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3 weeks ago

The inside of the truck on Day 59 of 60. Surprisingly organized compared to some. A lot of credit goes to most of my days being in one of many @DryCreekOutfitters rides but nonetheless we will celebrate the cleanliness of my little @GMC. • A few things to note. Caffeine comes in many forms. Good company the same. Sugary carbs aren’t bad either. Keep them close and you’re always in for a good time. @GlockInc on magnets and a @ProDriveOutboards hooked to your hitch helps a lot too. 😉 • • • #TheyDED #KnowWhereYouStand #RelationshipsOverRations

3 weeks ago

For getting you there, back, and everything in between. @ProDriveOutboards has you covered even at breakfast. • I’ve spent the last two years in, out, and around this thing. It hasn’t failed me. Neither has the office that stands behind it. Now that the storm that is waterfowl season is over I can say without a doubt that I’m stoked to be a part of this team. Thankful for them. Looking forward to watch this grow! • • • #TheyDED #KnowWhereYouStand #RelationshipsOverRations

3 weeks ago

Pulled a Quick One • This season played a terrible trick on a lot of us. Hopes and promise of an early push with plenty of water to go around. It was the polar opposite of last season. The year before we searched for water. This one had us searching for ground that wasn’t covered by 4 feet of it. To say we didn’t learn would be a lie but to say we could have been okay without that whooping would be an understatement. • I spent the majority of my year with @DryCreekOutfitters in Wichita Falls, TX and experienced a whole new level of hunting. I had less slow mornings than my guys and gals over here in the Southern part of the Mississippi Flyway. Luckily, I was able to spend my last few days of season in the woods with my dudes. Already looking forward to next year. Doesn’t matter the outcome. • • • #TheyDED #KnowWhereYouStand #RelationshipsOverRations

4 weeks ago

J’s First Flooded Timber • Her first river run was a good one to start with. A “balmy” 27* headed straight into the less than calm North wind. I made sure she had plenty of clothes on but as her *favorite* uncle I still worried it wasn’t enough. Each time I would ask if she was okay she would nod in acknowledgment and stare directly into the soul of that north wind. Almost as if it was welcomed. • It was a rush to set up. She held my arm as she navigated her first steps in waders and I held my breath as I watched it happen. As soon as we stepped into the woods she asked “Uncle Wade, is this flooded timber?” I let her know that it was and reminded her that it was my most favorite thing to do in the world but now it was even more my favorite thing because she was there with me. What followed was a smile and expression that only J is capable of. She glowed but tried to keep it low key. There was no hiding it. • No shots were fired. The few birds that flew over sky high we’re as exciting as they ever had been. I’ve never experienced the enamor of a hunt that I saw in her eyes that day. Not even when I was a kid. Monday solidified the answers to my questions. I’ve got a sure enough stud of a sidekick and my two boys have a big cousin that’s gonna be hard to catch up with. I’ve got a feeling she won’t let them fall too far behind. • • • #TheyDED #KnowWhereYouStand #RelationshipsOverRations #Sidekick

1 month ago

I’ve gotta be honest. I’ve been away from the house for longer than I ever have been. The last 42 days have allowed me only 10 to be with @BkShoemaker and our 2.5 year old man child. It’s been hard and tough and everything else you’d expect. • Those other 32 days were more than just time away from home. They were more than just work. More than just photos. They were experiences. They were lessons learned. They were emotions. I’d be lying if I told you that I had one single image that summed up the trip. Unfortunately I do not. Not for me anyway. This one will have to do. • A mud and blood stained @DryCreekOutfitters hoody on the back of @_KileJones during a wet, foggy, and nasty BANGER. I think it’s simple. I think it’s clear. I think it’s obvious. Hunt. Dry. Creek. • Thank you @R.Morgan91 for trusting and allowing me to photograph your clients and your crew. Thank you Dry Creek crew for putting up with for an entire month! Can’t wait for the next one. • • • • #TheyDED #KnowWhereYouStand #RelationshipsOverRations #HuntDryCreek

7 months ago

these flowers were pretty while they lasted #theyded

9 months ago

5.01.18 PM chocolate and cream sprouts

11 months ago

I might be blurry, but as long as the flowers are ok! #theyded

1 year ago

This video is from @ridgelineairsoft 's signature game, called sausage house. Essentially the Alamo. Problem is, there's only this door to shoot in and out of. Don't ask how I didn't get shot laying in front of the door, because I even expected to be shot when I did it #airsoft #airsoftgun #airsoft #airsoftgun #airsoftgun #pewpew #worldairsoft #airsofter #gameplay #video #firstperson #fps #rof #liquidhate #sausage #alamo #thealamo #davycrocket #theyded #stupid #kindofawasteofammobutohwell

1 year ago

These are Black Caterpillar Hunters (Calosoma sayi) that I pulled from one pool filter this afternoon - three live ones in the other scarpered before I got any decent shot of them. These guys are extreme - and I use that word with all the power it held in the early 2000s. When I have a garden, this is one of my target species for collection and relocation - to my garden. They hide under rocks and debris during the day and run around feeding on caterpillars at night. They are extremely fast and extremely hungry. Although... not in this state. They are neither fast nor hungry, but would still be of good use in my garden. Only, in more of a fertilizer capacity. They can live between 2 to 3 years, which is pretty old for a beetle. They are nicely identified by the beautiful rust-coloured spots that run in lines down their wing cases. Awesome insect. #AwesomeNature #GetOutdoors #Coleoptera #TheyDed

1 year ago

Keeping the motivation. Consistency is key! Had a few failed reps at 225 today, legs felt like jello after all those cleans yesterday at 90% 😅! @crossfitkingspoint ••• Complex: 2 clean pulls + 1 squat clean 155, 185, 205, 225 fail 😭 ••• 12 min EMOM (:30 on, :30 off) Min 1: Russian kettle bell swings (70#) Min 2: burpees to plate (45#) Min 3: reverse lunges w/ kettle bell (70#) Score is total number of reps - 174! ••• #postyournumbers #crossfitkingspoint #repthelion #crossfit #crossfitter #emom #cleans #holylegs #theyded #comebacktour2k17 #guyswhocrossfit #guyswholift #judgeme #idc #postingforacccountability #nexttime

1 year ago

Heat six sets a new "Last Person to Get Off the Floor After Event 6" record with 29 seconds. #theyded

1 year ago

When I was a lad there were these two boys, brothers down the street: "Kevin Bologna and Colby Cheese." Once, their kitchen exploded and caught on fire, and I heard it was because Kevin wanted to make lava so he had put a Lava Rock in the microwave. The eruption, smoke, and fire brought loud fire trucks followed by every neighborhood kid for miles around. #lava #rock #awesome #nobodydied #theyded #eat #inorganic #slay #texas #80s #squadgoals #tbt #warning #suh #fun #flashback #goodtimes #donttellmewhattodo #holdmybeer #volcano #explosion #Vulcan #🖖 #🎇 #🌋

2 years ago

My parents have been asleep for twelve hours.

2 years ago

My legs are 😵☠️💀 from 3 sets of 7 front squats immediately into 13 back squats on Monday. Did about 18 bajillion snatch triples today to try and makes my leggies feel normal again. 180# here. #ItDidntWork #TheyDed #nolegs #skwatz

2 years ago

Three casualties at the in-laws' today; two Rough Earthsnakes (biggest one shown - about 9.5") caught in the pool filter, and a stunning 9" Broad-headed skink caught by the dog. #herp #TheyDed