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4 months ago

Uma referência de projeto de Centro Educacional. Por @big_builds . . #repost @big_builds ・・・ A closer look! Students have settled in at @glasirtorshavncollege in the #FaroeIslands. The vortex-shaped #education center fuses 3 schools into 1 and celebrates the dramatic Faroese landscape! Inside, the circular courtyard 32m in diameter has terraced steps that connect across several levels and merge the multistory building into a single entity #landscapeforlearning #BIGFAROE Photos by @coast_studio FAER on . . #arquitetura #arq #urbanismo #urb #arqurb #engenharia #engenhariacivil #eng #engcivil #arquiteto #engenheiro #projeto #construcao #autocad #3d #render #renderer #big #fau

6 months ago

#poparchquiz : did you know we designed a school on the #FaroeIslands ? Glasir is a 19,200m2 vortex-shaped learning landscape bringing together over 1,750 students & teachers under one roof! Working closely with the client, local architect, collaborators and suppliers, the school integrates and enlarges the capacity for current & future Faroe Islanders – link in bio! Previews by @coast_studio #BIGFAROE

1 year ago

The new #BIGFAROE Islands Education Center is almost set to open—the contractors are working hard to get the atrium stair finished 💪 The education center will bring together three different schools into one building, gathering more than 1,200 students and 300 teachers 👨🏼‍🏫 📝 FAER on

1 year ago

Classroom views – #FaroeIslands Education Center looking promising! We are progressing with the floors in the sports hall and major work is being done on the atrium stairs #BIGFAROE FAER on

1 year ago

Winter wonderland in #FaroeIslands —there’s no snow slow down as all remaining work at the #BIGFAROE Islands Education Centre is inside! Slabfronts, railings, interior walls, ceilings and floors are more than halfway through. FAER on

1 year ago

Up close & personal with locals at #FaroeIslands. #BIGFAROE Islands Education Centre is designed as a vortex with an open rotunda at its center – a space so large at 104ft and 32m in diameter that it is experienced not as an atrium, but as a vibrant city square. FAER on

2 years ago

Night flight over Faroe Islands Education Centre— #BIGFAROE to open next summer: a high school, technical school and business school in Tórshavn will be the biggest building in the history of the #FaroeIslands FAER on

2 years ago

#BIGFAROE vortex radiates out towards its rugged, wind-swept landscape in one of the smallest capitals in the world: Tórshavn on #FaroeIslands. The new education center has its last terrace facades installed & concrete floors nearly finished – all focus now is on interior details: walls, galvanized ceiling and interior glass FAER on

2 years ago

#BIGFAROE Islands Education Centre coming soon August 2018 - Last facades installed ☑️ concrete floors casted ☑️ wood ceilings done ☑️ up next: interior walls and galvanized ceilings. Thanks for the shot @kasparworks FAER on