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Road trip daze.

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Time lapse of the waves and sunset 🌅 🌊

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Manca una settimana a Natale e il forno non riposa! Una teglia dopo l'altra i biscotti entrano ed escono dal forno e il profumo del burro invade la casa..adoro questo periodo dell'anno!! 😍🌲🎅🍪 ♡ ♡ ♡ #f52grams #gnamgenova #onthetable #tastespotting #tablesituation #livethelittlethings #flashesofdelight #agameoftones #thatsdarling #foodstagram #platedpics #feedfeed #eatingcolors #eattheworld #tastemade #buzzfest #delicious #foodporn #foodie #beautifulcuisines #foodstyle #pastry #buongiorno #goodmorning #biscotti #christmas #natale

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Respétate lo suficiente como para elevarte de todo lo que no te sirva, lo que no te hace crecer o no lo que no te hace feliz Respect yourself enough to lift yourself from everything that does not serve you, what does not make you grow or not what does not make you happy ◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈ #visualsgang #theimaged #stayandwander #fatalframes #neverstopexploring #passionpassport #exploremore #stayandwander #theoutbound #agameoftones #lifeofadventure #ig_bestpicworldtravel

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Tokyo Density 新宿,2018

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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. 🌳🌲⛰

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City searching

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Chase your dreams.

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KL last night.

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As the day draws to an end.

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3 la 10 lei. 😅 Glumesc. Dar daca vreti sa va faceti un cadou frumos, am pentru voi cateva cutiute cadou, care contin 2 saculeti de lavanda, 10 ml ulei esential de lavanda si un borcanas cu sare de baie. Pretul unei astfel de cutii este de 50 lei. Livrarea se face doar personal(inca astept un curier de miercurea trecuta sa imi ridice un colet), asa ca daca sunteti din Cluj, Ludus sau sate/orase de pe ruta asta, imi puteti scrie. 😘 Ps: saculetii sunt facuti de mama mea, iar sarea de baie am facut-o eu. Mi-ar placea ca aceste cutiute sa ajunga la persoane care chiar apreciaza lavanda si munca pe care am depus-o noi anul acesta. Va pup si va doresc o saptamana frumoasa! 🤗 • #stayfresh #stayfreshro #lavender #vegansofig #vscoinspiration #healthylifestyle #agameoftones #tv_living #neverstopexploring #thecoolmagazine #viataincluj #clujlife #christmaspresent #visualsoflife #lunchideas #ourcamplife #exploretocreate #organicfood #campvibes #collectivelycreate #passionpassport #modernoutdoors #lavandamures #liveauthentic #instagood #transylvania #flatlay #lavandacluj

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8 months ago

. . . stars in every fold of night _________________________________

8 months ago

. . . and the wind rises nights are purpled lack stars trees bend nearly double but do not break nothing is silent nothing is still ... dreams sweep the restless dark __________________________

8 months ago

. . . she wanted to remain like this indefinitely--bodies crashing and dissolving--she arched and stretched beneath him the weight of him, the feel of his skin again and again .. she never wanted it to end _________________________________

8 months ago

. . . Day breaks, your body sunlit across our bed In your hands, all you’ve lost, all you’ve touched, every vow and broken vow Under your skin, every time you were disregarded, every time you were received. Sundered, drowsed, transfixed in the dark, feet bare on humid linoleum, cilia listening. Feral  as the infrared aura of the snake’s prey, the bees’ pointillism, the infrasonic hum of the desert heard by the birds while hot air vibrates and nighthawk spans the ceiling, the night's fallen .. pattern of stars under its wings ________________________________

8 months ago

. . . and in the morning, the sun rose in a snap .. of a dream sundering everything wakes listen as the moss undulates in a breeze that is not there mysteriously, you can't breathe can you feel it ? ________________________________

8 months ago

. . . the sun rose the pale stars slid into their places, night was arranging herself around us low light--thin and pallid moon-stained ensanguining the skies, it bleeds ________________________________

8 months ago

. . . feel the infinite universe flowing inward _________________________________

8 months ago

. . . everything is sun, rain girl. everything is sun. _________________________________ หัวกระไดไม่แห้ง °

8 months ago

. . . can you feel it ? _____________________________

8 months ago

. . . melting i am softness in your hands stroke my petals wider, swelling pink watch me bloom and open trace me with your eyes ________________________________

9 months ago

. . . and here the sun sets shredded, blooded  clouds leak  into  the  sky as  the  blue  purples, thickening into  the night the  gelatine  swell, the  dimpled  textures of  the  sea unfolding .. endless in  all  directions the water ripples and swells electric _________________________________

9 months ago

. . . 소마 all the night the moon rose and shaped your face your eyes, dew-dipped in a sea of stars across our bed you slow kiss my mouth---open, while stars burn falling melting ________________________________