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it’s been 8 long months without the love of my life (jahseh) i miss you who much and love you more then words can describe #llj

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This album isn't the best album ever made, probably not even close, But this album shaped an entire generation of people and will contonue to do so. Its more than an album, its a phenomenon. Musically and lyrically its not close to my favorite album, but I love it anyway cause of its cultural aspect, if that makes sence. Follow us @no_hate_hiphop for daily NON HATE hip hop🔥 #hiphop #rap #trap #southernhiphop #nohate #travisscott #astro #astroworld #grammys #oldschool #newschool #cardib #offset #quavo #kendricklamar #jcole #xxxtentacion #llj

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;) Yw

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17 (2017) The debut album by the late XXXTENTACION. I remember quite clearly a time in late 2017 when I didn’t understand the hype surrounding XXX, his compilation mixtape REVENGE contained some aggressive and somewhat memorable tracks, particularly his breakout hit ‘Look at Me’, however little separated him from other ‘soundcloud’ rappers making better music and unique visuals at the same time. When ‘17’ dropped, a moody, narrative driven R&B project it was the first solid indication that XXX was unlike what audiences and critics had perceived him or his music as prior. Without the backing of any major label, any journalists or co-signs, XXX managed to get his first record to the 2nd highest position on the Billboard 200. 🔹 XXX croons and delivers his signature flow on a number of remarkable, yet so short they’re seemingly unfinished tracks on this just over 20 minute album. Acoustic guitars are effectively used on ‘Depression & Obsession’ and ‘Revenge’, subverting audience expectations of the Florida MC’s work up to that point. ‘Fuck Love’ with Trippie Redd is my favorite and perhaps the most memorable cut from the project, with both artists switching between their unique and catchy delivery of heartbreaking lyrics which can be overshadowed to great effect by the charismatic personalities that come to life on this track. 🔹 This pressing which only saw release after XXX’s unfortunate passing has been handled with care. While the pixelated cover image could surely have been rendered in higher quality, the rest of the record is lovely. It includes a matte sleeve with glossy writing for the tracklist, a black and white artistic collage of the rappers life, in a similar art scheme to his follow up ‘?’ album. Finally, the single LP is pressed on black and white mixed vinyl with a download #xxxtentacionedits #xxxtentacion #ripjahseh #llj #jocelynflores #revenge #hiphop

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Ayy vro yall mind if I e x i s t .

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eight 🖤

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8 months.. 🖤🕊 #LLJ

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its been 8 months without you king, i miss your funny instagram videos and your positive vibes. i look up to the sky wondering if you’re looking over us. love you jah. #LLJ 🕊

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Y these memes so shit

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@xxxtentacion @therealflyboytarantino ・・・ 2015... Jah had this show one night and i didn’t want to miss it because i missed the last one before that. I was spending all day trying to get a ride to this show and nobody was able to come get me... I was so hurt and upset cause i thought i was gonna miss two shows in a row. I felt left behind. 30 minutes later jah pulls up with the whole gang honking the horns and yelling outside my crib, telling me to hurry up and get ready. I knew jah thought about me because he’s the only person i know that pulls up to yo house like this 😂 Simple Times.... We had a show last night and we ended the show with “SAD” and i looked at my phone and see jah on my lock screen and i hear the crowd singing every word, and it just made me feel crazy...its been 8 months and i still cant wrap my head around the fact that you’re gone. I lost count of the months 😪 All I’m trying to say is that i miss you everyday even when I’m not thinking about you something always pops up in my head that reminds me of you. I wish you can see me now jah I’ve come so far and I’m still going. I wish you were still here to see me flourish and be the person you helped me become. You’ve changed my life and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities and love and support that you’ve given me, even if it was from a distance or face to face..one day ill have children and they will know what an amazing person their uncle was. I love you jah. See you soon. ~ #LLJ #xxxtentacion #x #skins #phases #artist #rapper #rap #trap #hiphop #rock #soul #music #dark #light #shed #skins #heaven #MEMEBERSONLY #vol4 #gekyume #energyneverdies #ripx #jahseh #forever #alone #skater #numb #snow

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8 Months🖤🕊 #llj

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#LLJ remember to remember 8 months

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YNW Melly's "Murder on My Mind" explained 👀🙏 @xantacion

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A bullet killed a person physically,But millions mentally... #llj ❤️🕊 8 months❌

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Lil skies taking care of his team🔥

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8 months without Jahseh. Time has gone by way to fast🖤 #llj

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anyone else have this? not full btw

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Oh man, what a world, the things I hear. If I could act on my revenge, then, oh, would I? #LLJ 💔

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𝔖𝔪𝔦𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔞𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔩𝔰✨ - I miss both of them sm omg🤯❤️ ac+highly ib; @invinciblepyt dt; tagged

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im gonna do this Challenge and then delete these posts i wanted 8 months since you're gone baby boy

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it is so heartbreaking to tell each other that 8 months ago you were still part of this world.. but it's even more heartbreaking for me to really believe in it, I still can not achieve it. and I think I could never realize it.. we miss you too much jah, it's a big void without you if you knew. it is so horrible and heartbreaking to see that this world has become so cruel. all this shit has to stop for good. if only it would be possible to change the past, you would still be with us today... your wish will be realized very soon jah, this world will become better, positive energy will be felt everywhere, it is promised. we feel your energy with us, it makes us feel better. I will never thank you enough for everything you did for us. forever in my heart little angel. I will love you forever. LLJ🕊 @xxxtentacion @cleo_ohsojazzy @jadespiritual #llj

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today you should have celebrated your 21st birthday... and it's also been 7 months since you're not here anymore... it's so hard to really realize that you're gone because your energy is still there. we miss you more and more every day. Gekyume will soon be born and you will not be here for his birth and even for his whole life, it's so horrible.. because of all this shit that's happening all over the world, they took your life, what broke the heart to thousands of people, without you wanting it, while you did not do anything, you did not ask anything. but gekyume will know that his father was a legend, a source of inspiration for so many young people, an extraordinary person who realized so many things; he will be very proud. thanks again enormously for everything. your energy will live for eternity and the positivity will spread in the world, we promise you. forever in my heart. happy birthday my little angel👼🏾 LLJ🕊 @xxxtentacion @cleo_ohsojazzy @jadespiritual thank you so muuuuuch @dripnation.fr 😘 #llj

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6month today that you are no longer with us. it's still too hard to believe your departure. the days, the months go horribly fast, I still remember that day when I learned your departure, it was way too hard to believe, a horrible day, I feel like it was yesterday.. these videos say so much about your life, an amazing person. we miss you a lot more each day. we promise you all to fulfill your wish. your energy will live for eternity. thanks again enormously for everything what you did and accomplished, you will remain forever engraved in our hearts. legends never die, forever jah. LLJ 🕊🖤 @xxxtentacion @cleo_ohsojazzy @jadespiritual here is the legacy of jah. #llj