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7 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍽🍁 I’m thankful for some down time with my family, the work we were able to achieve this year, and for the support that #VA10 has shown me. We’ve got a lot of work to do, but I hope you enjoy the holiday with your loved ones!

1 year ago

yuhh we livin

3 years ago

Sisters that intern together stay together amirite???

2 months ago

“what will you miss the most?”

2 months ago

6 months ago

Bennett Vaughn

9 months ago

Walked VA-10 for @jenniferwexton last wknd and hitting up VA-07 for @abigailspanberger today. Owin is generally fired up about sending a wave of women to Congress but at this particular moment was 💭 about 🍟. And yes @dkoao are wearing matching outfits bc the #parkland students designed these amazing tees that help you register to vote by scanning the QR code. Check it out at! #wextonforcongress #marchforourlives

3 months ago

I love everything about her🥰 Happy Sunday🤗🙌😘

2 months ago

Your summer start? ☀️

8 months ago

Just realized I'm covering my sticker. 🤦‍♂️ But, I am glad I kept this 2004 concert t-shirt (BTW Springsteen, REM, & Bright Eyes at one show =🔥) and feeling hopeful. ☑️ #voted #votevotevote

8 months ago

Thank you, #VA10 !

9 months ago

My inspiration comes from these beautiful words from Langston Hughes. Eighty-three years later and still just as relevant to America today. ☑️ 🇺🇲 #TeachersVote #WhyImVoting #WhyIVote

9 months ago

‪Very proud of this ‘F’ from the NRA! ‪When I’m in Congress, I’ll continue to take on the gun lobby and fight for the safety of #VA10 families and communities. ‬ ‪ #ChangeIsComing

9 months ago

‪My #MondayMotivation came in the mail from my fourth grade teacher! She included a class photograph and a contribution for my campaign here in #VA10. ‬ ‪Can you spot me? 🧐‬

9 months ago

I had a great day all over #VA10 ! We stopped by SterlingFest, South Riding Fall Festival, Brambleton Fest, and KORUS Fest. The energy on the ground is amazing, and everyone is fired up and ready for change in November.

8 months ago

I stopped by the Korean Central Presbyterian Church in Centreville and the First Baptist Church in Manassas this morning. It was fantastic to hear the amazing choirs and talk with parishioners. #VA10

9 months ago

Our ground game in #VA10 has been unstoppable! Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who came out to knock on this beautiful fall day. #ChangeIsComing because of all your hard work.

9 months ago

I'm running for Congress because I knew I couldn't look at my kids 20 years from now and say I didn't do everything I could to take our country back. We are going to flip #VA10 but we need all hands on deck for the next 35 days. Sign up to volunteer here: