhappiness. We could not live up to each others' expectations. β€’ What we did know was to question what we thought was true and verify it through Self-observation and experience. We were trained by a very skillful and wise teacher that it takes using certain practices and most of all effort in the moment to observe oneself. It does not come easily and it doesn't happen if one is reflecting on the past or analyzing things. So we worked to find our way in; to see in the moment in order to truly know ourselves through acceptance, humility and grace. β€’ Only then could we see each other in a new way. β€’ Things are not always rosy but we have the tools, the practices, and the desire to know the divinity within so we can see the divinity in each other. β€’ We welcome you to this round of the Practical Awareness Live 8 Week Ecourse. You will learn the same tools we did and then you must use them and trust. β€’ We are offering this course at the lowest price ever because we feel the times call for it. Details in profile. First module delivers on Oct 15th. 🐝 🐝 🐝 #meditation #fourthway #awareness #selfobservation #awarenessschool #practicalawarenessecourse #selfdiscovery #selfacceptance #presence #bepresent #beepresent #answersforthesefuckeduptimes

10 months ago

Holding Gaia in a healing grid with the Collective. With her, we too resonate at 7.83 Hz, the Schumann Resonance. Our health and sanity depend on it as it is the life giving frequency. We are immersed in radiation from cellphones and wifi making it even harder now to detect that basic life giving frequency in bigger cities and thus in us. The radiation is ubiquitous and so we may be frogs in the boiling pot, unaware. We see it disturbing the highly sophisticated magnetic field tracking system of bees, that disturbance now known as CCD. β€’ One of the glands most highly affected is the pituitary, grand producer of melatonin which clears us of free radicals while we sleep. β€’ meditation, specific energetic exercises and sleep will activate and enhance the pituitary. β€’ we must demand regulation and safety measures. In the meantime, lots of sleep and meditating and get that cellphone away from your head. 🐝 🐝 🐝 #crystalgrid #melatonin #schumannresonance #pituitary #cellphoneradiation #awarenessschool #meditation #ecourse #consciousness #answersforthesefuckeduptimes #bepresent #beepresent #magneticfields #colonycollapsedisorder

10 months ago

"Bearing the unpleasant manifestations of others is a core practice of inner work. It is integral to understanding acceptance. It is effective karma yoga. Day to day living inevitably offers me many opportunities to practice with family members, friends and colleagues. I have found that bearing the unpleasant manifestations of others releases me of their energy. I don't dwell in their negativity. I learn non reaction. I gain empathy." from Be Present: Reflections On The Way, p. 169 🐝 🐝 🐝 #bepresentreflections #bepresent #beepresent #awarenessschool #authorsofinstagram #enneagram #meditation #innerfriction #nonreaction #answersforthesefuckeduptimes

10 months ago

The Many I's Instachallenge Day 2: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, parent, child We are all one or perhaps many of these. We get identified with the role for so many reasons. The result runs the gamut from arrested development to being dutiful, responsible, helicopter, jealous, loving, dependent, protective, reliving past patterns and looking for love and much much more. There is so much here. The challenge is to capture this identified role in a picture. You don't have to take a pic with your Mom (but you can) but try to capture the state of your identification with the role. Reflect upon a central theme. Be creative. Please use #awarenessschool and #family Invite your friends to join the challenge. It will be thought provoking and a journey for sure. Thanks for yesterday's entries. Will announce Day 1 winners soon. 🐝 🐝 #awarenessschool #instachallenge #manyis #beepresent #bepresent #answersforthesefuckeduptimes

10 months ago

"Real freedom comes from catching ourselves in the act, a truly humbling experience. Catching ourselves requires the uptake of certain practices that can make us uncomfortable. No more pretending to be positive and zen-like." from Be Present: Reflections On The Way by Molly Knight Forde p. 224 Presale begins soon. 🐝 🐝 🐝 #awarenessschool #meditation #selfobservation #fourthway #authorsofinstagram #authors #presence #bepresent #beepresent #consciousness #answersforthesefuckeduptimes

10 months ago

We all have our approach to life, our checkered pasts and our amazing creative selves. It weaves the web of who we are today. Here is one such iconic man who teaches the practical awareness Ecourse with me. We met in a meditation school not long after this shot was taken. His wisdom and understanding of these ideas and these practices have evolved from living life in the trenches... before me and with me. We compliment each other in every way right down to how we teach these ideas. Join us for the journey of self discovery through presence, expanded awareness, self observation and self acceptance. This is not like any course you have taken. Starts October 15th online from anywhere on the planet that has internet. Link in profile Or 🐝 🐝 🐝 #meditation #meditationcourse #ecourse #awarenessschool #awareness #transformation #beepresent #answersforthesefuckeduptimes