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What a concert!!🎶❤️ Thank you @nkotb for bringing the Mixtape Tour to Chicago.

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Hola que tal? En esta segunda post-entrega de 100% Culturaspop empezamos con... #Madonna : Después de 4 años, esta semana ha estreno su disco, "Madame X", un disco con temas de arte pop, R&B y música latina. Ademas, en ese disco inculye temas a dueto con artistas como #Maluma , #SwaeLee o la brasileña #Anitta. Y que sepáis que "Dark Ballet" es el tercer single de "Madame X", el ultimo álbum de la reina del pop. RECOMENDACIONES: En el apartado Recomendaciones, os voy a recomendar a que escuchéis estos 3 temas nuevos que se han estrenado en el mercado discográfico. Ahí van estos 3 temas que os recomiendo a escuchar en las plataformas musicales y ver sus videoclips en Youtube: 1. Madonna - Dark Ballet 2. #BruceSpringsteen - Western Stars 3. #NewKidsOnTheBlock - 80s Baby CITA CULTURAL: En 100% Culturaspop os voy a ofrecer una cita cultural, y esa cita cultural es en Torremolinos(Málaga) que allí se celebra el Mercado Artesanal Atenea, inaugurado el pasado 5 de junio que tendrá continuidad los días 7, 11, 14, 18, 21, 25 y 28 de junio. FECHAS DE CONCIERTOS: Si estáis hartos de estar aburridos todo el día, yo os ofrezco algunas de estas fechas de conciertos de vuestros artistas y grupos favoritos de la música comercial para que os animéis: 1. #JuanLuisGuerra : 21 DE JUNIO en Valencia, el 24 en Barcelona y el 27 en Madrid. 2. #EltonJohn : 26 DE JUNIO en Madrid. 3. #AnaBelén : 26 DE JUNIO en Barcelona. 4. #Marea : 27 DE JUNIO en Ourense y el 29 en Zamora. 5. #HombresG : 27 DE JUNIO en Madrid. 6. #ManoloGarcía : 28 DE JUNIO en Zamora y el 29 en Palencia. 7. #ChristopherCross : 28 DE JUNIO en Barcelona. 8. #RodStewart y #TheWaterboys : 29 DE JUNIO en Hoyos del Espino(Ávila). 9. #Melendi : 29 DE JUNIO en León. 10. #Leiva (ex de #Pereza ): 30 DE JUNIO en Madrid. Eso es todo por hoy, hasta aquí me despido hasta la próxima entrega de 100% Culturaspop.  Sed buenos y sed felices😊

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What a cutie 🥰

4 hours ago

Let’s be real we can NEVER leave out Joey Joe 💘💘💘💘 (I tried out a new editing app btw and I like it except you can’t get rid of watermark whyyyy) audio: @obliviateaudios

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❤️❤️ Reunited with #BoysintheBand at their #mixtapetour and it felt OH SO GOOD! ❤️❤️ Also, #blockhead sisters are friends for life 👯‍♀️ Thanks #NKOTB for loving your fans so much 🌹🙇🏻‍♀️ ... I can’t believe how many selfie moments 📸📸📸 that each one of them did throughout the concert! And the other 80s-90s stars were icing on the cake 🍰... What an amazing night! 💯This includes buying some overpriced concert merchandise, which we always do anyway 💸 ▶️ Check out @kihpatootie for 🎥 . . . #fangirl #blockhead4life #threedecadesstrong #thankyou #newkidsontheblock #jordanknight #joemcintyre #donniewalhberg #jonknight #dannywood

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Happy Father's Day to the guy that had my heart first. You're appreciated and loved more than you know! I hope you have a great day today. 💛

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Myself getting into a move I want. Keeping my patience and never giving up on a move I want to preform. Stay humble after a win or lose. I always shake my opponents hands after a match. This opponent gave me the cold shoulder and didn’t want to shake my hand and walked away 🤨 Have grace, respect ✊ and be good to others. After the match I still said good job to him because that’s what you do. Be a good person no matter what 🤙🏼 Yes Iam shy but I try my best We are the new generation Have goodness in your heart #comp #bjjwear #goodness #newgeneration #newkidsontheblock #video #videogame #videoshoot #enjoythejourney #enjoylife #enjoythelittlethings #crew #oamastrong #respectothers #loveeveryonealways #behumbleandkind #travelphotography #videomaker

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Do you have your tickets yet for New Kids on the Block’s Tuesday night show at Little Caesars Arena? If you don’t, get yours now at the link in bio! Tickets are starting at only 39 dollars Canadian! #newkidsontheblock #littlecaesarsarena #detroit

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My phone takes some pretty crap pictures, but seeing @nkotb will never not be my favorite.

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. . 浦安店より新入荷 . Made in USA🇺🇸 80's FRUIT OF THE LOOM NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK S/S Tee size M ¥3,500+tax . アメリカのボーイバンド ニュー・キッズ・オン・ザ・ブロック。 ビルボードの全米シングルチャート第1位に輝いた ''Step by Step''は世界的大ヒットを収め 日本でもよく知られる代表作として有名ですね👀 デザイン、雰囲気共に抜群!カッコイイです!! . サイズ詳細はBlogにてご紹介しております。 . 通販も可能です。お問い合わせは ☎️047-314-1914 ✉️mellow2004まで。 営業時間12:00〜21:00 . 尚お電話・メールでのお取り置き、 コメントとDMの返信は行っておりません。 . トップページのメール・電話ボタンでも お問い合わせいただけます。 ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ @mellow_used_clothing . #古着女子 #古着屋mellow #mellow浦安 #usedclothingmellow #mellow_nono #urayasu #vintage #80s #newkidsontheblock

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! AHOY ! COMING SOON ! C’est avec une joie non dissimulée que nous annonçons officiellement l’ouverture prochaine de notre concept store en plein cœur de Nice. Dans un univers fantastique tiré du meilleur des années 80/90, avec une touche de rétro-futurisme et de science-fiction, nous sommes en train de vous préparer une décoration hallucinante et onirique. Nous ouvrons dès maintenant l’agenda de @deliabrodytattoo pour le tatouage. Si vous souhaitez des renseignements ou prendre rendez-vous, tout se passe directement par le facebook du Shop pour l’instant. Pour le Barbershop, les premières semaines se feront avec ou sans rendez-vous mais nous en dirons un peu plus très bientôt. Partagez, likez, parlez à fond autour de vous, on arrive en force dès Juillet. Plus d’informations, teasers et autres trucs délirants dans les jours qui viennent. Stay tuned. #tattoo #tatouage #nice #riviera #tattooshop #barbershop #gaming #retro #80s #90s #strangerskins #strangerthings #geek #cyberpunk #newkidsontheblock #follow

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i mean joey is my favorite new kid for a reason... 🥵 dt. ela bc she aSkEd me 😔

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Feelin' cute. 'Might go to a New Kids on the Block concert later idk Well, I did. And it was a totally rad production. Way beyond my expectations, even after having watched others' social stories. My 8-year-old self would have approved. And I did this for her, really. NKOTB was one of my very first favorite music artists, as was Debbie Gibson, in point of fact. (I beat up dudes in elementary school who messed with my Debbie hat!) So, this was a nearly 30-year-old dream finally come true. In honor of this most excellent occasion, I put together an ensemble that evoked the mixtape theme of the concert. While I (sadly) got rid of my original Debbie Gibson hat long ago, I elected to wear a modern proxy. Threw on an NKOTB shirt (for obvious reasons), and salt and peppa'd some final touches in the style of Wyld Stallyons. I'll never forget this experience. Ever. Especially after Donnie Wahlberg and Joey McIntyre point at and single you out of the crowd! xo Jenny For a good time call... 867-5309 @nkotb @debbiegibson @donniewahlberg @joeymcintyre @jordanknightofficial @dannywoodofficial @jonathanrknight #newkidsontheblock #nkotb #nkotbmixtape2019 #blockhead #debbiegibson #debbiehead #mixtapetour #80sbaby #80sgirl #wyldstallyns #cassettecam #hangintough #foragoodtimecall #8675309

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We decided to have a weekend of simple family things; beach, kite festival, lunch dates with the kids, movies and currently waiting on the roast dinner. The last few weeks have been all about business, renovations, work conferences and rebranding of our #aussiemozi. We are doing our website changes this week, finalizing everything before we show you all the #newkidsontheblock I know we have multiple stockists waiting on stock and plenty of you chasing more bottles.. we kept everyone in mind and did this in the off season when lots of mosquitoes go on #holidays. 😋 #businesschicks #outdoors #kitefest2019 #nontoxic #funinthesun #archernaturals #naturopath #mumlife #australianowned #chemicalfree

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I’m not sure what makes me happier: still having these @nkotb concert passes from the 80s...or the woman’s face behind us in line who is having NONE OF IT.

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My legs right now.

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Girl, please don't go...