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📷| Portraits em HQ da Alycia para a #SDCC2019 ! 😍 (via farfarawaysite.com)

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📷| Portrait da Alycia com o elenco de #FearTWD para a #SDCC2019 ! (via EW.com ew.com)

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📷| Portrait da Alycia para a #SDCC19 ! 💕 (via TVInsider no twitter)

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_ waiting for 6x10 screencaps to came out 😊 meanwhile enjoy a throwback to season 4

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SEXTOU! A @BandTV exibe nesta sexta-feira (19), às 22h, o programa "Música na Band", que vai ao ar com uma edição especial com os shows "Negalora - Íntimo" e "AxeMusic - Ao vivo" da emblemática @ClaudiaLeitte. Essa é a segunda vez em menos de 1 ano que a emissora exibe os melhores momentos dos DVDs da cantora. Há interesses? TOTAI$!

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1x02 - 6x09 — I think everybody has made this parallel 😂

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comment ur name for a dt🤠 (editors only) #lexa

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ulan echo a.a.k

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🎥| “Oh, acho que a minha semana de aniversário começou. 💁❤ Amo esta pequena família.” (via @alyciajasmin )

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This is a collab with the prettiest and THE QUEEN OF BLENDING EDITS @manylegacy ❤... ( this is not a blending edit though) and sorry for this dumb edit.. Coz we both are really tired of making edits as no one are really caring about them these days. It was amazing to do collab with you Jo dude💝 I HATE YOU SO MUCH

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all the 100 girl ⭐️’s in blue!! 🌸 so glad i could finally include paige in this one! marie looks great in her t-shirt dress and i love love love lindsey’s dress that opens by the leg! - #qotd who looks best in the blue #aotd either lindsey because she looks adorable in her dress or marie because she looks like a freaking goddess in her t-shirt dress answer the qotd or comment to be tagged in my next post - hashtags💙 #bobmorley #bellamyblake #clarkegriffin #elizataylor #octaviablake #marieavgeropoulos #ravenreyes #lindseymorgan #taysateles #echo #johnmurphy #richardharmon #madigriffin #lolaflannery #lexa #alyciadebnamcarey #emori #luisadolivera #paigeturco #abigailgriffin #henryiancusick #marcuskane #gaia #tatigabrielle #the100edit #montygreen #chelseyreist #the100

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CLARKE ∞ MADI LEXA (IA) ❄️🔥 😢 Que en paz abandones esta orilla, con amor que encuentres la siguiente, con paso seguro en tus viajes, hasta nuestro travesía final a la tierra firme, Que nos volvamos a encontrar. "may we meet again" Tu lucha ha acabado. " Your fight is over" 14 #lexa Capítulo 6x08, 6x09,6x10 (2 /4 ) de #the100 #clexa #heda #clarke #madi #commander #the100season6

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— do like, love or dislike Lexa?😉

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bellamy sen nası bi qralsın bee

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i’m not over it ____________________________ PS: I know that whole major bellarke scene just came out but this is in no way shape or form supposed to go against that. I ship bellarke too, just miss this lil raccoon. PPS: I’m super thrilled Belize actually happened and Bob and Eliza got married. That kept me cheerful for like days😁😂— ———————————— Ac: @dazeddaudios Cc: @sweeettutorials Dt: any one who misses the little cinnamon roll

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Пост о милашке Алисии😂🤩

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come on clarke come on ben öpüştüler sayıyorum yani süni tenefüste bi şeydir sonuçta dösnsşmsmx

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In my opinion this part of the plot is totally unnecessary

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4x06/4x10 🌿 q: Indra or Niylah? a: Indra

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Cr: @alyciaddicted 💗 — Lmao I didn’t know that I needed it until I saw it