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3 minutes ago

Ugh, I can't believe it's raining ice. This weather is playing games with me right now that all I'm asking for is either sunshine and warmth or snow and no work. Anyway, I'm totally missing the nice and sunny weather. Can't wait to go hiking or drive through the nice sceneries when spring gets here!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #allnatureshots #artofvisuals #awesomeearth #earthofficial #earth_deluxe #earthfocus #nature #nature_brilliance #nature_hub #nature_obsession #abundancemindset #enjoythelittlethings #beautifuldestinations #exploringtheglobe #instapassport #goplayoutside #adventurethatislife #dreamingwarmerweather

3 minutes ago

"Bewildered at that glittering sun, that hard, clean sky, so different from the soft moonlight of my dream." -Daphne du Maurier

8 minutes ago

Overlooking Necropolis or Naqsh-e Rustam. Four tombs of Achaemenid Kings carved out of a rock mountain believed to be the tomb of Darius the Great and the ancestors. The tombs feature carved panels with figures of the King being supported and empowered by rows of common people. It's about history, majestic dynasty and what's left of it. . 📌 Necropolis, Iran 🇮🇷 🗓 February, 2018 #fatinnseesnature #wanderlust #makingmemories #throwback #wonderful_places #travelgram #roamtheplanet #beautifuldestinations #doyoutravel #welivetoexplore #adventurethatislife #letsgosomewhere #iran #amazingiran

11 minutes ago

Rio De Janeiros beautiful skyline 🏙️💕

12 minutes ago

do your parents know y'all out here in the cold skateboarding?

16 minutes ago

-“how are you today?” -“I’ve seen better days...”

16 minutes ago

You up for an amazing day out? Jump off waterfalls, trees and rock formations. My adrenaline was pumping through my veins 💯. Imagine it’s only 20 pesos entrance fee (£0.29) Location: Santa Elena Name: Busay Falls Cost: 20 pesos entrance (£0.29)

18 minutes ago

🌷🌺 ‘trust two things. the timing of your life and yourself’ 🌸🌻

20 minutes ago

Some Tallinn views

21 minutes ago

So many things that I love. 🏔️🏜️🚶

25 minutes ago

Indie - země, kdy i minuta na ulici je zážitkem na celý život 🐄

26 minutes ago

really super love doing school shows especially at primary schools; the kids just make my heart go badabOOMzzzz, it’s always a great joy 💖 #focus #fixityourself

27 minutes ago

Gorgeous Sunset Video by @pxl8photography • • • Also started posting cute images / wallpapers to my story. Check them out! 🌸

30 minutes ago

bust it down thotiana (drop the next verse ⬇️, let’s get the entire song going in the comments)

30 minutes ago

Bountiful Boundless Beauty

31 minutes ago

Goodnight 😴

32 minutes ago

Nothin but the open road

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34 minutes ago

Where sky meets sea. I know, I know...I already posted a lensball picture a few days ago; but, if you carried this damn thing around in your backpack all over Egypt, you’d post them, too! . This isn’t really a sea, but it almost might as well be. Lake Nasser is the largest man-made lake in the world, and it resides in two countries (Lower Egypt and Upper Sudan). It is 340 miles long at its greatest extent, and some 22 miles across. It’s creation is directly responsible for the relocation of Abu Simbel, as well as the relocation of the Nubian people in Sudan. The point? It’s a pretty damn impressive pile of water. . . . . . #dakfoto #travelphotography #abusimbel #egypt 🇪🇬 #aswan #unescoworldheritage #lakenasser #bleachmyfilm #createcommune #lensball

35 minutes ago

Tonight was a good reminder to get outside with my camera more. With all the snow we’ve been getting, I haven’t been shooting much; I remembered tonight how much I love it, and how much I love the places it takes me.

35 minutes ago

You were never the type to believe that the moon could affect human emotions like it does to the ocean tides. Nor have you ever been the “Look at the moon” type. You’ve always been on the opposite side of the spectrum. Although opposites attract, we never learned how to balance each other out. If anything, our differences were always an issue amongst so many other reasons on why we could never work things out. But tomorrow, just like the moon, I will rise. As much as you tried to hide me behind an array of clouds, I was always there ready to shine. You had the moon, but you opted for burned out stars. Stars in your story that will never know your truth; which means they’re starring in a façade of who you pretend to be. I hope that one day you’ll learn to accept who you were born to be and to finally live in your truth. These stars that you want to be good for have been hindering your freedom to love and be loved. I loved you, but I have to love myself more. Maybe we’ll get it right in our next lifetime, except that you don’t believe in that, either. Funny, though, that tonight’s full moon is in Virgo. . . . . . . . . . . #borntoroam #optoutside #forgeyourownpath #seeyououtthere #wildernessnation #natgeolandscape #theoutbound #wearestillwild #elpaso #bewild #texasskies #texas #roamtheplanet #snowmoon #addictedtonature #lovewilderness #earthfocus #natureaddict #flashesofdelight #openmyworld #liveauthentic #awakethesoul #natgeoadventure #ourplanetdaily #neverstopexploring #travel #supermoon #adventurethatislife #mytinyatlas #goodbye

35 minutes ago

Some days you’re so busy you just don’t know when you’re going to fit in ME time. Fit it in! Nobody ever regrets taking the time for a workout. You always feel better having done it. I got up at 5am, worked from 6:15-2:45, picked up a birthday gift for my friend, took my son to karate, came home and cooked dinner and helped with homework, bath time, teeth brushing, read a story and bedtime. Finally got my workout done at 9:30pm and didn’t bother with workout clothes. Showered, packed my lunch and laid out clothes for the next day. Made it to bed at 10:10 just as my husband got home from a job out of town. You can make excuses or you can make the effort! Effort leads to success!

38 minutes ago

Snowy days.

41 minutes ago

Hi, my name is Catrina and I’m obsessed with cats 👋🏻

45 minutes ago

Cause I, should probably make a call to you, cause if you fall in love with me, you should probably know that I got bad allergies. And I hope that doesn’t bother you.

57 minutes ago

Excuse me hooman, I’d like to go this way instead 🐾 #puppylife

59 minutes ago

Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.

1 hour ago

To be honest I am not really able to share any new pictures as I am - as simple as that - rarely take any more than snapshots. Somehow here in goa I traded a camera for a notebook and so you can find me writing during the afternoon and practicing yoga or meditation in the morning. Goa is treating me good or: I am treating myself good here in goa. ❤️ #duwillstesdochauch

1 hour ago

Just another day on this island paradise! 🌴🛵💚

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1 day ago

Keeping it simple could be what brings us the most. Van Life 🚙 . . . . 📸: @jarettjuarez

1 week ago

Beautiful Banff Alberta Canada 🍁 . . . . 📸: @calibreus

1 month ago

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6 months ago

“I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work.” –Frank Lloyd Wright