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17 hours ago

You think YOUR life is hard? I’ve been dead for 600 years ☠️ allow me to Rest In Peace witches - - - - Thank you @cataffinity_ @_ardon_ for such an amazing look brought to life, go look at her page and book with her ASAP!! she’s absolutely incredible and beautiful inside and out #Halloween #witches #enchantress

20 hours ago

I received such an amazing gift! Claire Luna drew me such a beautiful picture after her Little Champions class. Thank you so much Clair! ❤️ When Clair gave me her drawing I loved it so much, but I also got a warm feeling inside. She made me realize that she was looking up to me as her coach not just for Jiu-Jitsu, but as an example. It really reminded me of when I was in the kids classes looking up to my professors not too long ago. It really is mind blowing how far I’ve come, and to now be following the steps of my professors. Looks like the dreams I thought were so far away are starting to emerge. 💯

14 hours ago

warning: she bites 🕷🕸

17 hours ago

In the gym, started with cardio to warm up my body while I was sipping on my lifted tea! ⚡️if it wasn’t for Herbalife that has the best products I’d probably be someone to drink a Monster before a workout and that’s not good at all. Herbalife products really help me fuel my body correctly and help me reach my health goals! I promote these products because they are safe and they taste bomb plus you can earn extra income if you recommend these products to a friend or family too! HMU if you would like that! 😀

1 day ago

The holidays are right around the corner! Have you scheduled your appointment yet? Only a few openings left before the new year, my next balayage/ lightening service opening is the first week of January! 💖

1 day ago

I knew this day would come eventually, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen so fast. First off I want to shout from the top of my lungs, I LOVE YOU DAD! Yesterday, at 2:30 pm, you went home to heaven. To lose a parent is so surreal. Dad, you’re not with us anymore but you still are. There’s no more suffering Pop. You can walk again, you can run again, and you can play drums again. There will never be a better drummer in the universe than you Dad. Quest Love will always be 2nd best to you. I use to love watching you play. You came alive pounding on those drumheads. You had such passion and masterful rhythm behind the set that you lacked on the dance floor. Watching you dance was another story. 😂 I never picked up music but you definitely had an influence on my filmmaking Dad. You will always be a part of my films and our lives. You brought such joy to peoples lives dad. There hasn’t been one person yet who hasn’t mentioned one of your jokes. Even the nursing staff at the hospital were brought to tears when you passed because they were greeted everyday by one of your jokes. Even in your suffering you made it point to make someone smile. I will carry on that tradition for you Pop. I won’t say “Rest In Peace” because I know for a fact you are enjoying every last second of your new found freedom from the wheelchair. Thank you dad for making me the man I am today. I’m going to take care and protect mom like I promised you I would. Things will never be the same without you. I know we’ll be together again one day Pop. Till then bang away on those drums for Jesus and tell Grandma Mary and grandpa we love them. I love you more than you’ll ever know.

1 day ago

Tell the people in your life you love ‘em. If you’re struggling, tell someone. Help is always available & you’re not alone. Miss you T.

2 days ago

To say my heart is broken wouldn’t even describe me. My entire being is SHATTERED into a billion pieces. I’m lost. I can’t think straight. Is this a dream? Can I be woken up and my baby still be here. The hardest decision I ever had to make. But the best decision by staying with him longer than I probably should. I was the luckiest human alive to be loved by such a beautiful boy for 15 years. My baby boy. My Chico taquito. Chicken leg Chico. Chico Leeko. CHICO LOVER!! I miss you more than I know how to express and I love you more than anything I will ever love or have loved. My boy. Thank you for my family and friends that loved him. Thank you for understanding my crazy love for him. Thank you for the ones who he loved unconditionally for being there today. Thank you @mikeyctattoo for putting him on my body and mastering his beautiful markings and deep loving eyes so perfectly. I will be seeing you soon to add his name. Thank you to the staff at VCA for allowing me to spend so much time with him before and after. Thank you my baby boy for everything. I miss you CHICO!!!!💔

3 days ago

ice king split hair ❄️☃️ swipe for the before 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 had so much fun creating this one! I have limited spots left for the last week of October and will be getting back to messages Monday! Send me a dm 🖤 Using @pulpriothair and @olaplex #pulpriot #pulpriothair #hairslayers

3 days ago

He made it to the top of my favorite mountain! And I said YES!

1 day ago

Been a lil quiet in here because for those who haven’t been keeping up with my ish, My parents put our house on the market about a 2 months ago and then ended up getting sold not too long after. The next destination was North Las Vegas where we would begin a brand new chapter in our lives! So many memories came from this house being my childhood home, and all my firsts were done at this house! I’m sad to have to leave it but knew it would go to another amazing family to start their memories there! And this all led me to the scare of moving out of California, but as of now I am extremely excited to say that I am officially STAYING IN CALIFORNIA! 🤘🏽 Thanks to some truly amazing family friends who had a spare room open and were gracious enough to take me in until I can get back on my feet I couldn’t be anymore blessed and full of gratitude. So get ready y’all your boy is here to stay and as for my music, once I get a handle on my life again it’ll all be coming back with a bang! #noslawalltoast

2 days ago

just posing in front of flowers & christmas sweaters 🎀

1 day ago

Among the galaxies, and all of the stars, my path still led me to you👽✌🏼💖🌈🌎💚💫

13 hours ago

Ok first off I never do this.. cause I’m no trainer.. but people always ask about my workouts. So today I decided to record some of the few I did.. ••• • Lat pulldowns 4x10-12 slow & controlled • reverse lat pulldowns 4x10-12 • bicep extensions 3x10-12 • bicep curl w/ dumbbell 3x10-12 • • •typically I push more weight which i did within the following sets. Biceps and back on fire 😩🔥I’m here for the critiquing so lay it on meeeeeh lol #fitness #womanfitness

20 hours ago

groomsmen ✔️ happiness 😊 love ❤️ so happy for my brother and his wife

1 day ago

James•David•Phillips Born 9:29 Pm 10/20//2019 The whole family is doing great! We are so blessed to finally have him in our arms. 💕

22 hours ago

Halloween Merch Drop is live. 💀 In store & online 👉 Rad Skeleton Shorts & Halloween Coffee Dates Tee! Limited edition designs. We also added stickers & new pins online 🎃 #radcoffee #radcoffeetruck (Model @lunalane__ )

1 day ago

So happy and proud to announce James David Phillips born 10/20/19 at 9:29pm the newest member of our family! #baby #newborn #babyboy

2 days ago

ghouls & coffee 🧟‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️☕️