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Man I love this. I had to clip it to 1 min, but if you get a chance, watch the entire thing. It’s amazing. He grew up in a rough spot, with his grandparents being executed in gas chambers from the Nazis. We need to stop believing that our differences make us superior or inferior to one another. . #positive #truth #family #awesome #growthmindset #mindful #mindshift #mindsetmentor #mindsetmatters #mindpower #mindsetshift #dailygrind #positivemindset #mindsetgoals #mindovermatter #mindfullness #mindiseverything #mentalstrength #changeforbetter #mindsets #change #peaceandlove #peace

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R Train Astoria NY

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GOtD: Wow! Today I enjoyed the Wednesday SOLV facing these gloriously fragrant blossoms. I closed my eyes, and could suddenly feel my sense of smell “alive-Ing” with each in and out breath. I could suddenly hear all types of birds who—tho they were surely singing before—I’d failed to notice with my eyes open, moving around the yard. Thirty minutes passed, and on one hand it felt like a vacation, and on the other, it seemed like no time at all. How I wish “smellavision” were already invented so you could smell the same bouquet! It was really a gift! (SOLV stands for Send Out Loving Vibes. It’s a meditation we do every Wednesday from 11:30-noon Texas time—you are welcome to join from wherever you may be. People participate regularly from California to Florida!) #blossom #inhaleexhale #breathe #grateful #mindset #meditation #meditate #mindfulness #citrusblossom #joy #be #peace

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It’s all Christ , and Christ in disguise , there is none else , those are merged , leaving One, that One merged in All, All dissolved into One ... Now we are in Christ becoming more like That each moment consciously or unconsciously, you can think you can consciously slow it down, but what does slow even mean? If time is nothing then slow is nothing rather meaning assigned by relation to something else. Procession of the equinox ... we are in good moments ,and progressing now by default organically every moment for thousands more years ... upward progression . Make sure you’re mind is either dissolved or occupied with that which adds joy to your life... Think of nothing but if you think of something think of God, think of the masters, think of what you want your life to be like, let the dreams flow, and let the life you love continue to improve on all levels . Be gentle reflections be gentle #beautiful #people #love #joy #peace #understanding #happiness #guruji #ahhh #lifeinsurance #lifecoach #aum #frozen #universal #life #vegan #moon #fullmoon #shine #snow #snowday #night #tree #trees #om #night #nightphotography #wisdom #yoga

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Whenever we’re anxious, it’s hard to think of other things other than the looming dangers and risks we conjure in our mind.We tend to forget that it too, like the clouds in a windy sky, will pass. We know better but we prefer to listen to that nagging voice telling us we’re in deep trouble. I know it’s hard to think straight when your mind goes into flight response. But here’s one thing you can do that I’m sure will take the edge off your anxiety – breathe. Breathe deep. And as you do, engage your mind. Pay attention to the rise and fall of your chest.Open your ears to the sounds around you – the breeze in the trees, the click-clack of shoes in the halls, or the faint rumbling of cars outside. You are not alone in the world.Everyone else is going about their business. And rest assured they too are anxious about something in their own life’s . #depression #anxiety #light #peace #thoughts #fear #critical #breathe #mindset #life #worry #struggle #confusion #health #mindset

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The virtue of health is the sense of orientation, how you direct all your energies and all your activities: towards death or immortality (immortality in ideas, thoughts, speech, senses, will, and the seed on earth)? - The Secret Book of The Essene Magi

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#SparksAndMatches #WomenDecide • My new friend @sparksandmatches is sharing her heart and I can hear my mind speaking out loud. Please visit her site and be positively challenged! • #Repost @sparksandmatches with @get_repost ・・・ Here’s how we do this: . 1. Figure out what you really care about and refuse to spend your limited time, money and energy on anything that doesn’t support that value.⁣ .⁣⠀ Every choice we make sends a message—it signals what we want more of. The stuff we buy, stalk online, and even talk about buying is tracked by marketing agencies and corporations (it’s creepy but true.) If we buy stuff, they'll make more of it. If we choose not to buy stuff, they'll figure out why we didn't buy and make something we will.⁣ .⁣ That means, if we refuse to buy stuff that’s made by slaves, they’ll stop enslaving people to make it. If we buy less plastic, they’ll make less plastic.⁣ .⁣ On the other hand... if we go out of our way to support brands that are culturally diverse and intentionally inclusive, more brands will adopt those values. If we buy sustainably made products, they will create more sustainably made products.⁣ .⁣ 2. Instead, invest your time, money, and energy in things that make you feel alive and make the world a better place.⁣ .⁣ Imagine a world where women are so busy contributing to the world in meaningful ways that we don't even notice the messaging designed to make us feel inadequate.⁣ .⁣ Imagine if women used our money, our influence, and our voice to demand a world where people and planet are treated well.⁣ .⁣ The world would be completely different! And so would we.⁣ .⁣ This is how we lead. Learn more in the full article. Link in profile.⁣ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣ #sparkchange #changethesystem #womenrising #leadhership #womenwholead #womenlead #justice #equality #peace

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Evening mantra: I am focus A warrior is grounded in foundation, open in heart and focused in vision. . Many thoughts may arise in my mind. Sensations appear in my body and in my heart. It is in the stillness of my gaze that I am able to grow in my power and purpose. . I am focus. #nahilife #modernmonk . . . . . . . #peace #love #community #flow #thecommUnity #yoga #yogini #yogaeverydamnday #mantra #awareness #affirmations #drishti #yogateachertraining #yogateacher #yogachallenge #namaste #yogajournal #life #meditation #art #lululemon #inspiration #human #fit #selflove #virabhadrasana #empowerment

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Calma! Tropeços acontecem 😁 é só saber o que fazer com isso...

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Hair discrimination was made illegal in New York City! 👏🏾✊🏿 @nycchr “This means that is now illegal to target black people based on their hair or hairstyle at work, school or in any public place – and if you do, you may get fined. There is a widespread and fundamentally racist belief that black hairstyles are not suited for formal settings, and may be unhygienic, messy, disruptive, or unkempt”. - #thegaurdian

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Human interaction is always the most rewarding. I love to see people’s reactions , their smile, hearing them laugh, and getting the whole experience of our interconnected energy. I’m grateful to have been able to spend time with people and actually look them in the eyes when they’re talking. In our advanced digital age, one of the concerns is how we have become less caring of others. At one time, our very survival depended on trusting and supportive relationships. Fundamentally, it doesn’t matter how technologically sophisticated we become; emotional connectivity remains a core part of being human.

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Para mi ❤️

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So its nearly 11pm and im currently walking to my car. Have just finished an event with work (sup, new sexual camera on the S10 plus). Its been a weird last couple of days. I've felt super isolated and the feeling of being insignificant has crept all over me. This hasnt happened in a while and I've just kinda secluded myself further. Luckily work has been busy so ive just been preoccupying whatever is left of my mind. Being the supportive one for everyone and checking in on them willingly because i like doing that, is all good and well, and this isnt a cry for help but it would be so cool if one day i was the one being suffocated with somones love. I'll probably cringe at this in a few days but hey its what i feel right now so allow it. ✌🏼

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Hindu temple with traditional architecture houses an exhibition on the religion’s history.