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2 hours ago

Looking forward to the second leg of the Triple Crown down in Stone Fort. Hopefully the weather holds up and the rains stays away like it did this year for Hound Ears. I want to see everyone there. Pictured is @crushing_benjamin on his send of Mushroom Roof v6. Go give him a follow while you're here. BTW my photos from Hound Ears are up on my website, Just click the link in my bio to go look.

3 hours ago

New video by @ethansalvo is out now! Go watch him send Razorblade Rodeo (V11) in old-school style! Link is in our bio.

4 hours ago

I’m spending my day today searching through every photo I’ve taken to start my “best of” location posts! Where do you want to see first? Comment below! 🏞 @c_healy climbing in Moes Valley, UT @frictionlabs @organicclimbing

7 hours ago

Another classic from Durango 🐣 ‘Skully’ [V5] The crux was topping out on a slanted boulder full of pine needles 😅🍂 Video: @alex_manikowski @lasportivana

11 hours ago

... Wir hatten richtig viel Spaß beim Testen der neuen Boulder am "Pain au chocolat" @philipp.schumann92 turnt euch mal den schönen @flathold Boulder vor, für den es viele verschiedene Lösungen gibt. Welche findest du? Bon Bloc Euer Mandala #flathold #bestboulders #climbing #blocz #new #routesetting #sektor #mastersedge #indoorclimbing #bouldergym #weloveclimbing #bouldering #designforclimbing #climbinggym #mandalaroutesetting #bouldernmachtglücklich #routesetter #bouldernmachtstark #mandalabouldern #boulderhalledresden #bonbloc

12 hours ago

Finally grew enough skin back to finish the @stax_volumes classic 😁 This one was the men's finals B4 in #WestCoastBlocs 🙌 Not too hard when you're fresh but imagine doing this after a exhausting day of qualifications (24 boulders) and finals...and in 4 minutes....I would hardly leave the floor 😅 Video bombed by speed climber @calum_douglas_forsyth_ 😂

14 hours ago

>>> START UND LANDUNG <<<. . Meine Damen und Herren, hier spricht Ihr Kapitän. Bitte bringen Sie Ihren Rücken mit Schwung von einer gebeugten in eine aufrechte Position und halten Sie den Zielgriff ordentlich fest. Unsere Reisehöhe beträgt danach etwa 10cm (Fußhöhe). Da dies ein Kurzstreckenflug ist (keine Sorge: klimaneutral, da über Muskelkraft betrieben), setzen wir zur Landung für einen Zwischenstopp an. Da die Landebahn recht kurz ist, bitten wir Sie, sich vorsorglich in die brace-Position zu begeben (Körper klein machen). Nach kurzem Aufenthalt setzen wir unsere Reise fort. Ihr Reisebegleiter @bjwa_97 wird Sie dann durch den zweiten Teil unserer Reise führen. Wir wünschen einen angenehmen Flug und würden uns freuen, Sie bald wieder an Bord der Air-Bloc begrüßen zu dürfen.

1 day ago

I miss when temps were good. Soon. Soon.

1 day ago

Pokemon Gang 😆 . . . ✅Ship worldwide. ✅All international shipping includes tracking. For more info please DM or [email protected] : @chalkshock Or visit us at (link in Bio)

1 day ago

I managed to find this problem which didn’t bother my leg too much! But it takes too long to find problems that are a good match. Time to stop screwing around 😤 and set some left leg dominant climbs. ☕️Chia Latte

1 day ago

Wow! @smileysproject really giving back to the climbing community in a big way! Read below and watch all 3 videos😮🤙 ---------- Reposted from @smileysproject - Don't Rappel From One Piece of Gear! #Rocktober is the best time of year. For all you crushers out there, please keep your bail anchors bomber. For the past three years I have made this commitment to remove the financial part of the decision to make redundant bail anchors. Please tag anyone you might think will benefit from this. ---------- ☆》 @LiveClimbExplore 《☆ ---------- #LiveClimbExplore

1 day ago

I can’t emphasize how many times I tried this sequence but when I finally pieced it together it looked as if I was dancing up the wall. . Would you have attempted to do this problem static? . 🧗‍♂️🎥: @jonathanieong

1 day ago

Golden shower v5. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. This year I’ve had two separate hand injuries and if the physical setbacks weren’t enough, it felt like I had to dig myself out of a mental hole and build my confidence back up. I’m not back to 100% by any means, but I’m getting better, feeling stronger, and most importantly, having fun again. Today I sent two v5’s I had been projecting out here this past year before the injuries happened. It feels SO GOOD. And maybe the best part was having a great crew there to show some support and cheer me to the top. Today was a good one.

2 days ago

Midterm season got us like...

2 days ago

So psyched to have sent this classic Durango problem in less than an hour of trying! Such a special, symbolic moment for me 🕊 thanks @alex_manikowski for the spot and never-ending love&support 😚 @lasportivana

2 days ago

🍃🍂🍁🍂 was für ein wunderschöner #herbsttag im #pfälzerwald „Plattenblock“ am Hochberg, einer der landschaftlich schönsten Möglichkeiten zum #Bouldern in der #Pfalz die wir bisher gefunden haben... Es wird nicht die letzte gewesen sein 🧗🏻‍♂️🧗‍♀️ 📸 @chani__chan 📸 @sim_alex_ #forest #nature #outdoor #rockclimbing #picoftheday #timetoclimb #bouldern #bouldering_pictures_of_instagram #bestboulders #instablocstuff #climbing_is_my_passion #climber #climbingworldwide #climbing #adidas #ocun #e9 #fitnessmotovation #worklessclimbmore #sloper #outside #outdoor #chalk #boulderlife

3 days ago

Yesterday's @vbrockgym Boulders, Brews and Boos comp was a great competition. Good to see our local climbing community thriving like it is. Photos from qualifying are up on my website, please take a look at Select Boulders, Brews and Boos from the climbing menu. Pictured is Josie crushing this black balance problem in the purple boulder.

3 days ago

Mein kleines Monsterchen 😈 ich liebe die Chalkbags von @8bplus_rockclimbing einfach! So viel Platz, mit Außentaschen für die Bürsten, eine Handcreme oder Taschentücher und mach einfach was her! Schaut mal im @8bplus_rockclimbing Shop vorbei, dort gibt es zahlreiche Monster die einen neuen Daddy oder eine neue Mommy brauchen! (Wenn ihr euch traut...🧛🏻‍♂️😈🧛🏻‍♀️) #bouldern #sport #climbing #sport #boulderwomen #bouldering #fitness #gymclimbing #womenclimbing #rock #potd #bouldering_pictures_of_instagram #fitness #indoorbouldering #climbing_is_my_passion #rockclimber #climbingpicturesofinstagram #climbinglife #boulderpassiongirl #liveclimbrepeat #boulderinglife #bestboulders #bloc #goodmorning *Werbung*

3 days ago

#Summervibes in Cologne today ☀️... That reminds me of an awesome day at #cancheauxmerciers at the wonderful #forestoffontainebleau this September...😍 I was happy to send this boulder after some tries. Repeated it two times, but when @m_galahad started filming, I forgot how to top out 🙈🙊😂 #blue11 #fb5b #bestday #oheinhook #knotenimkopf #nachmüdekommtdoof __________________________ Thank you for filming and supporting @m_galahad 🤗😍😘 __________________________ #fontainebleaubouldering #fontbouldering #bleaubouldering #bleau #foretdefontainebleau #fontainebleauforest #bouldern #bouldering #boulderinglife #bestboulders #girlswhoboulder #boulderinggirls #training #tryhard #climbing #bouldergirls #bouldernmachtglücklich #bouldering_videos_of_instagram #trainyourweakness

3 days ago

Ju mindre grepp, desto bättre 👏🏼

3 days ago

What a spectacular line! You definitely need shoulders of steel for this one 💪😎 ---------- Reposted from @asyagrechka - Throwback to my first 8a last year 😍 Excited for more to come 😼 . Foxy Lady, 8a/v11 (Magic Wood) ---------- ☆》 @LiveClimbExplore 《☆ ---------- #LiveClimbExplore

3 days ago

Wicked day at Higgar Tor yesterday with @phil_with_one_l @ch4lky76 @steverile Sam and Jack . One of the coolest moves I’ve done on ‘Piss 7B/V8’ falling while doing a slam dunk! ‘Pooh 7B/V8’ dyno, some epic whaling on ‘Flying Arête Left 6B/V4’ (need to go back for the right side) and ‘Sick 6A/V3’. At south we did ‘Like Pommel 6B/V4’ (not filmed) tricky and a little scary 😅

3 days ago

It’s getting closer to winter and walls are getting busier! I think it might be time to start hiding away in the training area! Pretty psyched to push myself to the next level 💪🏻. . #psychi #reachyourpotential #wearerab #climbskin

3 days ago

En nuestro grupo disfrutamos de las libertades y versatilidad que te da la roca, nuestro propósito es hacer de la escalada un deporte más como cualquiera, que todo el que esté interesado pueda dedicarse aquí en Lota. Podemos ser la ciudad boulder de la 8va jsksjsjsj Tenemos rutas, y faltan más... Este video es tragicómico ya que al final me torcí el tobillo Brígido al caer y puajjjj estas cosas pasan de vez en cuando, pero lo que no pasa es salir de una lesión y pasar a otra, del pie izquierdo al pie derecho ? Corta tu wea po sksjsjsjs 🎞📹: @psycho___optional mi amor 🌻 gracias por este vidio y gracias por tanto amor jujuuu 🥰 . . . . . . . . . . #escalada #boulder #bestboulders #climb #climbing #freesolo #free #RocaSolidaPapaaa

4 days ago

Mr. Gray war wieder zu Gast 😘💪🕺! - #Repost @robin_gray_117 • • • • • All @cheetaholds on this one! I set this line yesterday @nordwandhalle and it contains a whole range of different moves and styles, starting with a toehook-intro leading into a stretched position forcing micro-movements to rearrange the hands ideally for the upcoming cutloose. the next sequence contains a crazy pinch-palm-forearm-press, while standing on friction, in order to move to the slopy sidepull. To resolve this weird position, one feels captured in at first, one can lay a comfortable thigh-jam into the stack of volumes left-hand(leg)-side to release the left hand 😉 from there on it's easy going, a nice outro. Bon Bloc! ( As folks @mandala_boulderhalle_dresden would say) • It was a pleasure to set together with @pascal_._marseille and @olli_splieth . Thanks for the great session guys! • Also thanks to my bro @fickus_beats for letting me use these incredibly dope beats 🔥♥️🔥 • #robingrayroutesetting #everydayroutesetting #bestboulders #hamburg #sexy #bouldering #routesetting

4 days ago

I love this Picture. It‘s me watching the talented @bastia_ki crushing a boulder in our favourite bouldergym @vels_stuttgart . You can see the excitement in my face and the fun i have watching others on boulders💪🏻 There is nothing like having friends to climb with, achieving tops together and crush some new projects🤘🏻 #boulders #bouldering #boulder #boulderer #friends #picture #pic #ocun #crushing #top #new #boulder_pictures #bouldernmachtglücklich #allehosenleuchtengrün #climb #climbing #vels #velsstuttgart #boulderer #community 📸 @doriansduty #boulderplanet #boulderingproblems #boulders #bestboulders #boulderinglife #boulderingproblems #climbing_lovers #climbing_photos_of_instagram