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1 day ago

Now comes the fun part..... Painting them. #2Spooky4Me

3 days ago

Second pass at the main theme for an upcoming young adult horror audiobook series. My first pass firmly established the melody and chord progression that will be the backbone of the theme; but stylistically it was ultimately too whimsical and fantastical for such a dark property. While maintaining my initial motif, I’ve started from scratch on the arrangement and instrumentation, contrasting a spooky, airy piano with modern cinematic dissonant tones, in an attempt to convey both tragedy and tension, setting the stage for a story of hauntings and horrific murders. #composer #horror #soundtrack #audiobook #musicproduction #2spooky4me #soundon

5 days ago

Destroyer of worlds

6 days ago

As per request from @kaliwantspye , Pinkie and I will be playing through and reviewing RE7! So far, I gotta say, we’re both pretty spooked. I knew there’d be zombies and monsters, but I was not told about the ghost chairs!!!! 😱❤️👩🏻‍🔬