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How do you handle your HAIR (or lack there of) situation when you have to stay somewhere overnight? In most situations, I’m comfortable taking my wig off for the night in the comfort of a hotel room with friends or even NEW friends and I reveal my little secret to them. But in a HOSPITAL, where nurses are coming in and out and they are, for the most part, STRANGERS, I’d rather keep my secret a secret and make do with wearing the wig while I sleep (half sleep, if you are a Mommy you know what I mean). So I threw on this headband so I could somewhat comfortably lay my head down next to my baby and not worry about my wig potentially sliding back and looking ridiculous when the nurses came in the check vitals every couple hours. Well, I made it through a 30 hour hospital stay without a Wig Fail 😅 **Headband Trick 👍🏼👍🏼 . . . #alopecia #alopeciaareata #alopeciatotalis #alopeciauniversalis #alopeciaawareness #alopecianbeauty #autoimmunedisease #autoimmunedisorder #nohairdontcare #thebaldandthebeautiful #hairloss #thinninghair #wiglife #baldmama #alopecian #wigcare #alternativehair #alternativehumanhair #wigs #wigstyle #hairlosssolutions #hairlosstips #hairlosshelp

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And the Route 66 road trip begins! Since leaving Nevada I’ve notice a lot more people staring at my bald head. This doesn’t bother me and I’m assuming that because only 1 in 4000 of us are baldies, exposure to Alopecia Universalis in smaller towns is pretty few and far between! So for anyone that happens to see me en route, I have Alopecia, I’m not sick and I’m super excited to be on the road in ‘Merica! 🇺🇸🙌🏼🚗 . . . . . . #roadtripusa #ontheroadagain #route66 #merica #roadtripping #newmexico #gallupnewmexico #alopecia #alopeciauniversalis #bald #hairloss #unitedstatesofamerica #generalstore #seligman #arizona

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If you're looking for a super easy, super pretty little bob in human hair (European human hair non the less!) then you have to come in the #aspireshop and check out the Positano <3 ⁣ ⁣ Style: PositanoColour 12FS8 shaded Praline

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🌟New blog post! (Link in bio)🌟 You guys I did it. The thing I thought I’d NEVER do. I went to work without my wig! To put it into perspective, 4 years ago I wouldn’t even answer my front door without my wig on. I was so self conscious that even the opinion of the UPS person scared me. It was just a few months ago where I felt comfortable enough to walk across the hall to my apartment laundry room without a wig. So to say Friday was daunting doesn’t even begin to explain. At the same time, to say Friday was amazing was the understatement of the year. That’s right. The day was freaking AMAZING. I did my best to put it all into words in this week’s blog post. Check it out if you want to get a play by play on how it all went down! #AlopeciaAwarenessMonth #AlopeciaAwarenessMonth 💙⁣ ⁣ Also a huuuuuuge thank you for all of the words of encouragement, hugs, high fives, and support that day. It truly made all the difference in the world knowing you all had my back! ⁣ ⁣

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💙 Alopecia Awareness Month 💙 Another benefit of alopecia has to be being able to stick your hair outside on the washing line to dry 😂 my neighbour's must think I'm insane, but ah well! Plus, the excuse "sorry, I'm washing my hair" is 100% valid when you have multiple wigs to wash! Don't forget to share your own #alopeciapositives 💙 • • • #alopecia #alopecian #alopeciaawareness #alopeciasupport #alopeciauniversalis #beyourownbeautiful #nohairdontcare #baldisbeautiful #baldwomen #hairloss #alopeciaawarenessmonth #wig #wiglife #wigs #syntheticwig #alopeciatotalis #alopeciaareata #sorryimwashingmyhair #whoneedsahairdryer #positive #support

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DAY 16: Headscarves and headwear! . . Scarves and other headwear is another amazing option we have to accessorise and cover our heads should we want to. Wigs aren't for everyone, but even wig wearers (like me!) will appreciate a break from wigs - especially in the hot weather. I love having the option of headscarves. And they have come a LONG way since I first lost my hair as a child. Companies have worked really hard to make them more fashionable and comfortable to wear. Here I am wearing some of my favourites (top left to bottom right): . . 1. A buff from the amazing @alopeciauk 2. Bella in red from @masumiheadwear layered with a jersey knot basic from @hipheadwear_ 3. my BALDIE cap from @thebaldiemovement - love wearing this 4. finally a £1 scarf I bought at a local fayre tied simply on top of my head - a style I was taught by a member of the London support group! . . . #alopeciaawareness #alopecia #alopeciaareata #alopeciauniversalis #alopeciauk #nohairdontcare #rockyourbald #baldisbeautiful #loveyourskin #loveyourself #hairloss #baldieoftheday #alopeciasupportuk   #bald #baldie #autoimmune #effyourbeautystandards #selflove #selfcare #september #thisisme #headscarf #headscarves #MyMasumi

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Can I keep her? Pretty please?? <3

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Hair of the day @jonrenau Cameron. Today I need hair that is comfortable and cool, that I can also pull up as needed without looking wiggy😉 my swim wig has had a little wash 💕so thankful for having a few wigs to choose from whilst away. I remember having only 1 wig for all needs and worrying the whole time-my words constantly I can’t damage it 🙈 my advice is always have at least 1 spare 😘 #wigs #wiglife #holidayhair #wiggy #comfortable #swimwig #beachhair #alopeciauk #alopeciauniversalis #cute #1wigforall #alopecia #thisisme #beyourbest #glam #mimowigs

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El #microblading es un tratamiento perfecto para mejorar el aspecto de cejas que han perdido parte o todo el pelo tras tratamientos de #quimioterapia o si sufres de #alopecia. ⁠ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠ Los resultados son progresivos y muy naturales 🦋.⁠ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠ #micropigmentacion #shading #cejaspeloapelo #cejas3d #browsonfleek #liftingdepestañas #lashesonfleek #alopecia #alopeciaareata #alopeciauniversalis #oncoestetica #cejasnaturales #cejasbonitas #nanoblading #salondebelleza #madrid #esteticadelamirada

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Este tipo de trabajos son de los que más orgullosas y satisfechas nos sentimos, ya que suponen un cambio muy importante para la persona que los realiza ♥️.⁠ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠ Os mostramos el resultado tras la primera sesión de #microblading. Dentro de 1 mes procederemos al primer repaso de pigmento y realización de todas las correcciones necesarias.⁠ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠ #micropigmentacion #shading #cejaspeloapelo #cejas3d #browsonfleek #liftingdepestañas #lashesonfleek #alopecia #alopeciaareata #alopeciauniversalis #oncoestetica #cejasnaturales #cejasbonitas #nanoblading #salondebelleza #madrid #esteticadelamirada

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Alopecia universalis is a type of alopecia areata an autoimmune disease where hair is lost from scalp and whole body. . . . It has very poor prognosis, chances of hair growing back is reported to be less than 10%. . . . I have started this patient on contact immunotherapy with DPCP i.e dicyclopropenone, fortunately after 2 months of weekly sessions, hair growing in many areas on scalp, just hoping to deliver the best #alopecia #alopeciauniversalis #hairrestoration #alopeciaareata #hairlosssolution

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佐渡を走る私の話①〜私が走る理由〜 「沢山走っていて元気だね」人によく言われる。 「元気を出すために走っているの」私は答える。  一部の人は知っていると思うが私には髪がない。十数年前「汎発性脱毛症」という身体中全ての毛が無くなる原因不明の病気になった。日に日に髪が目に見える速度で抜け始め、地肌がほとんど見えるようになった時には絶望し、自分にはもう人としても女としても価値がない、死にたいとまで思うようになった。治療のために強い薬を飲むと一度は生え揃った。しかし薬があまり効かなくなり再び全ての髪を失った。2度目の喪失の時はもう腹をくくって、「もう副作用を気にせず好きなことをしよう」こう思うようになった。そんなタイミングでマラソンと出会った。ウイッグの下には下地帽、その上にはランニングキャップ。蒸れるし臭うし不快で、特に夏のレースは地獄だ。それでも走っている間は病気の事を忘れられるし、元気な自分でいられる気がした。こんな私の物語に少しでも興味を持っていただけたら今後のポストしばしおつきあいお願いしたい。この病気は決して醜いものでも恥ずかしいものでもない。ランニングだっておしゃれだって諦める必要はない。それを伝えたくて今回ポストをするにあたって今の私の写真に残したく、 @memoiremomoko さんにプロデユースをお願いした。ヘアメイク衣装担当 @cadbunny さん、写真家 @juneiinoko さん 賛同、協力ありがとうございます。 #佐渡を走る私の話 #佐渡エコジャーニー #連載開始 #佐渡208kmまであと5日 #汎発性脱毛症 #alopeciauniversalis #alopeciarunner

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I am living with Alopecia Universalis for 13 years now. Most days I go bald by choice. Some days I rock some hair. What’s powerful to me about AU, is that it has taught me to make my own rules. My journey, my way. September is National Alopecia Awareness Month 💙💙💙

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I am 89% back on my BS. 🥴 Was given tablets for the next couple of days that are making me sleepy and I'm pretty sure I am still feel drugged up from Saturday. Or maybe it's just my lazy ass.⁣ ⁣ I basically have a Pandora's Box of ailments at this point: allergies, eczema, alopecia, a penchant for being a procrastinator...⁣ ⁣ This is probably the most I've ever posted my #bigbaldhead on Instagram, so make what you will of that. After a fun few days in Disney, it's time to get back to real life. Until Barcelona in October, that is 🙃 #alopeciaawarenessmonth

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"I saw many beautiful pictures of other Alopecian women and children from around the world and what makes them so beautiful is their confidence and self acceptance. That's what encourages me to love myself. I am also thankful for the support from my family, friends and boyfriend, I couldn't be strong without their support." - @shoko_hi This is Shoko from Japan. She has Alopecia Universalis for 3 years. Shoko would like to take this opportunity to encourage the rest of the Alopecians in Asia to be true to themselves and be brave!

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ALOPECIA: HAIR IS AN ACCESSORY- for me, Hair is no longer a necessity, but an accessory! I love my accessories, but I also love my wee bald head . . This is the #jonrenau EUROPEAN REMY human hair wig - this was originally shade 12RN (the RN euro Hair is hand picked to create the shade - not coloured) . . I have custom coloured this @mimowigs for a melted graduated colour and it’s super light at the roots - and I’m so happy with the result . . . This is a gorgeous wig, and I do love the european hair...... I’m normally a fan of Chinese Remy, and it’s usually my number one choice - but this i love, too! So soft and silky . . . #wig #wigs #jonrenau #european #euro #eurohair #remy #remywig #europeanhumanhair #hairloss #alopecia #alopeciauk #alopeciasupport #alopeciauniversalis #beyourownbeautiful #lacefrontal #lacefrontal

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“ALL THE WAY FROM BIG RAPIDS” September is Alopecia Awareness Month and this Amazing brought her son and drove 3 1/2 hours. to get Microblading done cause he’s had Alopecia Areata since he was 9 years old. The hair loss affected 90% of his brows and we were able to creat an illusion by creating individual hairlike strokes to mimick natural hair, please see the pictures from the previous post.

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Gemma, once again you are stunning! I love Cameron on you!😍 . . Posted @withrepost @gchairloss Hair of the day @jonrenau Cameron ❤️fully handtied and I love her she is so comfortable, and you can add volume easily. As usual my trusty @jonrenau faves but they make me feel a little glam 🥰 Jumpsuit by @hm.Eyelashes tonight are @darelashes and I am pleased with them! Full review of @darelashes to follow. #alopecia #love #glam #alopeciauniversalis #fakehairdontcare #volume #handtied #synthetic #jonrenau #mimowigs #hm #fakelashes #beauty #holidayvibes

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You all better stop sleeping on my elixir, formulated by yours truly. 3 weeks of daily consistent usage and currently applying daily!!!

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Passe para o lado 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 Prótese capilar feminina Observe as diferenças nas toucas. Nesse vídeo mostro duas próteses diferentes. Essa coleção é composta de 6 modelos. ✅ você pronta e linda em minutos! ✅ Aparência super natural! ✅Sem dor! ✅ fácil aplicação! ✅ Fabricada em lace, stretch e micropele ✅ 55 cm ✅ cabelo humano de origem Malasiana

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The 12LY length by @follea is beautiful just as it is without any customisation. ⁣ ⁣ Personally, I really love this length as it gives you great shaping around the front and the most beautiful bouncy layering <3 Big hugs, Em xxx

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So here’s another picture of my bald but not so bald head. I feel like I’m transitioning into a new era of my Alopecia. Half of my head is now covered in hair. A part of me is in relief, because it’s a sign that maybe one day it all might come back. But another part of me is frustrated and angry because why can’t it just grow back completely or just not grow at all. Shaving my head is very annoying and after spending a year of not shaving anything to having to shave everything again, let’s say it’s extremely aggravating. As hair loss has its lows, not shaving was definitely a plus. It feels like every day the patches on my head take a different shape. And as it is frustrating, I know every day that it’s just another piece of Gods art. Oh and it’s September! So Happy Alopecia Awareness Month!!! 🙌🏽👩🏼‍🦲💗 • • • • #alopecia #alopeciaawareness #beauty #happiness #bald #alopeciaareata #september #beautiful #beyourself #loveyourself #jesus #alopeciauniversalis

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Alopecia is by definition the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows. You should always consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Your hair stylist then works off of the diagnosis and treatment to create a solution to complement said treatment. #certifiedhairlossspecialist #dermatologist #hairloss #alopeciaawarnessmonth #alopeciaareata #alopeciauniversalis #alopeciatotalis #telogeneffluvium #anageneffluvium #femalepatternbaldness #malepatternbaldness #hairlosssolutionsohio #privateconsultation #customwigdesigner #customtoppers #hairintegration #lacewigmaker

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Confidence level: wearing a shirt with your selfie on it 😂💅💅💅⁣ ⁣ Love @cris_evol for KNOWING WHO SHE IS and not letting anything or change that 👏👏👏👏 and it SHOWS 🌟 ⁣ ⁣ KEEP SHINING 🙌

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Мне 9 лет и мир на минуту перестал существовать.. ⠀ Я шла из магазина с пакетом молока и батоном хлеба, шла вдоль дома «вражеского» двора. У нас в то лето была борьба за власть лидирующих коалиций на территории микрорайона, мы были детьми в переходе к сложному подростковому возрасту. Волосы выпали как год и мне купили первый в жизни парик короткий, в стиле «горшок». ⠀ Во дворе на лавках у подъезда сидели и бабушки и мамы, рядом и чуть поодаль две группы ровесников, девчонки, с которыми я не общалась и проходя мимо друг друга каждая обязательно кидала что-то язвительное вслед. И третья группа самых дерзких за забором в детском садике. ⠀ Уже тогда дети понимали, что я уязвима, что что-то не так с моей причёской, потому что иногда я гуляла в платке, иногда в парике. Они старались при удобной возможности вглядеться, коснуться, съязвить. Нашим двором мы держали оборону, особенно когда мы ходили вместе, а не по одиночке, как в тот день. ⠀ Самый задиристый и дерзкий мальчик был в группе за забором, они выжидали, они видели, как я шла. ⠀ Мне оставалось пройти один подъезд до дома, все группы были мной пройдены, и дети и родители, которых в тот момент было по определенным обстоятельствам очень много в этом дворе. Публика была специально собрана небом для меня, теперь я это прекрасно осознаю.😉 20 метров до дома, 20 метров и я облегченно вздохну поднимаясь на свой третий этаж. Напряжение спадало, как вдруг... ⠀ Он бежал справа, со стороны садика, быстро и стремительно, я успела только повернуть голову, как одной рукой он оттолкнул меня, а второй стащил парик и отбросил на асфальт и снова убежал в садик за забор... ⠀ Пишу и как сейчас помню: ужас, выключенное солнце, звук в ушах, пульс в висках, широко раскрытые глаза и накатывающее, как цунами чувство стыда, слабости, мизерности, уязвимости, наготы, унижения и НЕВЕРОЯТНОЙ обиды. ⠀ Все взгляды были обращены на меня, о как я рыдала.. навзрыд! Не могла остановится, не могла двигаться и дышать не могла, на асфальте валялся пакет с хлебом и молоком, а чуть дальше парик. (Продолжение в галерее)

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Hi there, long time no see🤩 I HAVE A NEW BLOGPOST UP FOR ALL THE DUTCHIES HERE; WHY I CHOSE MBO AND NOT HAVO🌟 Now everyone who is not Dutch probably thinks what even are those 2 things? That ladies and gentlemen is a part of the Dutch education system which no one outside of the Netherlands understands (you can ask @e.milyy43 😂) • Anyway I got the feeling when I was younger I would not accomplish a lot. Lots of people from my primary school went to a higher level secondary school and it Made me feel like my level was not good enough. Furthermore, as I was not comfortable in my skin; learning was not really my thing. HOWEVER, after working on my self-acceptence; learning became my thing, as I loved discovering new things since I was younger🤩 Then it was time to go to a higher level of secondary school or start learning for a profession; called mbo. Not a lot of people understood why I choose to do mbo instead of the higher education level at secondary school, they acted like mbo was not good enough. Well.. I am happy I chose mbo. It helped me develop myself, it helped me to push myself to do things like start this account and it caused me to have AMAZING experiences like participating on #ditismbo , as some of you know; I became ambassador of my (mbo) school, now I have the opportunity to become the national ambassador of the mbo! It is a great honour to be able to participate and show that mbo is more than people act like it is. I am proud of #hetmbo I chose to make the campaign pictures without my wig on, to show others that bald women are normal too😉 SWIPE TO SEE THE CAMPAIGN PHOTOS💁🏽‍♀️ So; do what you think you cannot do, just like I did. I never EVER thought I would be able to accomplish so much. Lets see if I become the national mbo ambassador of 2019 😏 What I hope to do; is help students with their self-acceptence, as for me that is the base of everything! ⚡️

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Like I always say, I like to create art on my face 💫 what do you think????? • • • • Paints by @mehronmakeup Lashes by @houseoflashes Midnight luxe stacked with stella luxe • • Removed with @bliss Makeup Melt Moisturized with @farmacybeauty Honey Grail hydrating face oil _________________________________ check out my website/blog ✨ _________________________________ • • • • • #alopecia #alopeciaawareness #alopeciauniversalis #baldie #bald #makeup #youtube #tiktok #abh #mua #undiscovered_muas #featuremua #makeupaddict #anastasiabrows #instamakeup #makeupjunkie #makuplover #tiktokmemes #makeupart #makeupslaves #makeuplook #makeuptutorial #abhprsearch #anastasiabeverlyhills #alopeciaisfashion #creativemakeup #WAMFAM #makeupfeaturesx #wakeupandmakeup

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DAY 15: Using alopecia to drive your passion . . This is the wonderful, beautiful and incredibly talented @farahmltd -someone I'm so proud to call my friend. Farah is an inspiration to me in so many ways. Since meeting her 3 or so years ago at one of the London Alopecia UK support groups, Farah has gone from strength to strength, challenging herself to use her hairloss to drive her passion and talents - in fashion and jewellery making. If you haven't already - go and check out Farah's hairloss inspired jewellery - my favourite are the fallen strand earrings and the head silhouette necklace. This is a perfect example of someone using something challenging (alopecia and hairloss) in a positive way to shape your life, help others and celebrate the beauty in our differences. Thank you Farah 💙 . . #alopeciaawareness #alopecia #alopeciaareata #alopeciauniversalis #alopeciauk #nohairdontcare #rockyourbald #baldisbeautiful #loveyourskin #loveyourself #hairloss #baldieoftheday #alopeciasupportuk   #bald #baldie #autoimmune #effyourbeautystandards #selflove #selfcare #september #alopeciaawarenessmonth #jewellery #jewellerymaker #inspiration

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#DailyBaldieInspo by @__ebonyjean - - - - - - Alopecia has taught me lessons that cannot be taught in the classroom: Self-love, acceptance, beauty, strength. Everyone calls me strong, but weak moments have occurred often. - Hair loss is a thief of joy, but if you sit back and reflect, Alopecia is also a blessing in disguise. Never did I know until 4 years ago, the very thing that caused mental and emotional pain, turned into my purpose. - #Alopecians , it’s time to turn your pain into purpose. We have been put on this earth for a reason. 🗣Rock that baldness and walk in your truth! Our time is NOW. I love you. 💙 #alopeciaawarenessmonth #alopecia #alopeciaareata #alopeciauniversalis #baldies #goblueforalopecia #september #thebaldiemovement #baldandsexy

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#alopeciaphotochallenge Day 15 * Missed a couple days due to a 150hr pay period... Think I lost the little fat I had left on my body, but at least it looks good! 😁 * If you are in the Philadelphia area, our Dick's will be having a friends and family night on Tues the 17th at 430 to 930 at the Plymouth meeting Mall. Grand opening is Sat the 21st. Stop by and check out the new store! * Please read #bibm in highlights! * #albeanies #alopecia #alopeciaawareness #alopeciaareata #alopeciatotalis #alopeciauniversalis #alopeciaawarenessmonth #bald #baldmen #hair #hairloss #baldisbeautiful #awareness #acceptance #selfacceptance #selflove #selfconfidence

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My first full wig purchase. So my hair fell out totally within the space of a few weeks. The topper had to go and a full wig needed. I was totally devastated 😢sadly little support available form the GP so I sourced a local wig supplier from the @alopeciauk directory. I am so thankful for that consultation- conducted in private, gentle and caring and basically a education on wigs😊. I felt self conscious, awkward and heart broken but with kindness I was shown different products and provided with the basic information to get me going ❤️ This wig is @ellenwilleus Elite, synthetic , wefted with a monopart- I had no clue what this meant 🤯but was the closest possible to my bio hair and in my price range. My one piece of advice is try and match to your bio hair in the early days- this will help you to build your confidence. This wig sadly didn’t last for long as i found the colour too shiny, grey like and I had this notion of everything looking wiggy 🥴 so I started the wig journey again.. I think in the early days you are often searching for something that isn’t really there as you just want your own hair......but hang in there you will find solutions that suit you. 💕 #alopeciauk #hairloss #alopecia #alopeciauniversalis #simplywigs #mimowigs #caring #support #ellenwille #synthetic #wigjourney #directory #selfesteem #wellbeing

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The smile says it all <3 Beautiful @follea hair for one of our beautiful ladies in the #aspireshop - Big hugs, Em xxx

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"There's lots of lucky things about having alopecia like it being cooler on your head in the sun and I don't have to brush or wash my hair! I like doing adventurous things like bodyboarding, roller coasters, dancing on stage, swimming in rivers, climbing and anything else that's crazy!" We LOVE Lucy's attitude and sense of adventure! Thanks to Lucy and big brother Ben for sharing their photo! #thisisme #alopecia #alopeciauk #alopeciaawarenessmonth #alopeciaawareness #alopeciaareata #alopeciakids #alopeciatotalis #alopeciauniversalis #childrenwithalopecia

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🌻🌻🌻S U N D A Y S 🌻🌻🌻 - ✨the perfect day to reflect, rest and recharge for a great week🙏 - ✨ self care is everything and is needed to refuel the body, mind and soul 🧖‍♀️ - ✨It’s also important finding stillness instead of waiting for life to slow down 🙌 - #sundays #goodmorning #selfcare #selflove #selflovequotes #alopecia #alopeciaareata #alopeciauniversalis #alopeciatotalis #alopecian #skin #beauty #clothing #follow #followfollowback #alopeciasupport #alopeciaawarness 💙

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Had the amazingly beautiful and infamous @holly.faller show up at my doorstep. Holly has Alopecia Universalis so I knew that her opinion of my wigs was the HOLY GRAIL of all opinions. She doesn’t own a blonde wig but she OWNS this LIKE A BOSS! . . Safe to say that she loved it! And she is now a BLONDE Lusta Girl!! . . Holly…if you are out there….can you leave your comments below 😂🙌 . . #lustahair #lustawig #lustatopper #hairtopper #wigs #alopecia #alopeciauniversalis #alopeciaareata #pcoshairloss #alopecianbeauty #thinhair #femalehairloss #alopeciatotalis #alopeciahairloss

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💙 Alopecia Awareness Month 💙 Another positive... once you have no hair left anyway! Any hair anywhere, you can be sure its not mine! No hair in the plug hole, no risk of it getting into your food or anything! Its my fiance that leaves hair everywhere now!! 😅🙈 #alopeciapositives • • • #alopecia #alopecian #alopeciaawareness #alopeciasupport #alopeciauniversalis #beyourownbeautiful #nohairdontcare #baldisbeautiful #baldwomen #alopeciaareata #alopeciatotalis #hairloss #wig #itsawig #wigoftheday #wiglife #alternative #alternativehair #pinkhair #piercing #piercedgirls #girlswithpiercings #makeup #beauty #positive #positivity #support

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Wow Jeweled Peacock never looked so good! Heres our client Vicky wearing Kona by BelleTress in Jersey Peacock an Exclusive Color designed by Heather. Here is what Vicky had to say “Jeweled peacock.. Perfect color! I waited over 6 months for this wig and color and it was worth it! It is obvious how much time and care Heather put into this one. About to order Kona in another color since I love this wig in general!” #cysterwigsexclusivecolor #jeweledpeacock #kona #belletresswigs @belletresswigs #hitherewiglover #wig #wigs #wiglife #PCOS #autoimmune #alopeciasupport #pcoscysters #pcoscyster #funwithhair #alopeciawigs #wiglover #fakehairdontcare #hairlove #hairgoals #alopeciatotalis #alopeciaareata #alopeciauniversalis #androgenicalopecia #thinninghair #thinhair #hairloss #hairlosssolution

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Who knew there was a chocolate shop, factory tour AND beautiful cactus garden at @ethelmchocolates ! I highly recommend this for a free day out if you’re ever in Las Vegas and don’t have a hangover. Which is why I’ve probably never been 😂. . . . . . #cactusgarden #ethelmchocolatefactory #lasvegasdays #nevada #stateofnevada #alopecia #alopeciauniversalis #alopeciaawareness #baldisbeautiful #nohairdontcare #lovetotravel #travellingwithkids #lifewithtoddlers #holidayvibes #lifeofatraveller #lifeofatraveler #travelingwithkids

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Check out the amazing hairline on our lovely ladies new @follea Gripper lite wig <3

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Guten Morgen ihr Lieben ❤️ Ich hoffe ihr hattet bis jetzt ein tolles Wochenende?! Meins war auf jeden Fall sehr produktiv, das Shooting mit dem lieben hat wieder mal verdammt viel Spaß gemacht 😁 . Photo @liderschlag - Anzeige | Werbung #shooting #fotoshooting #tfpshooting #tfpmodel #indoor #portrait #beautifulportrait #gemäldelook #iloveit #kopfschmuck #minitattoo #littletattoo #widder #sternbild #glatzenaund #alopeciauniversalis #baldwarrior #baldlove #baldwoman #proudbald #nohairdontcare #lovemylife #baldandbeutiful #baldandproud #beautifulbald #selflove #goodmorning

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We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to girls, you can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful. Otherwise, you would threaten the man. Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage. I am expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Now marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support but why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same? We raise girls to see each other as competitors not for jobs or accomplishments, which I think can be a good thing, but for the attention of men. We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are. -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Be You, unapologetically you. #Flawless #iwokeuplikethis #alopecianmodel #aloepcia #alopeciauniversalis #alopeciaareata #alopeciaawareness #beyourself #beautifulgirls #blackappliedbehavioranalysts #blackandbeautiful 👑

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🚨📸 SEPTIEMBRE 2019 CASO ANTES Y DESPUÉS. En 4 meses de tratamiento (no invasivo) logramos una mejora evidente en el volumen y densidad capilar en un paciente con alopecia androgenética. Antes de decidirse por un #injertocapilar es necesario realizar un correcto tratamiento no invasivo para reactivar todos los folículos afectos. #hairloss #alopecia #androgenicalopecia #calviciemasculina #calvicie #baldnesscure #baldness #finasterida #finasteride #alopeciauniversalis #tratamiento #mesoterapia #microinyecciones #cabello #pelo #vellos #micropigmentacion

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let’s talk about this thing in my life called EXERCISE. i’ve always been a medium-large person, i can’t remember a single time in my life that i was on the smaller end of the size spectrum. when i was younger, this was a HUGE detriment to my confidence. i started developing earlier than a lot of my fellow female friends, and adding that to my already negative body image, it was a #hotmessexpress when i lost my hair, whatever little was left of my small positive self image was gone. i felt ugly, i would wake up in the mornings and cry because of what i saw in the mirror. there wasn’t an ounce of confidence left in my little self during middle school. i remember literally not even feeling ‘feminine enough’ to wear anything other than oversized hoodies and jeans to hide myself because i felt so much larger and so much less feminine than the other girls in my grade. between that and my hairloss, it got so bad that i had to be homeschooled my 8th grade year. my family has always been active, but it wasn’t until highschool and even afterwards that i started making exercising a priority. i found it not only helped my body, but also helped my anxiety levels. however, for years i wore hair when i exercised. yes this meant miles & miles during cross country season. coming to terms with my body was one thing, but my hairloss was another. i sweated and ruined so many good wigs in those few years. after enough time passed, i eventually was able to come to be 🆗 with the fact that my body will never (healthily) be a size zero, and i started loving myself for that— knowing that i have been fearfully and wonderfully created to be EXACTLY who i’m supposed to be. i made the decision to start exercising without hair on, and it has been one of the most freeing things to date. i stopped focusing on everything that my body was not, and started focusing on everything that it IS. i have two working legs, arms, a perfectly healthy heart, and two lungs that do what they’re supposed to. i love that i can lift and run and do yoga— that i am strong. i can now appreciate the body that i’m in. please know if you’re struggling that you are NOT alone. love yourself for all that you are x

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If I had to describe my dream job I'd have to say it would consist of my being able to try on lots of different styles of wigs day in, day out. Oh, wait ....... ;-) ⁣ ⁣ Big hugs, Em xxx

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I can not even believe this was my hair 3 years ago when I was first hit with alopecia!!⁣ ⁣ It feels like yesterday but it also feels like a previous life if that makes any sense.⁣ ⁣ After I got through it And regrew my hair I started to feel some form of PTSD where any time a strand of hair would fall out, my hands would immediately go into my hair, looking to see if any other strands were falling out as easily as they do while going through alopecia.⁣ ⁣ Although it's been 3 years, my immediate reaction is still to do the same. I guess I don't really expect that gut reaction to ever go away. But. The anxiety has lessened considerably with time and I take comfort in that. I also take comfort in knowing that if it ever comes back I have the tools to get through it, because that knowledge will never go away.⁣ ⁣ Would love to hear your thoughts on the latest video! Head over to my channel 👉🏽 to watch my “3 Year Alopecia Update” 🎥 #deepbeauty

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Excuse the mug-shot! ⁣ ⁣ Heaven only knows why I decided to take such a close up of the gorgeous Kai wig in Mochachinno LR but on a more positive note she certainely is a gorgeous style! <3