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A Memorylane, 9/2018 Tampere - #Haulitorni , the little cabin up there in the middle of the fog was built in order to product those little pellets used in shotgun cartridges.There is a pipe and they dropped tiny pieces of led threw the pipe down into the watertank. Production covered years 1908-1972. Owning a shotgun and other hunting gears is quite usual here. Country is covered by forests owned by people from all social levels. Tradition is strong and based on need of surviving earlier. The last huge famine in Europe peaked in Finland between 1867-68. 1/10 of population was deceased. I have never owned a gun, but eaten many times wild duck, moose, deer, bear, hare etc. . . . . . #Tampere #35mmstreetphotography #1415mobilephotographers #spicollective #documentaryphotography #thestreetphotographyhub #deepblackmag #storyofthestreet #friendsinperson #life_is_street #bnw_demand #hikaricreative #lensculture #wearegrryo #visittampere #visitfinland #canpubphoto #rawurbanshots #zonestreet #cobblescope #everybodystreet #doubleyedge #streetsgrammer #photoobserve #odtakeovers #friendsinbnw #friendsinstreets

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Hey Pixies Hey Been trying to meet you Hey Must be a devil between us Or whores in my head Whores at my door Whores in my bed But hey Where have you been? If you go, i will surely die We're chained 'Uh' said the man to the lady 'Uh' said the lady to the man she adored And the… #ronda #españa #spain #andalucia #streetphotography #cityphotography #architecture #life_is_street #streetsby #streets_only #wearethestreet #nycspc #eerstreet #abandoned #sweet_street_beat #photoobserve #1415mobilephotographers #gf_streets #storyofthestreet #xplorethestreets #one_shot_ #HCSC_street #seventwentymagazine #streetphoto_space #ourstreets #midnightsafari #intothelight #streetsgrammer #mycspc #nonstopstreet

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▪️Meow😼 ▪️

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Down in Soho a few weeks ago.

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The tshirt at the and of the world II

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. I stand amid the roar Of a surf-tormented shore, And I hold within my hand Grains of the golden sand-- How few! yet how they creep Through my fingers to the deep, While I weep--while I weep! O God! can I not grasp Them with a tighter clasp? O God! can I not save One from the pitiless wave? Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream Poe Dalgaların azabıyla inleyen Bir sahilde duruyorum, Altın rengi kumun tanelerini Avuçlarımda tutuyorum-- Ne kadar az! Lakin nasıl da sızıyorlar Parmaklarımın arasından derinlere Ben ağlarken --ben ağlarken! Tanrım, daha sıkı bir pençeyle Tutamaz mıydım onları? Birini bile kurtaramaz mıydım Merhametsiz dalgadan? Gördüğümüz ve olduğumuz herşey Rüya içinde rüyadan mi ibaret? Poe

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On my way back to Catania, after visiting my family's village trying to find any trace of what could be distant relatives, for many times I stopped the car to photograph the beautiful, and specially on that day, bucolic, landscapes of Sicily's countryside. In one of these stops I was lucky enough to meet this wonderful old man. I was driving down a winding road when I saw this amazing view of the village I had just left. Pulled the car over at the hard shoulder, hit the hazard light and quickly took the camera out the snap some shots. It didn't go longer before I was interrupted by increasingly louder barks from a not-that-small dog coming out of the only house standing on the other side of the road. Behind the dog came a man who'd kindly tell the dog to calm down once no danger was to present. It was just me taking pictures after all. He wasn't satisfied only quieting the dog though. He was a curious man and perhaps, bored or lonely too. I decided to cross the road to talk to him and at that moment my italian skills were put to the test. Not to mention his accent and way of speaking that added another layer of difficulty. We managed to talk for about ten minutes. It was enough time for him to present me with his greatest creation. He was a craftsman, and a mason probably, so he built this whole sanctuary to house his holy statues. His favorite one was so big It almost didn’t fit, he said. And it stood right on the entrance of the front yard, where everyone could see it. Clearly the structure was ‘'the apple of his eyes’’, his biggest pride, and for nothing he would miss the opportunity to show it to a new person. Specially to that foreigner who came out of nowhere driving a brand new clean rented car. I told him it was beautiful. Anything less would make him sad. I hope I was convincing enough, since my interests for holy statues are like my interests for Baseball (forgive me MLB, but none). Besides that, I wanted him to think I'd seen the holy spirit walking on earth itself. And by his expression I think he bought it. Once he had enough, I was able to tell him what I was doing there and when I mentioned my last name he got even more interested in me. [...]

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Улица Родионова. . . . . . . .