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Springkällan i Rättvik med väldigt fin natur omkring.

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maybe I should be more negative after failing my final master exam after 2 years of studies and having my thesis ready, but actually, fuck it! maybe that's the next sign that I shouldn't have sticked to the things that don't make my life any better. and this is me, crazy happy on the road trip, doing things that we all should value so much more🍀 #travelling_europe #åilofoten #happytime #norgebilder #travellingislife #norwaygirl #norway_photolovers #lofotenislands #lofoten #moskenesøy #awesomenorway #mynorway #northnorway #lofotenfriluft #lofotenbestute #nordnorge #norgenorway #notamaster #buthappy #lofotenroadtrip #travelismylife

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Queen-halibut #2 for King Erik of Å in Lofoten :-) On our third day of fishing, Erik hooked yet another big halibut with his Westin antitwist rig, this time in rough condition, with hard current, wind and waves, all though it seems calm in the video. The team were ready to help Erik once again, as he got tired. In my opinion, quite beatiful that several anglers get the special feeling, handling these giant fishes. Johan brought the fish almost to the surface, but the Queen had second thoughts and rushed 50meters to the bottom again. Mogens took the rod and did a great job fighting her up to me, and I were able to Secure her for measuring, before setting her free again. 191cm, Eriks second halibut, none below 190cm !! To make matters worse, King Erik of Å actually hooked another BEAST 30 minutes later !? As he striked the fish, biting his baitfish, the Westin w6 rod just bend towards the surface. No signs of movement. I told Erik to keep his pressure, which he did, and the Line was slowly torn of his reel by the pure weight of what the hook held. After 20-25 seconds the hook let go, and Erik could reel it up from the deep. We discussed, if it was a fish or the bottom on the hook. I said, that from the bite and the way the Line ran off the reel I felt pretty certain, it was a really big fish and, hopefully the baitfish would still be there for an inspection, coming up. The baitfish left no doubt, it was all torn in pieces after being in the jaws of a monster.... (look at the photo) after we’ve just landed a 191cm fish, this bite felt Unreal !!! What a tripple it could have been for Erik 😳 he seemed satisfied all though 😉 #nordicseaanling #westingishing #åilofoten #teamsvinet #halibut #halibutfishing #releaseem

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Hvis vi bare stopper opp litt #og ser oss litt rundt #Så er det så mye flott å se #flotte øyeblikk gå i Guds nydelige natur er godt for både kropp og sjel💖🙏

14 hours ago

Hiked 8 miles to and from Munkebu Hut and walked to the town of Å for the fishing museum and probably the best cinnamon rolls 🏔🇳🇴

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Vid världens, eller åtminstone E10s, slut ligger Å. I denna idyll finns ett urgammalt bageri med goda bullar. #lofoten

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• L O F O T E N • Can’t find words to describe these islands

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Coalfish and pollack are great fighters and common in the Å area. The coalfish are every season caught in sizes around or just beneath 20kg. 15-17kg fish are caught every week. Especially on light tackle or topwater lures, they are an exceptional experience ! They are PLENTYFUL in moskenstraumen - actually they Forced us to change area, fishing for halibut, becsuse they would NOT leave our baitfish alone... Pollack is a fish we’ve just reasently began targetting. They like to be around the small islands and live in the kelp vegetation on the edges. They are caught on smaller jigs and delievers an incredible fight on light tackle. We caught Them up til 83cm on our trip, but they get a lot bigger... #nordicseaangling #pollack #coalfish #lofoten #westinfishing #teamsvinet #åilofoten

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We went to Ramberg to look at the beach and ended up in Å. A narrow, winding, pretty busy road that ended at a bakery with a line out the door. Not how we expected to spend our morning! #lofoten #flakstad #hamnøy #e10

1 day ago

Dzika przyroda cywilizowanego zakątka Lofotów. Skrajnie południowego. Miejscowość Å - na tym kończy się tutejszy świat (jak i norweski alfabet...), dalej można dotrzeć tylko wędrując po skalistych graniach naśladując kozice. A i tak po ~10km ląd się skończy. #lofoten #norway

1 day ago

Wir sind auf den Lofoten angekommen 🥰. Und was sollen wir sagen - Natur pur und eine traumhafte Kulisse nach der anderen! Wir werden uns aus dem 100 Seelen Dorf Å über Leknes weiter Richtung Nordosten bewegen!! Habt einen schönen Abend! #lofotenislands #lofotenhighlights #visitlofoten #travel #travelphotography #travelgram #travelblogger #instatravel #nature #beautiful #colours #architecture #photooftheday #naturephotography #naturephoto #water #places #traveles #norway #norwaynature #visitnorway #reisen #reisenmachtglücklich #reiselust #fernweh #mountains #travelpicture #photo #photography