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'Karakan', 2018 @nicktarasov posting for #revolvcollective Siberia is the place where I was born and I've been coming here from 2015 to photograph landscapes remembered from childhood. My intention has not been to reproduce the tangible aspects of a place, but to give shape to a body of memories and impressions born of my personal history. Arriving here I come back to something that my body and emotions recognize. #revolvtakeover #revolv #instagramtakeover #contemporaryphotography #landscape #landscapephotography #4x5 #largeformat #naturephotography #forest #woods #treescape #landscaperussia #siberia

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It's going to be a slow day.

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Bay Area Metro Center | San Francisco Color transparency film 4 x 5 in | 10.2 x 12.7 cm from Investigation III

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Have you been watching my daily Instagram studio check in videos? Some live and some recorded. I’ve been doing this every day now for a little over a month. It’s been amazing to connect with those of you who stop by, watch the vids and connect with me about my work and my process. . Today I’ve been looking through all of my work. Many of you have asked me when I’ll be selling more of my art and I’ve decided to hand pick 5 really special pieces to offer over the holidays. . They will be limited editions at a discounted rate just for Black Friday. . But here’s the thing. I actually want to make sure I’m picking the images you want! So on my live IG today I asked you to go through my portfolios on my website or here scrolling through IG and pick a favorite piece and tell me what it is!! . I’ll be gathering up this info and deciding based on which things have the most interest from all of you. I’m excited to roll this out starting this Sunday. . So send me a DM or if it’s here in this Post, let me know. If you see it on my IG feed you can comment on that post and tag me so I’ll see it. . I’m looking forward to seeing what your favorite work is and showcasing it for the holiday one time exclusive invitation to own / collect a piece of my work for your home ( or for a friend or lover / partner or parent.... ) so many humans to send a little love to. . * if you’re interested in one of the photos of Max from our project together or one of his Polaroids that he took, let me know. . #collectart #limitededitions #fineart #artcollector #lovewins

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water falls, a part at its seams (blue mountains national park, australia) __________ Shen Hao HZX45-IIA Fujinon A 240mm Rollei RPX 400

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It's not exactly laying flat on the light box when converting; but this was my first 4x5 of many ..shot in the mid 80s // Ektachrome 50 #4x5 #ektachrome

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Works // ME MYSELF AND I - Heidelberg - Germany, 26.01.2009, 4x5“ Slide, Edition of 03+2AP

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Graflex 4x5 model D. Although the speed tag on side calls it autograflex this one seems pieced together from parts. I repaired the shutter curtain 4 years ago and it is a working camera, complete with bag mags, film holders and ground glass back. Lens is an uncoated 21cm zeiss tessar.4.5. Extra clips on front are additions i made to hold the 15 inch wollensak tele-raptar. #graflexslr #4x5 #blackandwhitephotography #filmphotography #bluemooncameraandmachine #cherryststudios #streetphotography #

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*NOTICE* We’ve communicated to you guys that we are in the process of upgrading our facilities and we might have to close for a few days to wrap it all up. That day has come! Starting this upcoming weekend we will close down the lab for 1-2 weeks till all the dust settles. As long as your film is in before this Friday (11/16) it will be processed and scanned as normal. After that there will be a delay. We will still accept film but it won’t be processed till we are back up and running. If you’ve got any questions or time sensitive work please get in touch soon! We thank you in advance for your patience. #northeastphotographic #maine #4x5 #largeformat #fujiprovia

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After a few months of shooting with the new mk3 @intrepidcameraco 4x5 camera, I've finally got some thought together in both words and a video. I know a lot of people have been curious about what this wooden box has to offer, so check the link in my bio! Here's a new image taken with that camera during Colorado's beautiful autumn.

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Can you see the phantom jogger? Expired Vericolor is so slow that I needed a one second exposure for this shot.

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Shout out to these strong women #4x5

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Crystal River, Michigan #4x5

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Crosley, North Bar Lake, Michigan. #4x5