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3 months ago

The process/progress on my newest piece. Pix 3-8 were taken w Snapchat so the quality is a little less but 🤷🏻‍♀️

6 months ago

We've got four three-week courses on Illustration this term, continuing with PEN & INK ILLUSTRATION. ... .. . Explore the medium of pen and ink, learning how to use mark making, line and wash to draw people. You will learn some drawing exercises to improve your skills and discover some techniques that will result in beautiful, dynamic people portraits. You will improve your drawing and improve your confidence, leaving you wanting to do more! ... .. . Thursdays 7pm - 9pm, 13th - 27th June Call 02088520234 or pop in and see us to enrol. More info at ... .. . #pen #ink #illustration #lewisham #london #southeastlondon #artclass #artist #art #artlesson #lewisham #blackheath #whatelsewouldyouuse #isntallillustrationwithpenandink #nowhataboutpaint #andpencil #ohyeh #iforgotpencilsexist

7 months ago

N. 35 I drew this a while ago and was really proud of it, but I never posted it because I wanted to redraw it with a background. Today I decided that I should probably go ahead and post it because there are a lot of other things that I want to work on more and since I'm already happy with the way the coloring turned out with this one, it's not such a pressing matter to redo it. I'm curious to know what was on my mind when I drew this, but I really have nothing to go off of expect that I was tired and had a homework assignment due in an hour. #traditionalart #markersandpen #andpencil #day35

1 year ago

the apple of my eye/ work doodles

2 years ago

Testing new waters can be a scary thing to do sometimes, but as we close off the year open your minds to the idea that the feeling of overcoming any fear, is a feeling that cant be matched , and i mean that for every aspect of life . Fear is mans own creation that stems from knowing that we're never really in control of anything, .. but you know, that thought doesnt scare me anymore . (: aha Happy New Year Beautiful Beings 🤘🏽 #brandenam #testingthewaters #skull #panda #balloons #shitfeelsweird #digitalart #digitalpainting #art #paint #acrylic #sraypaint #ipadart #givemeasketchbook #andpencil #ahaha #sleepwalkerssociety

3 years ago

so. I just wanted to say that I do not enjoy nor accept any bullying towards artists or their work. If you or anyone you know has been criticized for their/your art, start by blocking/reporting. It's hard to work hard on something then have it be crushed, but you know what? We fall to get back up. (cringe at cheeziness I know). Your art is amazing and your account is amazing and you are amazing and if people can't accept how awesome you and your art is, they can deal with it and leave ^^ I love you guys <3 - olive

3 years ago

I have no art to post, sorry.. This is a kinda okd sketch but I'll try to push forward and draw something but idk. :P I'm trying out new styles and techniques right now so my account will be messy fyi. If you want to see that and dont care about the mess, do tell :)

3 years ago

hahah what losing followers haha shiiit art block js not helping