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1 year ago

Conociendo nuevos trails y disfrutando del camino .. Gravias por las fotos y la compañía hoy @j2pointo 💪🏻

2 years ago

Just me and my 🐶

1 year ago

here are some dogs & some rare photos. someone please lock me out of my instagram as soon as possible, im checking myself into a mental institution, ttyl (idk why my location is the w&od but whatever)

4 years ago

7 months ago

Thoughts going through my head at the end of a 45-mile run: This sucks! Who’s idea was this? I hope they have beer at the finish. Only an idiot would do this! I really want a donut and a pizza. Seriously- this is ridiculous! Maybe fried chicken... What goes through my head right after: When can I do this again? 🏃 🏃 #thehairyrunner #TrottinOxen #ultrarunner #ultratrainning

3 months ago

Felt real good about my 30 mile ride today until I remembered I have to go 26 more in June :-))) rip my quads | comin for you Eagleman @ironman70.3

11 months ago

Don’t run from your from them!!!!

1 year ago

This sidewalk must be unsalted because I just fell for you ☃️💘

9 months ago

We’re in love 🐕 🍂 ♥️

1 year ago

The sudden and unexpected occurrence of life

2 years ago

Celebrated Mother's Day a week late by planting a flower at my mom's memorial bench. Thankful for Mrs Whalley and all of my second moms

3 years ago

that's why I need a one dance/got a Schwinn in my hand

4 years ago

Beautiful day out😎

11 months ago

from my doorstep to the steps of the Jefferson memorial. It's good to be home

1 year ago

Gracias por la camiseta @latinasfortri y muchos éxitos en el reto virtual 1 milla por el autismo .. Yo correré por ellos también 🙌🏃🏽‍♀️ #latinasfortri

1 year ago

90k de bici 🚲 y 12k run 🏃🏽‍♀️ con esta gacela @sarahwassnerflynn que me llevaba con la lengua afuera todo el recorrido UNA DURA 💪🏻 THANK YOU 🙏 mi primer entrenamiento largo de bici, después de 6 meses de frío, hoy oficialmente digo, que empecé a entrenar je je je 😜 #roadtohappiness ❤️

9 months ago

The deer is a big hairy animal that’s not very smart, runs around in circles, scares easily and has like a 99% chance of getting hit by a car in its lifetime. In other words: My spirit animal. 🏃 🏃 #thehairyrunner #lastrunbeforetherace